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Chapter 541: Come Out to the World

Gong Gong Wuyou and his people left the great hall while a few Gong Gong family warriors carried the huge dark ice block with Wuzhi Qi sealed in it, following behind him.

After walking out of the great hall, Gong Gong Wuyou glanced at Si Xi, who had been greeting to many earls and marquis. He then walked into an alley with his people, keeping away from these ebullient earls and marquis.

Walking along the alley for a while, Gong Gong Wuyou cast a glance at Wuzhi Qi, who was sealed in dark ice and had still angrily gnashing his teeth. He cursed in a deep voice and took out a black jade talisman from his sleeve, handing it to a man in a black cloak, who was following closely behind him.

"Please, Master… this thing has caused too many troubles in the recent years. We have no choice but to let that man deal with him."

"Yes." The man in a black cloak took over the palm-sized jade talisman, which was embossed with countless patterns of spindrift, and responded in a deep voice. Afterward, the man’s body flashed and suddenly swished up into the air, moving tens of miles away within the blink of an eye, and soon disappeared without leaving a trace.

After the man flew up into the sky and reached about fifty thousand kilometers high, the black cloak worn by him blasted out. From his cloak, a dark and frosty sphere of watery mist surged out along with a strange and high-pitched scream. Meanwhile, countless tens of thousands of meters tall whirlwinds were raised from the air.

A tremendous and hazy silhouette that had a wingspan of tens of kilometers faintly appeared in the dark watery mist. As its immense pair of featherless wings flapped slightly, its enormous body instantly tore the air apart and zipped to over a million miles away. In the span of a few breaths, it flew across hundreds of millions of miles.

The air in the front was suffused by a watery mist, while a rapidly flowing great river roared towards the southeast from the northwest.

The widest part of this river had the width of around a million miles. The drainage area of this river covered ten percent of Midland, and over a million different sized branches were located on both sides of this great river. Those densely distributed branches looked like blood veins of human bodies and covered a vast area.

This was Huai Water, one of the top-5 water veins in Midland, and was also the location of Wuzhi Qi’s hometown.

The gigantic hazy silhouette with a wingspan of tens of kilometers folded its wings, and within the spreading dark watery mist, a tall and slim middle-aged man showed his face. This man had a weirdly angular face on which, a pair of eyes had been shining sharply with a cold blue light. Apart from his odd appearance, an ancient and profound sense of power had been releasing from his body.

"Wuzhi Qi, you old monkey, it’s time for you to come out and stretch your body." The middle-aged man gave a faint and cold smile. Then, his body moved swiftly, flying towards the southeast along the main stream of Huai Water.

After flying for hundreds of millions of miles towards the southeast, he reached a spot where nine enormous branches of the river merged into the main stream. The waves in this area were strong and overwhelming, reaching straight to the sky. Although this was just a river, the meeting spot of the nine branches was over hundreds of millions of miles squared in area. It was a wide, boundless expanse of mist-covered water; it seemed to be as vast as the legendary East Sea.

Ever since the ancient era, the aquatic kind had the fastest reproductive speed and the greatest population. In the main stream of Huai Water, where the nine enormous branches met, countless fishes, lobsters, turtles and other aquatic creatures had lined up orderly, practicing battle formations while growling loudly. Although these were all barely human-shaped aquatic creatures which didn’t have much of human intelligence, under the guidance of a group of mature spirit aquatic creatures, the battle formations of these aquatic creatures had been moving properly, and looked quite like a regular army force.

The middle-aged man trod on a dark cloud, quickly diving down towards the water surface. Meanwhile, tens of gigantic-shaped flood dragons, who had been raising tremendous waves from the water, gave a resonant roar simultaneously. They transformed into human shapes one after another, walking towards this middle-aged man.

A sturdy man, who was transformed from a flood dragon, growled out from a great distance, "Alive human being, where do you come from? Do you know where this place is? Are you seeking death? Chop off your pair of legs as the passage, then get lost!"

The middle-aged man snorted coldly and waved his left hand. An iceberg appeared immediately in the air, falling down towards the head of that man along with a loud swooshing noise. The tens of strong men transformed from flood dragons didn’t manage to dodge timely and were smashed by the iceberg right on their heads.

