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In front of Ji Hao's vehicles, around a hundred miles away and in the woods covered in snow, four divine towers of the Yu Clan was silently hiding under the shades of trees.

A Yu Clan man, with a white, tight leather armor and a long sword, was standing in the woods with his eye narrowed, looking at the vehicles on the enormous fiery cloud. Behind him were four over five meters tall, especially strong Jia Clan warriors, standing in a straight line.

These Jia Clan warriors were wearing heavy armors and all had relaxed looks, and judging from the badges on their chests, they were from High Moon.

High Moon was different from Blood Moon. Non-humankind warriors of High Moon were all great fighters who mastered in fighting skills. On battlefields, these warriors were the most dreadful killing machines. Unlike all the other noble Yu Clan people, Yu Clan people of High Moon were actually good at close combat, especially assassination and sneak attack.

"The adorable little thing is here!" The Yu Clan man with a leather armor looked at the fiery cloud, which was approaching speedily, and laughed relaxedly out. He then said, "A tiny Senior Magus has actually cost those people that much money to hire me to do this myself. What do you say, should I gift this little thing the great honor of being beheaded by my very self?"

The four Jia Clan warriors each gave a faint smile. Meanwhile, strange air ripples spread out from around their bodies.

Their bodies quietly floated up to three feet high from the ground. Behind their bodies, a silver-white, round-shaped and cold stream of light suddenly and silently appeared. Abruptly, the light stream shrunk and immediately condensed into four oddly-shaped, heavy weapons.

The four Jia Clan warriors swung their arms backward, and each gripped a weapon, slightly wielding it.

Condensing the weapon out of emptiness... These four Jia Clan warriors were all powerful beings at the stage of emptiness. The so-called stage of emptiness equaled the human world's level of Divine Magus.

A scrawny human being swiftly dashed out from behind a towering tree. That was a man with a black cloak had a sparkling jade talisman held in his hands. He quickly ran up to the Yu Clan man and said in a low voice, "I got the information from Yao Mountain. Ji Hao, Earl Yao, only has two Magus Kings traveling with him. One of them named Tie Lang, the clan leader of a local Clan he conquered, while the other one named Zhamu, who is a surrendered dark-kind warrior."

"Doesn't he have Divine Magi with him?" The Yu Clan man asked in surprise, "That, is so boring."

"The four Divine Magi that came from Candle Dragon Clan are all in Earl Yao's mansion. The eight Divine Magi from Zhu Rong Country have been patrolling the fence wall right now." The man chuckled loudly and continued, "He only has these twelve Divine Magi under his command, and all of them are staying in Yao Mountain City. That means he doesn't have a single Divine Magus with him now."

The Yu Clan man licked his lips disappointedly, then shook his head and said to the few Jia Clan warriors, "You just do your job. Make this quick, kill all of them."

The scrawny man hurriedly said, "Leave one alive, Zhu Rong's little girl. Zhu Rong Man Man is with him too, our master wants her alive!"

The Yu Clan man snorted coldly and said in a bland tone, "That will depend on her own luck…" Turning to the few Jia Clan warriors, he continued, "Make it easier, don't hurt our little Fire God princess. Zhu Rong's little girl? Interesting!"

The fiery cloud swooshed across the air thousands of meters high above the ground. When it was about to fly across the woods, the four High Moon's divine towers suddenly released a dazzling silver light. Following a series of loud clangs, tens of arm-thick chains ejected out from the towers, tearing the air apart like fierce serpents and swiftly tying around Ji Hao's vehicle.

Those chains were straightened, and Ji Hao's vehicle instantly stopped. A towering tree was shattered into pieces while countless cracks appeared on the ground.

Ji Hao's vehicle had been flying at an amazingly fast speed, so the impact force caused by it was tremendous. The power stream brought up by the twelve fire flood dragons when flying was even more dreadful. The four High Moon divine towers connected with earth meridians and forcibly stopped Ji Hao's vehicle. Consequently, the earth meridians vibrated and the ground of the entire area with a radius of a hundred miles was nearly pulled out in whole by Ji Hao's vehicle.

Shrill raging howls could be heard without an end. The twelve fire flood dragons were reined by halters and had their scales broken, all madly roaring out in pain.

Tie Lang, who was driving the vehicle, was directly sent flying away. He couldn't stop flying and ended up bumping into a few fire flood dragons. The harsh flood dragon scales broke his skin, making him shout out in anger and pain.

The silver chains suddenly tightened again. No one knew what those chains made from. As they clashed against the vehicle that was cast from the mix of scorching fire divine iron and dragon bones and scales, they generated large amounts of fire sparkles along with an ear-piercing clashing noise.

Inside the vehicle, absolutely no effect was made to Ji Hao and the others.

A dense fiery cloud was floating in the air, within which, a shining moon released a dazzling fiery light while showing everything that had been happening on the outside to Ji Hao and the others.

"It seems that our preparations were just necessary. Be patient, don't attack now. Later, let's give them a big one." Ji Hao's pair of eyes were shining with a magical light as he growled, "Zhu Rong Long, I want the heads of the five non-humankind beings. With five heads that came from Divine Magus level non-humankind beings, we can back take those armors, weapons, crystals and gold in behind. How much will we save?!"

Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu and the other six of their brothers who were all especially tall and sturdy and had countless flame patterns on their skins, shouted out together in response. A series of clangs were then let out by their helmets, as the facial masks, which were decorated with countless embossed pattern of gods and devils, flapped down and covered their faces.

Ji Hao took out the mountain and river stamper and silently started to inject power into it. After attaining his first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, Ji Hao's power had been raised by quite a few times. While absorbing his power, the mountain and river stammer released a bright yellow light and at the same time, a terrifyingly great pressure spread out in this hall.

The four Jia Clan warriors rose into the air with shining silver weapons were held in their hands. They didn't even cast a glance at Zhamu, who was loudly ordering his warriors to form a battle formation, and instead, directly swished towards Ji Hao's vehicle.

A hundred miles distance only took them a single second. The sharp weapons held in their hands brought up hundreds of meters long beams of light while being fiercely wielded down towards Ji Hao's vehicle.

On the ground, the Yu Clan man gave an evil smile and said, "It's over already…I haven't seen the little Fire God princess yet. Is she in the vehicle? That is such a great shame. I wanted to see her face!"

A thunderous bang even made the sky shook. Eight muscular men with their whole bodies wrapped in raging fire suddenly showed up in the air. Among these eight warriors, four of them blocked the weapons held in the hands of the four Jia Clan's warriors, while the other four immediately raised huge and dense fiery clouds. While treading on them, they lunged the long spears held in their hands towards those Ji Clan warriors, along with countless beams of fiery light that were sharp enough to slice the air apart.

"A trap? The Yu Clan's man flicked his finger. Following his move, a stream of sword light dazzled out while spinning, and instantly cut the scrawny man in black cloak into pieces along with a puffing noise. After that, he barfed out hysterically, "All twelve Divine Magi are in Yao Mountain City? Damn it, are these eight guys in front of me ghosts?!"

Ji Hao walked out of the vehicle, stood on a fiery cloud and looking down at the Yu Clan man who was hiding in the woods.

Turning around his palm, Ji Hao dropped the mountain and river stamper. The stamper quickly expanded to around five hundred meters in square, smashing down like a small mountain.

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