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This small tree could be counted as extremely precious, as it could produce fruits that could release a sense of Dao. These kinds of treasures only existed in legends in the big world where Ji Hao came from. As he finally saw one with his own eyes, he attempted to move it back and plant it in the big world. If this small tree could live in the big world, it would become one of the most precious treasures of his family, passed down to his descendants generation after generation, to protect the fortune of his family as a powerful treasure!

But a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, burning this small tree into a piece of coal!

Ji Hao literally sensed a heartache, even temporarily losing his eyesight because of the anger as he ragingly raised his head, looking at the sky.

His power was suppressed by this small world's natural power. Therefore, his spirit power could only reach tens of miles far. With this glance, Ji Hao found that outside the detecting range of his spirit power and in the air around twenty kilometers high from the ground, there was an entirely green, large eagle, swiftly hovering in the sky.

With the Divine-Magus-level powerful body, Ji Hao still had an extraordinary eyesight, that allowed him to clearly see that large and strong eagle had four wings and green feathers with slight bolts of lightning coiling in between its feathers. Especially on that pair of vivid green claws, large bolts of lightning had been sizzling.

"What an evil creature!" Ji Hao looked at the eagle, so angry that even his mouth corner started twitching.

Should he chase the eagle? He wasn't planning to do so. Fierce flying beasts and eagles were gifted with incredibly high flying speed. Especially eagles like this one which had the power with a nature of lightning, they could fly even faster. Currently, Ji Hao was suppressed by this small world and flew as slow as a turtle crawling compared to his normal speed. How could he even catch up with this eagle?

Ji Hao wasn't willing to attack this eagle with those powerful talismans either, as that would be a total waste. He still needed to rely on those powerful talismans to fight against the non-humankind. Therefore, he really couldn't waste any talismans on this bird.

Ji Hao could only fiercely wave his fist towards that eagle and yell, "Animal! Piss off! Don't make me kill you!"

The giant eagle hovered in the air, staring at Ji Hao with a pair of eyes that had lightning bolts dazzling out. Abruptly, it opened its beaks and released tens of lightning bolts roaring down. After that, the eagle folded its wings and dove down from the air along with a thunderbolt, reaching its pair of claws towards the fruits held in Ji Hao's hands.

Ji Hao was so angry that he even began laughing. This eagle didn't want to flee. Instead, it actually attempted to seize the fruits holding in Ji Hao's hands.

The flame dragon sword roared out. Ji Hao didn't launch an attack with the sword. Instead, he put the sword horizontally hundreds of meter away above his head.

The lightning bolts struck on the sword and generated a fierce wave of fire sparkles from the sword edge. Afterward, the giant eagle bumped against the sword edge. Following a loud puffing noise, the giant eagle was split into two, and as the golden flame rolled up, the around hundred meters long eagle was burned into a drifting stream of ash, leaving a human-head-sized spirit Dan wrapped by bolts of lightning. It slowly descended down and just fell into Ji Hao's hand.

"Just animals!" Ji Hao cursed, putting the three fruits and the thunder spirit Dan in this bangle. He then hurriedly walked to the burned small tree and carefully dug into the soil around the root of the small tree, with his hands.

This small tree was indeed a treasure of nature, and the soil it was growing in was different from regular soil. Instead, the soil was incomparably hard, even as hard as diamonds. Fortunately, Ji Hao had a powerful body, and his ten fingers were just like sharp weapons, that allowed him to eventually gently dig the root of the small tree entirely out from the hard soil. The tree root was large, around three meters in diameter.

The tree trunk and branches of the small tree were all damaged by the lightning, yet its root buried underground still had a slight trace of life-force remaining in it.

In Ji Hao's spirit space, the mysterious man abruptly showed up and said in a deep voice, "Put the soil and the tree root into the cauldron, then collect more green spirit Dan from those giant trees to see if we can nourish it and revitalize it."

Pausing for a second, the mysterious man continued, "You are rejected by the law of this world, It's fine for you to collect ordinary spirit materials from this place, but if you try to lay your fingers on true natural treasures, either you or that treasure will suffer all kinds of disasters."

"Next time when you run into something nice, do be more careful and cautious. Never make the same mistake." The mysterious man's body gradually dissipated, only leaving his voice lingering in Ji Hao's spiritual space, "You can put every natural treasure you find in the round cauldron to protect their natural life-force."

Hearing the mysterious man, Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened.

It was this world itself that didn't want to let Ji Hao have those true natural treasures because Ji Hao was an outsider and had been rejected by this world.

The three fruits was an upper limit for what Ji Hao could take. As he attempted to take the small tree as well, the invisible, untraceable natural law destroyed the small tree with the giant eagle's lightning power.

However, as the old saying went, every living creature would have a slight chance of survival under a destructive disaster. The small tree's tree trunk was destroyed, but it still had a slight trace of life-force lingered in its roots. If Ji Hao was capable enough, he might bring this small dying tree back to life!

Ji Hao didn't have this magical power. Nevertheless, that round cauldron in his body seemed to have this power.

After hurriedly throwing the tree root and a large amount of soil in the round cauldron, Ji Hao threw the two spirit Dan that he gained from the two giant trees in as well. Next, he mounted on Green and rushed across the woods, and found over a hundred more giant spirit trees in a row. He killed them and took their spirit Dan, throwing all green spirit Dans into the round cauldron as well. As he traveled across the woods, Ji Hao couldn't help but become more and more curious about this world.

Within a small area that had a radius of thousand miles, he had actually found over one hundred spirit giant trees. Wouldn't they fight for the sunlight, rain, and nutrition in the soil? Besides, their spirit Dans were so powerful, yet their bodies were so weak. Wouldn't this allow people, who knew about the preciousness of their spirit Dan, to slaughter them all and snatch their spirit Dan?

"What an interesting place!"

After Ji Hao had thrown over a hundred spirit Dan taken from giant spirit trees in the round cauldron, the mysterious man told Ji Hao that it was enough. Therefore, Ji Hao stopped slaughtering, mounted on Green and randomly wandered in the woods. This horse-like beast moved as fast as the wind, ten times faster than Ji Hao's current speed, and it was indeed a great mount.

"You are destined to have this, and I, Ji Hao, am not someone who breaks his own promise."

Ji Hao took out a dark-green fruit and put it into Green's mouth. Green immediately swallowed the fruit up, then leaped up in excitement. It turned around and intimately rubbed Ji Hao's hand with its face while snorting in a friendly manner.

Ji Hao smilingly patted on Green's head, then glanced at both of his shoulders. He hadn't gotten used to being without Mr. Crow and the pair of snakes.

When he entered into this world, Mr. Crow and the pair of baby snakes had all gone missing, Ji Hao didn't know when the reunion would be.

Mounted on Green and rushing towards the grassland, he saw two groups of 'people', fighting against each other in the woods afar. Ji Hao suddenly held his breath while patting on Green's head to stop it from moving

Intelligent creatures! Ji Hao popped his eyes up in both nervousness and delight.

Those creatures looked similar to human beings, and they had been casting magics and had oddly shaped weapons held in their hands. Only intelligent creatures could do this. Besides, they were divided into two groups and had been fighting against each other in orderly battle formations, which was also a feature of intelligent creatures.

"Good, I finally meet some locals of this world!"

Ji Hao smiled delightfully, but next, he suddenly caught a strange feeling…

Many years ago, when the armies of Yu Clan, Ji Clan, and Xiu Clan marched into the world that Ji Hao belonged to, when those non-humankind beings firstly ran into human beings, did they have the exact same feeling as Ji Hao did right now?

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