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This was meant to be an extra busy day with a multitude of things to happen.

Ji Hao followed Si Xi and his son, Si Wen Ming, with the company of Candle Dragon Gui and Zhu Rong. When he was getting acquainted with all those earls and marquis and human ministers, Wuzhi Qi, the real one, left the water eye of Huai Water and silently came to Pu Ban city.

Wuzhi Qi, who was tall and slim, and entirely wrapped in a dense layer of watery mist, slowly walked into Gong Gong Wuyou's new palace. He saw the other 'Wuzhi Qi,' who was sealed in dark ice. He snorted coldly and slightly pointed his right forefinger on the dark ice.

The thick layer of dark ice quietly cracked, transforming into streams of watery mist which slowly drifted away. The sealed 'Wuzhi Qi' opened his pair of eyes that were shining dazzlingly with a fierce blood-red light, seeming to roar out in rage towards the sky. However, abruptly, he saw the real Wuzhi Qi, who was much taller than himself. The fierce light shining in his eyes dimmed down immediately, as he smilingly cupped his hands and bowed to Wuzhi Qi.

"You're here?"

"I'm here." Two 'Wuzhi Qi' suddenly reached their heads forward and their necks extended to meters long. Two ape heads heavily thudded against each other, after which, within a glistering sphere of watery mist, only one Wuzhi Qi was left on the spot, as if two shadows had just merged into one.

"Hm, you have indeed caused some troubles in these few years." Wuzhi Qi narrowed his eyes as his eyes sparkled brightly, then waved his hand and continued, "But they are all small things… nothing more than killing some people, snatching some woman… no big deal."

Gong Gong Wuyou stepped forward, deeply bowed to Wuzhi Qi and said, "Master, you are here."

Wuzhi Qi raised his head, narrowed his eyes and glanced at the warm sun in the sky. He gave a mild smile and said, "I'm here, so is this Prince Wuyou? I have never met you before. Today is the first time, and just as I've been told, you are indeed a handsome young man. I am sure that your talent is as exceptional as your physical appearance."

The middle-aged man who had invited Wuzhi Qi here walked into the hall step by step, and said smilingly, "Old monkey, you're the most cunning one. No one knows what you have been doing deep down in the water eye of Huai Water, and you just left honest men like us out here doing all kinds of hard work. Now that you're here, everything will be under your control."

Wuzhi Qi smiled and nodded, "That's fine, that's fine." Clicking his tongue, he continued, "So, tell me first, at present, among the entire humankind, how many young men can truly be counted as talents?"

Outside Fine Jade Snow Palace, water curtains rolled up into the air. The dark water curtain blocked the sky and sealed the palace inside. No voice from the hall could be transmitted to the outside anymore.

After big half an hour, a personal written instruction from Gong Gong Wuyou, came out from Fine Jade Snow Palace — From this day onwards, all Gong Gong Family's warriors who were under the Water God's command would listen to Wuzhi Qi's order.

When Wuzhi Qi walked into Fine Jade Snow Palace, in Southern Wasteland Market, on the platform which was specially designed for starry spirit turtles to park, a fiery cloud suddenly tore the thick layer of clouds apart. It evaporated all the snow in a hundred miles squared area, and slowly descended down with a dazzling fiery light.

Thirty-six fire dragons roared towards the sky, gasped quickly and deeply, as they dragged a small-scale city that was around five miles in radius, and was entirely made from flame divine iron, down towards the ground through the thick layer of cloud. The city was shining with a faint fiery light, and numerous sturdy men with red armors were standing on the city wall. Each of them had been releasing a strong and steady sense of power, and the great heat coming from their bodies made them seem like volcanos that were about to erupt.

People from large Southern Wasteland clans confusingly looked at this city that was slowly descending from the sky.

Not a single clan could ever have so much flame divine iron all at once. Therefore, they surely couldn't possibly build such a city merely with flame divine iron. Among the entire Southern Wasteland, only Zhu Rong family could have a resource of flame divine iron that was great enough to allow them to afford a portable city like this.

Elders from Fire Dragon Clan, Fire Phoenix Clan and a few other powerful Southern Wasteland clans hurriedly walked over against the terrifyingly great heat released by the city, politely standing straight on the ground.

