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Following Elder Destiny’s coughs, the destiny compass slowly rotated like a gigantic milestone, wearing the dense gray mist down slowly.

Kong Wu You and the other ancestor souls showed their figures from the gray mist. They were now all in bad shape. Their eyes were now lusterless, with gray, green and black smoke puffing out from their bodies. They looked like half-roasted chicken which were peeled out from mud balls, truly embarrassing.

Not only that, their cultivations were affected as well. Before, Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure about exactly how powerful they were. But now, Ji Hao scanned them with his spiritual force and clearly sensed that they were at the level of five to six star Divine Magi. This level was far lower than the immeasurable status Ji Hao sensed before.

What was more shocking, Ji Hao saw that these ancestor souls all had faint layers of light sparkling above their heads. This meant their souls had been unsettlingly shaking inside their bodies, seeming ready to fly out.

People living in Pan Xi world were different from human beings. A human being had three souls and seven spirits. If occasionally, a soul or two spirits flew out from the body of this human being, he/she could still stay alive. However, for local people in Pan Xi world, their souls were unities, and if their soul flew out of their bodies, they would be dead for sure.

Just now, Si Ming released the gray thunderbolt sphere that not only weakened these ancestor souls’ powers and added a great amount of negative powers to them, but also forced their souls to go through some unknown kind of change.

Although on the outside, those ancestor souls seemed to be unharmed, in fact, the injuries they suffered were much more severe than any possible physical harm.

Those ancestor souls fell down one after another once after they struggled out from the gray mist. Weakly lying on the ground, they coughed intensively and vomited ceaselessly. At first, they could still vomit some solid thing out of their stomach. But later, their stomachs were all emptied, and they could only spurt out clear water from their mouths that made them looked like a group of drowning mice.

The dense mist was slowly dispelled by the destiny compass, and after about a quarter of an hour, Elder Destiny showed his figure from the mist as well.

Compared to those ancestor souls, Elder Destiny seemed to be in a much better state. He didn’t have the colorful smoke puffing out of his body, and neither had he any reduction of his cultivation. However, Ji Hao discovered that Elder Destiny now looked older than before. Before, Elder Destiny looked only like a seven or eight years old boy, but now, he seemed to be one or two years older. Apparently, Elder Destiny’s look was related to his cultivation, and looking older shouldn’t be a good thing to him.

He held Man Man with his left and Shaosi with his right. Letting Mr. Crow land on his head, who was leisurely brushing the feathers with his beaks, Ji Hao smilingly looked at Elder Destiny and said slowly, "Elder, Man Man and Shaosi are my friends, this is a misunderstanding."

Elder Destiny’s look was so weird now, showing all kinds of different emotions. After a very, very long while, he finally began talking with a badly darkened face, "This…Since this is a misunderstanding…You are looting fortune from our world, but why aren’t you punished by nature?"

Man Man happily held Ji Hao’s arm without casting a glance at Elder Destiny. Instead, she focused on telling Ji Hao about how many things she had eaten during the past few months. For example, there was a special kind of chicken in Pan Xi world called golden pearl pine chicken, which tasted especially nice, and rabbits called flowing wind rabbits tasted magically great after being roasted. Within a short while, Man Man has already named hundreds of delicious animals she had tasted.

As for Shaosi, she was smiling gently and politely, slightly bowed to Elder Destiny and said, "Dear Elder, I am Shaosi… nice to meet you. I have indeed taken a part of fortune that belonged to your people, but I didn’t do it without paying back. I only took ninety percent of their fortune, but also removed all their misfortune and negative powers. In comparison, they received even more than I have taken."

Kong Wuyou raised his head in pain, pointed at Shaosi and yelled, "What is that nonsense?! What misfortune? What negative powers? What are those?"

Elder Destiny turned around, pointed his finger at Kong Wu You and yelled back at him, "Ignorant kid, don’t say anything if you don’t know! Don’t let an outsider laugh at us! You cannot yet reach those things with your current, poor cultivation!"

Kong Wu You paused, looked at Elder Destiny as if he couldn’t believe his own ears. The other ancestor souls seemed were as confused as Kong Wu You, looking at Elder Destiny in a daze, as if they were scared silly. They were silently waiting for Elder Destiny to give an explanation.

Shaosi showed a faint smile and continued, "Since you, dear elder is named as ‘Destiny’, you must have great wisdom and the power of foreseeing. You should understand the fortune conservation law."

"Your people are mostly brutal and warlike, between countries, cities, clans, and even neighbors, all kinds of fights are happening all year round. They are fighting cruelly heartlessly. Therefore, almost all your people are sinners. Their sins have turned into endless misfortune and will linger around them all their lives. As misfortune accumulates, all kinds of bad things will naturally happen."

"By taking part of the fortune that belonged to your people, I have only, temporarily weakened their fortune. But meanwhile, I removed all their misfortune and negative powers, which was, in fact, a true great fortune of theirs. As long as they settle their minds and carry on living life, there will have greater fortune than they used to."

"Therefore, why would this world punish me?"

Shaosi looked at Elder Destiny, who had his mouth and eyes now widely opened in shock, and continued, "This destiny compass of yours is a great treasure. If I attacked it with any other power just now, I’m afraid no harm could be done to you. However, I attacked you with the misfortune and negative power that was taken from your people and was generated by this world itself along with fortune. Facing the misfortune and negative power of your world, your destiny compass became vulnerable…"

"Elder, you are a man with wisdom. I assume that you don’t need me to explain it to you."

Elder Destiny clicked his lips and pondered for a while. He then cupped his hands and politely bowed to Shaosi and said, "You are right. No one had ever fought against me in this way before. After all, the power of fortune and misfortune is way too mysterious and hard to control. I and my people barely have touched it. My lady here, hearing you, I think as I thought, I have indeed found the right person."

Turning to Ji Hao, Elder Destiny continued, "Young brother Ji Hao, as I said, you are truly the slight chance of survival I mentioned before. From now on, you are the honored guests of our Pan Xi world. Please, follow me to our Holy Land, and I will treat you as our most honored and welcomed visitors."

Ji Hao grinningly bowed back to Elder Destiny, then accepted his invitation. Meanwhile, he told Shaosi, Man Man and his other teammates to be extra careful, with the use of his spiritual power.

They hopped back onto the white cloud, drifting towards the Holy Land.

A day later, they finally returned to the Holy Land of Pan Xi world, after which, Elder Destiny personally selected an accommodation with the most beautiful natural scenes for Ji Hao and his people to settle down.

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