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"Wow, so fast!"

Ji Hao's body smashed into a giant tree, then he embarrassedly leaped up. But before he could hold his body firmly, the enormous wooden statue, which was now the holy spirit, flashed across the air and showed up before his face just like a ghost.

Tens of dark-green, fiercely screaming airstreams sliced the air open and reached to Ji Hao, striking on his body one after another before he could even manage to see where they actually came from. The Gold Crow cloak released a raging fire, and those fierce air streams blasted and exploded against the fire in a row. Ji Hao was forced back without being able to stay balanced. Those sharp, fierce, spear-like airstreams were incomparably powerful, causing Ji Hao a great pain in every corner of his body, even though his cloak.

Fortunately, that was nothing but a great pain.

This holy spirit descended from the sky was either not powerful enough, or had completely underestimated Ji Hao's power. Attacks launched by the holy spirit were indeed especially intense, violent and lightning-fast, and seemed to shatter the sky and split the earth within the twinkling of an eye. Ji Hao indeed couldn't dodge any attack launched by it.

However, Ji Hao's body was tough and sturdy, and he was under the protection of the Gold Crow cloak, which provided him with a defensive power which equaled to that of his own body. Therefore, those spear-like airstreams only caused him great pain, but didn't manage to harm him, not even a little bit.

Within the blink of an eye, hundreds of fierce airstreams struck on Ji Hao's body, forcing him back for over ten miles.

Green leaped up from the bush, looking at Ji Hao and gave a long howl in panic. This long howl cost Green's life, as the holy spirit descended from the sky only cast a glance at Green before it sent a roaring airstream to cut Green into thousands of bits.

"My fruit of Dao!" Ji Hao didn't have any deep affection with Green as he only brought Green under control just now, neither did he feel anything because of Green's death. However, in order to keep his own promise, he gave Green a fruit with the power of Dao. The holy spirit killed Green, which meant that fruit of Dao eaten by Green was wasted!

"You have pushed this too far, seriously too far!" Ji Hao shook his head as he raised his hand and released a stream of power that vibrated the Heaven and Earth stamper floating around his head. An invisible force field twisted the air. The new hundreds of fierce airstream released by the holy spirit didn't manage to approach Ji Hao this time. Instead, they were turned by the power of the Heaven and Earth stamper, brushing against Ji Hao and swishing into the woods behind Ji Hao, shattering the trees into pieces.

Every single airstream that missed Ji Hao and struck on a tree or the ground would explode into a mile-long tornado, rising straight into the air and crushing everything within the area one mile in radius around it. Ji Hao sent hundreds of airstreams into the woods, and consequently, destructive tornados rose one after another around Ji Hao, turning a huge piece of woods into a mess.

Plants were shattered while rocks were turned into ash. Large clouds of smoke puffed up, covered the area up and cloaked Ji Hao. Shielded by the smoke, Ji Hao quickly drew back, but this holy spirit descended from the sky seemed to have a special ability that allowed it to still accurately lock its eyes onto Ji Hao. It flashed across the dense smoke and appeared right in front of Ji Hao.

"Godd*mn it! So fast!" This was the second time for Ji Hao to highly praise this holy spirit's speed. Ji Hao could only barely see its movements, but couldn't possibly react timely.

Both his body and power were suppressed by this world. Ji Hao's sensations remained sharp, yet his reaction speed was weakened largely. He watched the enormous wooden statue show up before his face, and a new wave of attacks launched by it land on his body. But before that, he only managed to give a curse.

What came this time were not sharp airstreams anymore. This holy spirit seemed to understand that those airstreams could do no harm to Ji Hao. Therefore, numerous sharp wooden thorns directly reached out from the wooden statue, transforming into swiftly zipping long spears and piercing towards Ji Hao.

These tangible wooden spears were many times more powerful than those fierce airstreams, but The Gold Crow cloak made by Yu Yu himself was nearly invincible. The wooden spears bumped against the cloak and shattered one after another. The cloak remained perfectly unharmed, but the remaining force struck on Ji Hao's body through the cloak was many times greater than before. Large areas of bruises appeared on Ji Hao's skin, and he even heard a clear creaking noise let out by his own bones.

"Outer…Space…Monsters! Die!" This holy spirit wooden statue popped out its brightly shining green pair of eyes while staring at Ji Hao and growled. Tens of wooden spears smashed on Ji Hao's chest and abdomen in a row, nearly shattering Ji Hao's skin. After this, the holy spirit raised its machete-like right hand and violently hacked down towards Ji Hao's chest.

"I might not be the one who dies!" Ji Hao growled in the local language, then the Heaven and Earth stamper floating upon his head vibrated. A great amount of natural power was forcibly absorbed by the stamper from the air and the ground, then a great pressure was silently released.

The holy spirit, that was hacking its right arm onto Ji Hao's chest with full strength paused. That terrifyingly huge pressure squeezed a creaking noise out of its body, and instantly, tens of huge cracks appeared on its body. The force field created by the Heaven and Earth stamper was like countless boas that twisted and squeezed its body. Added with the counterforce caused by its own violent move, its wooden body was nearly torn apart.

The full-strength hack missed its target, brushed against Ji Hao's body and hacked onto the ground. A thunderous bang was caused, and the ground in ten miles radius was dented for tens of meters, after which, the ground began waving like boiling water. Countless mountains and giant trees collapsed, and following a series of thunderous booms, a giant hole appeared on the ground with a diameter of tens of miles and the depth of thousands of meters.

Watching all this, cold sweat oozed out of Ji Hao's forehead. This attack was so powerful, if the Heaven and Earth stamper didn't twist it and let it fall directly on Ji Hao's body, he would have definitely suffered.

"It is impolite not to reciprocate!" Ji Hao shouted out while releasing a stream of essence sun fire from his mouth. The dense golden fire fell on the holy spirit's body just like a fire sparkle fell into a bucket of gasoline. The holy spirit gave a loud howl as its hundred-meter-tall body was burned into a giant, human-shaped torch.

The fire could suppress green power, which was also a natural law in this world. Ji Hao's essence sun fire was the purest fire in the big world. This holy spirit descended from the sky had purest green power and a wooden body, which was perfectly flammable to essence sun fire.

The fire burned ragingly, while the holy spirit screamed hysterically, crazily waving its hands and dashing around.

Obviously, what descended from the sky was not only the power of this holy spirit. A part of his soul had descended as well. Ji Hao's essence sun fire didn't just burn its power out, but was also burning a part of its soul. Even a holy spirit couldn't stand this pain brought by a burning soul!

"You, Die!" Ji Hao's cruelty burst out. He pulled the flame dragon sword out and prepared to hack this holy spirit to death.

However, from the woods in afar, quite a few streams of power that were as great as the power of this holy spirit's power swooshed over. Three among these few streams of power had a nature of green, while the other two sensed especially cold, similar to the water power contained in rivers and lakes that Ji Hao had passed through during these few days.

Five descended holy spirits were hurriedly rushing over. Ji Hao didn't have enough time to kill this burning holy spirit, so he turned around and left at his highest speed.

Fleeing in a rush for hundreds of miles, Ji Hao heard a few voices roaring from the battlefield where he fought that holy spirit just now.

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