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"Interesting." Ji Hao fiddled with the red spirit Dan and gravely nodded.

This red beast was only fifteen meters long, but it was much stronger than the giant centipede and the tree, equally powerful as a Senior Magus with over a thousand activated Magus Acupoints, especially with its amazing speed.

It was a shame that it was killed directly even before he touched Ji Hao, who was with multiple powerful treasures, as its enemy.

The rest few beasts let out unsettling roars while grinding their teeth and claws, carefully taking a few steps away from Ji Hao. These beasts were smarter than the centipede and giant tree, and seeing the leopard-shaped beast, which was no weaker than themselves, being slaughtered by Ji Hao with single sword move, they all showed fear.

However, the three dark-green fruits were way too attractive, and they weren't willing to give up so easily. Therefore, even though they understood that Ji Hao was a terrifying enemy, they still didn't want to leave. But instinctively, they allowed themselves a greater distance to ensure safety.

Ji Hao glanced at these beasts, then swung his hand. The force field released by Heaven and Earth stamper instantly released to miles in radius, enveloping all these beasts. Those beasts immediately paused as flame dragon sword let out a shrill scream and a wave of sword light reached upon those beasts like a heavy storm.

The few beasts began burning and were turned into ashes within blinks of eyes. Only a horse-shaped beast with a pair of spiral horns on its forehead was left alive by Ji Hao.

Ji Hao sealed this light-green beast that had faint gusts of wind coiling around its four hoofs, with the Heaven and Earth stamper. He then took out a set of saddle and reins and put it on the beast's body without its permission.

This set of saddle and reins were crafted by the Magi Palace, especially for bringing wild beasts under control as mounts. Once the saddle and reins touched the beast's body, blood-red spell symbols lit up one after another. Countless tiny, blood-red, hair-thin needles grew out from the saddle and reins, piercing into the beast's body and taking the life of the beast completely under control.

The beast howled out hoarsely in pain, but next, a lightning bolt flashed across the saddle. It struck on the beast's body and generated waves of fire sparkles, after which, Ji Hao slapped on its head and forced it to calm down.

"Just serve as my mount obediently. I don't want this either, but I fly too slow in here while you do so fast." Pressing the beast heavily on the ground then throwing a few fierce kicks on it, Ji Hao activated the spells on the saddle and reins, making the beast suffer again. He then said in a cold voice, "Your name is Green, have you memorized it?"

The horse-like beast with light-green scales, each having beautiful dark-green grains, looked at Ji Hao with a pair of weepy eyes, weakly lowered its head and gave a deep, muffled cry.

"Hehe, good! Nice boy will get a fruit!" Ji Hao glanced at the three dark-green fruits hanging on the small tree, smiled and said, "I'll take two while you'll have one. That can be counted as your luck!"

Ji Hao spread his spirit power out and scanned across the space around the cliff where the small tree stood for a few times, then carefully walked towards that small tree step by step. He was in a strange world and didn't know about natural treasures of this world, such as if this small tree was guarded by some magical creatures. Therefore, he could only be extra careful to avoid unexpected dangers.

Three-hundred meters, two-hundred meters, one-hundred meters…

Ji Hao approached the small tree step by step. The small tree's branches abruptly moved without being blown by any wind Meanwhile, countless leaf-shaped tiny spell symbols flashed across the three dark-green fruits. Those spell symbols sparkled swiftly while strong waves of sense of Dao were released that even agitated Ji Hao.

Green, who was violently brought under control by Ji Hao was even more excited. It leaped directly up, fixed its pair of shining eyes on those three dark-green fruits while streams of saliva flowed out from its mouth corners, as he roared constantly. If it weren't afraid of Ji Hao, it would have rushed up long ago.

Ji Hao continued carefully moving forward step by step. At the same time, he kept watching the surrounding area with his spirit power.

Even though nothing was detected with his spirit power, Ji Hao always had a faint sense of danger linger in his heart. After attaining his primordial spirit, Ji Hao almost gained a special ability that allowed him to predict any danger. Therefore, the sense of danger meant that he was now truly in a real danger.

Nevertheless, nothing happened within the area with a radius of tens of miles, except for the presence of some small creatures, neither did Ji Hao discovered any annoying being.

Ji Hao was now less than thirty meters away from the small tree. Suddenly, he discovered a few bee-like purely dark bugs, each having three pairs of wings on its back. These few bugs flew to less than a mile away from him from tens of miles away.

These purely black bugs were only around a foot long, each having an ugly mouth part and a long needle, as dark as ink, on its tail, that had been shining with eye-piercing lights. More astonishingly, drops of venom had been dripping down from their poisonous needles. Their venom dripped on the ground, even corroding the ground and causing deep holes.

"Ah, interesting!" Ji Hao fixed his eyes on those few bugs, sneered and said, "Even you want to seize things from my hands?"

The few bugs instantly paused. Eyes of bugs were always cold and emotionless, so were the compound eyes of these few bugs. Their dark compound eyes stared at Ji Hao, giving a faint, extremely fierce feeling.

Green gave a few roars unsettlingly. It looked at those few bugs, letting out a hissing noise from its pair of horns. Suddenly, thin and cyan bolts of lightning burst out from between its horns, soon condensing into a fist-sized thunder ball.

"Eh? A special ability of lightning? Not bad!" Ji Hao smilingly glanced at Green.

As Ji Hao cast a single, quick glance at Green, the six bugs dashed toward Ji Hao at lightning speed along with a shrill swishing noise, leaving long shreds of afterimages behind them. They raised the poisonous needles on their tails high and from the end of those poisonous needles, large streams of venom immediately ejected out. Meanwhile, the three-inch-long poisonous needles suddenly reached out from their bodies, turning over six-inch long.

One could easily imagine the consequence of being stabbed by a poisonous needle like this!

Nevertheless, before these six poor bugs could touch Ji Hao's body, the Heaven and Earth stamper slightly vibrated and released a terrifyingly strong force field, overwhelmingly suppressing those bugs. Ji Hao snorted coldly, then crushed those bugs with an intense pressure, leaving eighteen bean-sized, purely black 'bug Dans', floating in the air.

"How interesting, truly interesting… Even bugs can have a spirit Dan? But these bugs are still weak, despite their high flying speed!" Ji Hao frowned while packing the eighteen bug Dans.

This was completely unreasonable. Even with powerful spirit Dan like these, animals in this place, including bugs and beasts, they were actually all so weak. How could this be?

Shaking his head, Ji Hao wasn't willing to waste more time on this question. Instead, he carefully reached his hand out towards the three fruits.

His finger was still feet far from those fruits, and he seemed to hold those fruits in his hands. But right in the next moment, following a resonant thunder, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, seeming to strike directly on those fruits.

Ji Hao immediately reached his hand out and grabbed the three fruits down, but it was already too late for him to protect that small tree. He could only watch the small tree burn black by the lightning bolt like a piece of coal.

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