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Xuan Du was a thin man and had a clear stream of Qi coiling around his body. He seemed to be humble and natural, staying away from all worldly affairs. Every single move made by him was so natural as if he and nature were a unity. Even the finest movements could fit the Dao of nature, bringing people a sense of beauty,

'This brother can only be even more powerful than brother Po.' thought Ji Hao as he was shocked silently, then hurriedly saluted to Xuan Du and greeted him.

Xuan Du greeted Ji Hao back smilingly, then turned his palm over. Two fist-sized stampers rolled out from his sleeve along with streams of glow. He didn't do much small talk, only said straightforwardly, "Brother Ji Hao, please take out the mountain and river stamper."

Ji Hao paused briefly, then a clear stream of mist swooshed out of the spot between his eyebrows. From within this mist, the mountain and river stamper flew out along with a splendid glow.

Each of the three stampers released a splendor glow that lit up the entire main hall. All three stampers buzzed intensively as if they could sense each other. Ji Hao clearly sensed a trace of desire from the mountain and river stamper that had already made a connection with him.

"This is the void stamper," said Xuan Du while pointing at one of the two stampers, which was entirely yellow, and had a seemingly boundless sphere of gray mist swiftly rotating in it. Xuan Du smiled and continued, "And this is the star stamper… these two stampers and the mountain and river stamper are actually a unity. Back then, when time itself was new, and the treasure was still forming, a conflict forcibly split it into three."

Sighing slightly, Xuan Du said to Ji Hao, "Brother Ji Hao, you are especially lucky. The mountain and river stamper landed in that Priest Hua's hands, and even my Shifu thought that the three parts of this Heaven and Earth stamper could never come together again. But no one ever thought that you, my brother, could actually attain it."

Rubbing his hands, streams of soft light came out from Xuan Du's hands. Next, tens of thousands of silver glowing blooms flew out. The soft light streams of those glowing silver blooms surrounded the three intensively shaking stampers and rolled them up. Next, the three stampers quickly approached each other and simultaneously transformed into a dazzling sphere of light, merging into one.

"Just return to the original form, what are you waiting for?" said Xuan Du in a deep and strong voice. At the same time, a muddy stream of purple mist swooshed out from a calabash that was carried on Xuan Du's back, transforming into a waterfall-like stream. It surged into the sphere of light transformed from the three stampers.

Thunder sounds could be heard. Ji Hao's primordial spirit slightly shook, and instantly, he sensed an extremely strong, heavy, yet especially mysterious and flexible power vibration. The dazzling light dimmed down, and floating quietly within the dim light in front of Ji Hao was a fist-sized stamper. The upper part of the stamper was square in shape, while the lower part was round. Surrounding the stamper were countless hazy silhouettes of mountains and rivers that had been sparkling, while an enormous beast of Chaos silently entrenched upon the stamper.

Even without being activated by Ji Hao with his own power, this stamper could absorb the great natural power automatically. The power from earth meridians, the power from rivers, the power from stars in the sky and the power from the surrounding void all transformed into visible, colorful streams of glow, being ceaselessly absorbed by the stamper.

As the stamper was absorbing powers from the surrounding environment, the air in the entire main hall started rotating slowly. The air seemed to become sticky like liquid silver, and everyone's body and soul were both sealed by the strong power suffused in the air, making them unable to move. Everyone in the main hall felt like being forcibly and constantly twisted and rolled by a power in the air along with the 'breath' of the Heaven and Earth stamper.

It was like being in a deep nightmare, and even Ji Xia, who had merged with the spirit power-inheriting beak of an ancient Master Supreme Magus, and Ji Hao, who had an amazing potential, couldn't move, not even a little finger. His body was frozen completely, and even his thought was sealed by the invisible power released from the stamper. It made him feel deeply confused and lose control of his body, unable to react to things that were happening around him.

"This Heaven and Earth stamper can control the air, gather great powers from stars, the earth, mountains and rivers." Xuan Du looked at this splendidly glowing stamper and praised sincerely, "It wouldn't make any strong effect if you directly smash your enemy with it, but it can gather immense powers from nature. You can set all kinds of trapping and besieging magic formations with it, or trigger all kinds of inhibited powers of it. Among all world-accompanying spirit treasures, this Heaven and Earth stamper can be counted as a top-grade one."

