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Emperor Shun's words were unanimously approved by those clan elders.

Human emperors, what kind of people were qualified to be human emperors? Not only the ones with powerful families or clans, but they also needed to have a reputation that was great enough. They had to be virtuous people and had to have made an abundant contribution to the humankind.

Only the ones who could earn support from most of the human beings in this world could be human emperors!

Yu Clan's challenge was a major threat to the entire humankind. The people who took this challenge, slaughtered the million Yu Clan elites and won this fight, earned a thousand years of peace for the humankind. They should be qualified enough to sit on the throne of the human emperor.

Emperor Shun's words ignited all people in the hall, and also earned everyone's support. Many people offered to send those elite young people in their clans who were carefully cultivated, to join the fight, and to make their contributions to the humankind by killing those damned non-humankind beings.

Pi Chitian and the other Yu Clan messengers were happy to see and hear this. They nodded delightfully, clamoring that their Yu Clan would only send out a million elites, while the humankind could send as many elites as they want, to die. Ten million, twenty million, thirty million, no matter how many people the humankind sent to join the fight, those one-million Yu Clan elites would eventually win.

The meeting wasn't over yet. Clan leaders, elders and those marquis and earls were still running an intense discussion regarding how many people should they send out to the fight, and what kind of people should be sent out. Ji Hao had already rushed back to Yao Mountain City.

According to Pi Chitin, it was still over a year until that small world made contact with this world. At that time only would people be able to open a portal and enter into that small world.

Within this year, Ji Hao had to be well prepared. He had to improve his own power as much as he could. Meanwhile, he also needed to improve the powers of his teammates as much as possible. The Yu Clan had already named them as participants of the game. Therefore, Ji Hao had to try his best to make sure that his friends and himself could return alive.

Fiery clouds rolled in the air, carrying the vehicle flying swiftly toward Yao Mountain. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes while countless thoughts popped in his head. He went through all resources and secret magics he had, thinking about how should he improve the powers of his friends and himself within the time span of over a year.

Ji Hao wasn't concerned about his own survival. Even though his enemies would be elite warriors of Yu Dynasty, he still believed that he could live.

What concerned him were his friends, Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu. Man Man had a great father while Shaosi and Taisi had a powerful Shifu, that if any real danger happened to them, they should be able to save their own lives. But Feng Xing and Yu Mu weren't like them. Ji Hao silently determined his mind, that even if it were the cruelest methods, he had to turn Feng Xing and Yu Mu into Magus Kings as soon as possible. Additionally, he had to improve their powers as quickly as he could.

"Hao, are you really going to risk your life and fight those monsters?" In the vehicle, Ji Xia crossed his arms before his chest, frowningly looked at Ji Hao and asked, "Since they dared to make this so big, they are either especially powerful, or they will play some dirty tricks. Are you truly going to play their game?"

"I have to!" Ji Hao looked at Ji Xia and said honestly, "If I don't go, those monsters will start a full-scale war. Once the war started, regardless of the result, many people would die. If I don't go, not only would the non-humankind hunt me, even the humankind would never let me live."

Ji Xia knitted his brows again. Wasn't that right?

The non-humankind mentioned Ji Hao by the name and said that he had to be in the game. If Ji Hao didn't show up, the non-humankind would certainly send out assassins to hunt Ji Hao. And if Ji Hao refused to play the game and gave the non-humankind an excuse to start the full-scale war, the humankind would never forgive Ji Hao.

Ji Xia looked at Ji Hao's maturing face, seriously nodded and said, "You're right, you have to go. Our Gold Crow Clan men are never afraid of death. If they want to play a life-and-death game, we shall play with them, Abba will be with you…"

Ji Hao waved his hand, looked at Ji Xia seriously and said, "Abba, guard Yao Mountain City well for me. All the few friends I trust and myself will not be in the city for a while. If you don't guard this city for me, I'm afraid that some people might reach their hands to it."

Ji Xia stopped talking, lowered his eyelids and pondered for a while. He then nodded heavily and said, "You are coming back alive!"

Ji Hao looked at Ji Xia, laughed loudly then said, "Don't worry, Abba. I will certainly come back alive."

Yao Mountain City was Ji Hao's city, Ji Hao spent great efforts on it. Except Ji Xia, he wouldn't trust the city with anyone else. Ji Xia also understood that Ji Hao and all his trustworthy friends would be in the life-and-death fight, then who could take care of the city other than himself?

"We should send some people to bring Amma and those clansmen here." Ji Hao looked at Ji Xia and said, "Yao Mountain City is a great place. The defense is strong and the condition is much better than Gold Crow Clan. Let's bring the ancestral temper and altar over as well. Yao Mountain territory is vast and it's a nice place to raise people."

Ji Xia frowned, seriously pondering upon Ji Hao's suggestion. After quite a long while, he slowly nodded and said, "That…won't be easy. So many clansmen, such a long distance, the journey's gonna be quite risky. We can talk about ancestral temper and altar later, let's get a batch of clansmen over at first. You're Earl Yao now, so you should have some directly-related clansmen in here with you."

Neither of them said any more things during the rest of the journey.

From a great distance, Ji Xia and those Gold Crow Clan clansmen saw the nine ancient Gold Crows floating upon Yao Mountain and exclaimed out.

Their eyesight was a lot better than before, and even from a long distance they could directly sense the prehistorical, great power released by the nine Gold Crows. The power released from the nine Gold Crows was thousands, tens of thousands of times greater than the power released by Gold Crow skeletons back in the secret mulberry woods in Gold Crow Clan.

"Great treasures! If those children in our clan could all cultivate under those, their powers would grow much more rapidly." Ji Xia excitedly waved his arms and said, "We have to get tens of thousands of those kids in our clan here. Hao, do you actually own these great treasures?"

Ji Hao smilingly pointed his finger at the tall city wall of Yao Mountain City and said, "Abba, not only these ancient Gold Crows, this Yao Mountain City has its own powers too!"

As Ji Hao introduced the functions of this city to Ji Xia, the fiery cloud quickly reached above Earl Yao's mansion, descended from the air and landed on the ground.

Shaosi, who was surrounded by Candle Dragon Yan and the other few Divine Magi, walked quickly over. Seeing Ji Xia, Shaosi smiled happily at first, then grabbed Ji Hao's hands and said, "Ji Hao, there's a…man, who has the same sense of power as brother Po. He's been waiting for you in here for quite a while. He said that he came from your sect, and knows that a trouble will come to you in a year. He came to bring you a few things under an order."

Ji Hao paused for a second, and then laughed out loud.

Was that a brother sent by Yu Yu?

Worthy of being his dear Shifu; he just returned from Pu Ban City and Yu Yu had already known that he had caught a trouble, and sent a brother to help.

Ji Hao held Man Man and Shaosi's hands, hurriedly walking to the middle of the main hall. He cupped his hand and bowed to a middle-aged man, who was wearing a white robe and sitting in the hall, and asked, "Brother, may I ask your name? Please forgive me for not knowing your title."

The slim middle-aged man, who had been releasing a strong Qi of Dao, smilingly stood up, cupped his hand and bowed back to Ji Hao, and said, "I am Xuan Du. Under my Shifu's order, I came to bring you, my brother, a few pieces, to prepare you for what's coming."

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