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The cyan-colored long sword was especially light, just like a feather. The sword edge was thin, nearly transparent, seeming to be carved out of cyan-colored crystal. Visibly, sesame-sized, cyan-colored spell symbols were swiftly moving on the sword edge. Tens of thousands of tiny spell symbols formed an exquisite magic formation, all gathering towards the three centipede pearls inlaid in the hilt.

The three centipede pearls could be seen as the heart of this sword, and this sword had been 'breathing' like a living being, constantly inhaling natural powers. The three pearls absorbed natural powers and transformed those powers into visible, cyan-colored fierce gusts of wind flowing inside the sword.

Every time the pearls 'breathed', this long sword would flip once while spell symbols inside the sword would expand by a little bit. This meant that the quality of this long sword would be improved by a slight little bit, and the centipede pearls themselves would grow slightly more powerful.

Every 'breath' could only improve the power and quality of the sword by a tiny little bit, but what was amazing was that as long as one allowed this sword enough time, it could definitely evolve into a terrifyingly powerful weapon.

While carefully stroking the sword held in his hand, Ji Hao curiously turned to the young man whose body was now covered in blood, then said, "Can you give me your tool-crafting technique? Or, do you know how to craft tools?"

The young man tremblingly looked at Ji Hao, opened his mouth, seeming about to talk. But once his mouth was opened, blood surged directly out endlessly.

This long sword was incredibly magical. Ji Hao had already discovered its uniqueness and knew that a long sword crafted in such a magical way surely wasn't something that ordinary people could have. The young man made this sword his spirit treasure, but Ji Hao destroyed the trace of his soul inside the sword. This was no different from launching a heavy hack on his soul.

A human being had three souls and seven spirits. Harming any soul or spirit individually wouldn't do severe damage to the entire soul. However, local people in this world didn't have three souls and seven spirits. Instead, the soul of each local person was an integral whole. Therefore, when the soul of a local person was harmed, the injury would always be especially severe, especially for the powerful ones. The more powerful a local person was, the more seriously would he or she be harmed when a trace of his or her soul was destroyed.

The young man couldn't say a word and continued vomiting blood ceaselessly.

Ji Hao put the long sword away, then said smilingly, "Since you're not saying anything, I shall capture you first!"

Wielding his right hand, Ji Hao released waves of cyan-colored airstreams. Next, a three-meter wide, cyan-colored glowing silhouette of a large hand reached the young man's head along with a muffled roar. Ji Hao created this new move after he ate the fruits with a power of Dao and gained the understanding of the law of green in this world. He had learned some basic magics from Mu Jiu Xiao and was able to combine all the new knowledge with his own Dao.

The giant hand condensed from fierce airstreams moved swiftly and grabbed the young man within a blink of an eye, then lifted him up.

Mu Jiuxiao was nearly scared to death. He screamed out hysterically, "Fight with all your powers, save the messenger!"

Tens of thousands of Wind Bird people gathered over from all directions. From long distances, different sized and colored blades of wind screamed towards Ji Hao like a storm.

Blades of wind magic, this was one of the shallowest magic used the most by Wind Bird people.

Ji Hao smiled and gripped the young man's neck. Next, the Heaven and Earth stamper floating upon his head slightly vibrated, instantly generating a thunderous bang, following which, a fierce tornado was raised from the ground. The cyan-colored tornado spun around Ji Hao, shattering those blades of wind into nothingness before they could approach Ji Hao.

Mu Jiuxiao kept screaming with a hoarse but high-pitched voice while crazily waving his arms.

Countless Wind Bird local people rushed over while screaming in panic and fruitlessly throwing all kinds of blades of wind towards Ji Hao.

Holy spirit messengers were incomparably respectful. If anything happened to this young man in Mu Jiuxiao's clan, this entire clan would end up in an extremely sorrowful state. Clan leaders like Mu Juxiao would definitely die while ordinary clansmen would be separated and sent to the other Wind Bird clans.

None of these people wanted their clan to be split. Therefore, everyone tried their best to attack Ji Hao only for saving the messenger.

Ji Hao paid no attention to their useless attack. He nipped the young man's neck with his left hand while doing a violent body search of this young man with his other hand. Soon, he surprisingly found out that the bangle worn on this young man's wrist, which seemed to be made from tree bark, was actually a space bangle with a considerably great capacity!

This bangle was only two-inch wide, thin and exquisite. For such a small volume, even master craftsmen in the Magi Palace could only squeeze a regular room sized space into it. However, the inner space of the bangle, wearing by this young man was actually as large as a great hall.

Apparently, the techniques of space tools of this world were much more advanced than the big world's techniques.

What surprised Ji Hao even more was that this bangle was inlaid with a thumb-sized gray spirit Dan. This spirit Dan had a nature of space, and same as the three centipedes Dan inlaid in the sword hilt, this spirit Dan had been 'breathing' as well. By 'breathing', it was slowly improving its own power and quality.

It was quite likely that at first, the inner space of this bangle wasn't big at all. But as time went on, it 'grew' into the size of a three-hundred-meter square hall.

"How amazing!" Ji Hao's eyes shone with a golden light as he stared at the young man and growled, "How do you make this kind of bangle? Or, do you know who made this bangle?"

Not to mention the other undiscovered secrets, only the techniques for making this bangle and the long sword would be greatly meaningful to the entire humankind if Ji Hao could bring the technique back.

"Outer space monster, you will all die!" The young man showed the whites of his eyes and finally completed a sentence. He then let out another mouthful of blood and suddenly screamed out with all of his power, "Eighteenth Feather!"

Hearing the young man, that proud large bird instantly let out a shrill scream, then abruptly opened its beaks, spurting out a vivid green stream of blood. It swiftly zipped across the air beside Ji Hao, then broke into the wooden house behind and heavily slapped on the holy spirit statue on the altar.

The green stream of blood blasted out, transforming into a complicated series of spell symbols that covered the statue up. Those spell symbols then began shining with a bright green light, and next, a great power vibration spread out from the statue. Ji Hao glanced at the sky in shock as he saw a green stream of light fall directly down, tear the roof of the wooden house into pieces and violently dazzle onto the statue.

The three-meter long holy spirit statue that was carved out of light-green wood suddenly came alive.

The statue leaped up while releasing roaring cyan-colored gusts of wind from its entire body. It was thickly covered in countless spell symbols and within the blink of an eye, it expanded to around thirty meters height. The statue lowered its head, glanced at Ji Hao, then flicked its right forefinger. A loud swishing noise was started instantly, that sounded like roars of a devil, following which, a nearly tangible, entirely green long spear condensed from a fierce gale sliced the air open and roared to before Ji Hao's eyes as fast as teleportation.

The long spear moved way too fast that Ji Hao didn't even manage to see how it appeared. He only sensed a sudden and piercing pain from his chest while the protective fiery light released from Gold Crow cloak blasted out. Ji Hao let out a muffled moan. He was sent up into the air by the long spear, flying for over ten miles out of the small island, across the lake surface and smashed on a large tree on the other side of the lake.

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