Ji Hao's heart instantly drummed.

When he attained the mountain and river stamper from Priest Hua, Yu Yu only mentioned that the mountain and river stamper was a top-grade piece among all after-world natural crafted treasures. But the three stampers combined into one and reformed into the original form of the Heaven and Earth stamper, turning out to be a world-accompanying spirit treasure. Moreover, it was actually a top-grade one among all world-accompanying spirit treasures!

The Immemorial Sun Streamer was also a world-accompanying spirit treasure, good at killing and direct attack. Even with Ji Hao's power, the streamer could be activated and threaten the lives of Divine Magi. The direct attacking effectiveness of the Heaven and Earth stamper wasn't outstanding, but merely the sense of power released from it could disable Divine Magi like Ji Xia, Zhu Rong Long, Candle Dragon Yan from controlling their bodies. Apparently, the Heaven and Earth stamper was incredibly powerful in trapping and sealing.

The stamper and the Immemorial Sun Streamer were complementary to each other. The Heaven and Earth stamper could trap and weaken the enemy, while the Immemorial Sun Streamer could then kill them: this was a perfect combination of defense and attack.

"Thank you, brother Xuan Du." Ji Hao bowed deeply towards Xuan Du, then delightfully waved his hands towards the Heaven and Earth stamper.

The mountain and river stamper had already made a connection with Ji Hao. After the three stampers had recombined, the primordial spirit mark Ji Hao left in the mountain and river stamper didn't disappear. On the contrary, it was strengthened by a hundred times by the grey-purple mist released by Xuan Du. Therefore, the Heaven and Earth obediently flew back into Ji Hao's forehead, floating in front of his primordial spirit and quietly gathering powers.

"We're brothers, no need to thank me." Xuan Du smilingly waved his hand at Ji Hao and said, "Uncle Yu Yu is charged with an important task and can't manage to come by personally. If I let the others bully you, my Shifu would be ashamed."

Untying the silk string tied around his chest, Xuan Du put down the three-foot and six-inch long, golden-purple calabash carried on his back, handed to Ji Hao and said, "This is a magic-pill-concocting-calabash. My Shifu crafted it with a genuine effort and used to carry this calabash everywhere. Brother, you can simply put all kinds of magical herbs into this calabash, and it will automatically concoct raw herbs into magic pills with all kinds of effects, such as detoxifying or healing pills."

Measuring the heavy golden-purple calabash with his hand, Ji Hao reached his spirit power into the calabash. After scanning through the inner space of the calabash, he was slightly shocked.

A mountain-huge pile of rare herbs was left in the calabash, while huge amounts of grey-purple mist coiling around each other, clashing with each other and constantly letting out purple heaven fire. Meanwhile, numerous magic pills popped out like frying beans.

Over ten-thousand thumb-sized, golden, glowing magic pills were already concocted, each pill wrapped in a purple mist. Ji Hao scanned these pills with his spiritual power and found that every single pill was thickly covered in spell symbols and strange patterns and was especially heavy, containing great power.

Besides, on the surface of each magic pill was the name of the pill written down in an ancient style of calligraphy, such as 'soul-purifying detoxifying pill', 'bad-luck-eradicating life-prolonging pill', 'all-purpose dragon and tiger pill', etc. According to Po's learning experiences, pills contained in the calabash were all extremely powerful magic medicine, that could even bring the dead back to life.

Before Ji Hao came out of the great surprise, Xuan Du took out a small jade box from his sleeve.

He cautiously stroked the box, then handed this fist-sized small box to Ji Hao and said, "This is 'Chaos sword box' crafted by our second uncle himself. It contains a flying sword in it, which is extremely powerful. This box is a pure weapon of killing, and once you put it to use, even the natural peace would be harmed. You can only use it to deal with emergency situations and to save your life, but can never rely on its power and start a massacre with it."

Ji Hao paused briefly. 'That second uncle has sent a treasure too?'

'My Shifu, Yu Yu, and his two brothers, are they preparing to join hands and kick those monsters' asses? Wouldn't that too bullying?' thought Ji Hao.

But then, Xuan Du took out a fist-sized small bag, handed it to Ji Hao and began explaining to him carefully.

Ji Hao instantly realized that Yu Yu and his two brothers were indeed going to join hands and bully those monsters.

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