One of the city gates opened along with a deep clang, after which, a stream of fiery light flew out. Scorching hot liquid metal flew out in a stream, transforming into a stairway. The liquid metal then quickly cooled and solidified. A few strong men with strong power vibrations releasing from their bodies and faintly visible red scales on their faces walked out from the city while laughing loudly.

With surprise, elders from those powerful Southern Wasteland clans glanced at these men, then hurriedly showed a thousand percent carefulness.

In Southern Wasteland, Zhu Rong family stood high above the masses, and other than the humankind, some small clans of people who possessed demigod bloodlines or complicated mixed bloodlines had also been living in the Southern Wasteland. These few men seemed to be much taller than ordinary human beings, even much taller and stronger than those Jia Clan big warriors. They had red scales on their faces; they were clearly mix-blood, and were from the clan called 'Fire Qi Lin Clan.'

Fire Qi Lin Clan, their people had Fire Qi Lin's bloodline mixed with their blood. Different from other human clans, which merely inherited the power systems belonging to ancient powerful creatures, the ancestors of Fire Qi Lin Clan mated with ancient Fire Qi Lin, and gave birth to their mix-blooded descendants to create this clan.

Fire Qi Lin Clan people were born with an extremely great strength and the special ability to manipulate lava; they had great talents in cultivation, and almost all male adults in their clan could reach the level of Divine Magus. The only weakness of their clan was the difficulty of procreation, because of which, the entire Fire Qi Lin Clan only had the population of less than thirty-thousand. But apart from this, Fire Qi Lin Clan could be counted as a perfect clan.

With the total population of less than thirty-thousand people, the number of adult males was over two thousand. In other words, Fire Qi Lin Clan, this small clan, had over two-thousand Divine Magi.

Besides, same as Ji Clan warriors, Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors could definitely suppress same-level warriors in terms of power, which meant, a Divine Magus who came from Fire Qi Lin Clan could at least rival three-to-five same-level human Divine Magi at the same time. Nevertheless, how small were the numbers of Divine Magi elders of those large Southern Wasteland clans who stayed in their clan and were free to move?

If the territory range of Fire Qi Lin Clan wasn't limited by generations of leaders of Zhu Rong family, and if Fire Qi Lin Clan people were allowed to live in areas other than the surrounding area of Zhu Rong Mountain, they would have suppressed or even occupied clans like the Fire Dragon Clan, Fire Phoenix Clan long ago.

Same as the other few mix-blooded clans that possessed demigod bloodlines, Fire Qi Lin Clan people had been kept in the Southern Wasteland by Zhu Rong family as their important properties. Therefore, normally, one could hardly see them walking out there. But today, a few strong men from Fire Qi Lin Clan abruptly showed up, and the elders from the Fire Dragon Clan and the other clans had nearly lost their heads, not knowing what to do.

Which Lord from Zhu Rong family came from Southern Wasteland who could make such an impressive display of power and influence?

A heavy series of footstep came next, and soon, a troop of Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors walked out in an ordered array. Following behind them were large groups of beautiful young boys and girls, wearing red robes and carrying trays or bottles made of jade or gold, lanterns moon-shaped fans and other ritual objects, slowly walking out.

A few Fire Luan flew across the sky in above, opened their beaks and sprayed a wave of petals of fire star thoroughwort. Instantly, the air was suffused by an amazing aroma.

The group of Southern Wasteland clan elders were all dumbfounded. In their eyes, only legendary ancient heaven Gods could make such a great scene.

After quite a long while, troops of warriors moved out, and over ten-thousand young boys and girls walked out in groups, lined up orderly on the platform. After all this, finally, Zhu Rong Tianming, who was surrounded by over thirty powerful Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors, proudly walked out of the city gate with big steps.

Raising his head and looking at the sky, Zhu Rong Tianming couldn't help but praise, "So this is Pu Ban city? And this is the heavy snow I've been told about? Indeed interesting!"

All Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors surrounding him knelt down simultaneously, growling loudly and politely, "Prince Tianming!"

The group of Southern Wasteland clan elders hurriedly knelt as well, all trying extremely hard to think about the source of this title, 'Prince Tianming.'

Suddenly, these elders popped out their eyes and felt like being enlightened — It was him, the seventh son of the present Fire God! The prince who was a demigod, given birth by the Fire God Zhu Rong and a human woman!

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