Shrill howls could be heard ceaselessly. The heads of those tens of peak-level Magus Kings who were transformed from flood dragons were dented by the iceberg, which forced them to show their real bodies and fall back into the river. The tens of flood dragons floated on the water surface while broken scales of theirs mixed with their blood. Seeing this, countless aquatic creatures in surrounding areas started roaring and screaming together.

"How dare you!" A purely black dragon-turtle that had a pair of dragon horns on its head leaped into the air. This gigantic dragon-turtle with a mountain-like body opened its mouth and released countless fierce water arrows, screaming towards the middle-aged man like a heavy rain.

"Ignorant things, is this how Wuzhi Qi disciplined you?" The color of the middle-aged man’s eyes changed. Faintly, a vast, boundless water area with dark ice floating in it could be seen in his eyes. He then pointed his finger forwards, and next, a destructive thunderbolt descended from the sky, fiercely striking the dragon turtle's shell It broke the shell and squeezed out huge streams of blood mixed with smashed flesh, splashing everywhere.

The dragon-turtle was injured severely within a single moment, and the wave of water arrows released by it transformed into watery mist and dissipated in the air. The dragon-turtle howled and wailed loudly while bumping back into the water, sinking deeply down and not daring to come out again.

The middle-aged man laughed coldly, took out a black jade talisman given by Gong Gong Wuyou, and threw it into the water.

"Wuzhi Qi…Wake up!" called the middle-aged man with a deep and low voice.

The jade talisman sank straight down into the water, then transformed into a black stream of light, darting into the deeper area. In the deepest area of this river, which was fifteen kilometers away from the water surface, the natural water power was incredibly dense. It generated a great pressure which raised the density of the river water to an unbelievable degree; a thumb-sized drop of water had the weight of tens of thousands of kilograms.

Deeper down for around a million miles in a seemingly bottomless water hole, the water in this area was nearly solid and looked like diamond-like crystals. There was a black, round-shaped cauldron, embossed with countless patterns of spirit creatures and ancient spell symbols, floating in the water hole. A young man with a comely face and a long black shirt was sitting in the caldron with his legs crossed, while countless divine spell symbols shaped like animals and plants swiftly flashed across his eyes.

The black light transformed from the jade talisman fell straight before the young man’s face, blasted out and released a faint wave of spiritual power.

The young man in a black shirt showed the whites of his eyes, showed his teeth and gave a cold smile, then said, "Thirty-six sons died? What is the big deal? For useless sons like those, as long as I want to, I can have thousands more in a year."

"Ji Hao? Ignorant little boy… he is a nobody, and I can crush him with a single hand… why should I care so much about him? Let him enjoy his life for now, my own cultivation is the most important thing after all."

"River Earl Jade Dragon is dead? Hm, let him be dead. He couldn’t even deal with a little boy, how could such a loser be a river earl anyway? Sooner or later, I’d smash him to death with my stick… it’s even better for him to die before that."

"Hm? What’s this?"

The young man in black shirt abruptly raised his eyelids as two streams of black smoke swooshed out of his pair of eyes to meters away.

Carefully reading the message that came from the jade talisman, this young man remained silent for a while, then slightly sighed.

"What a pity… what a shame… how annoying this is. I’ve been silently cultivating myself in this place for a hundred and twenty thousand years, and I can see the achievement right in front of me. However, for this coming up thing, I do have to make a move and fight for it."

Patting on the large cauldron he had been sitting in with both of his hands, the young man in a black shirt said slowly in a deep voice, "Good treasure, good treasure. What kind of treasure are you after all? Whatever you are, I have stayed with you day and night for so many years… you shall just come with me!"

The black, round-shaped cauldron let out a loud buzzing noise while transforming into a black beam of light, zipping into the spot between the young man’s eyebrows, leaving a faint black, water-ripple-like mark on his forehead.

The young man then gave a long and resonant roar, following which, countless silver fur grew out from under his skin. In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a giant silver ape, rising towards the sky.

"I, Wuzhi Qi, am coming!"

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