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"High Moon, Polo Si, from Polo Family!"

On the ground, facing the mountain and river stamper, the Yu Clan man proudly shouted his family name out. Meanwhile, his wrist flicked swiftly; the long and thin sword held in his hands released a dazzling cold light while zipping towards the mountain and river stamper at lightning speed.

The ground vibrated. When the mountain and river stamper was activated, all earth meridians were triggered by it. Fortunately, this Yu Clan man was a Divine-Magus-level power being, that allowed him to flash across the air and directly rose into the sky, avoided negative effects caused by the vibration of the ground.

However, when he flew up just fifteen meters high, countless hazy mountain patterns sparkled on the mountain and river stamper, and a terrifyingly great gravity reached up from the ground, causing Polo Si's body to fall back down unsteadily.

"You damned little thing, you're not adorable at all!" Polo Si growled at Ji Hao ragingly, "I will cut your head off myself and gift you with the most honored death!"

Clang! Finally, the sharp sword and the mountain and river stamper bumped into each other, generating a high-pitched clang that could cause a sharp pain in anyone's ears. On the thin and sharp sword held in Polo Si's hand, layers of spell symbols lit up. At first sight, this long sword of his had thousands of layers of spell symbols added on it, that could probably make tens of billions of spell symbols in total.

Adding so many layers of spell symbols on such a thin sword, craftsmen in Magi Palace couldn't possibly achieve this stage of technique, not even if they worked hundreds of times harder than they already did. The long sword held in Polo Si's hand was definitely many times more powerful than a top-grade, Divine-Magus-level magic treasure.

Nevertheless, the mountain and river stamper was created along with this world by nature itself. With the power coming from countless earth meridians, the mountain and river stamper smashed directly down towards Polo Si's head. As countless layers of hazy mountain silhouettes roared down without an end, Polo Si's wrist trembled and suddenly, the long sword shattered into pieces.

The mountain and river stamper had created a tremendous gravitational field, which was tens of thousands of times greater than the normal gravity in Midland. The invisible gravity condensed into numerous fierce-serpent-like streams, dragging those sword fragments to fiercely pierce towards Polo Si.

Polo Si gave a shrill shout as his body flashed across the air and disappeared. The next moment, he reappeared five-hundred meters away.

The mountain and river stamper violently smashed on the ground. Within the area with a radius of a hundred miles, the woods were entirely blasted into bits while the ground sank five hundred meters deep. Countless streams of lava surged out along with dense smoke puffing out of the ground hundreds of meter high.

The mountain and river stamper missed its target for once. Polo Si roared towards the sky in an incomparably aggressive tone, "Little thing, what can you do even if you have a top-grade magic treasure? Power, power! Without enough power, even if you…"

Before he finished his speech, a dazzling sword light zipped out of the dense smoke raised by the mountain and river stamper.

Closely following behind the mountain and river stamper, the Flame Dragon sword transformed into an arm-thick, five hundred meters long stream of flame, roaring towards Polo Si's heart.

The power of Yu Yu's sword formation was immeasurably fierce and destructive. Among Yu Yu's disciples, many had mastered the art of the sword, and in Po's recorded cultivation experiences, a part was regarding the skills of sword-manipulation.

Ji Hao had been reading Po's cultivation experiences in depth during these few days, by doing which, he attained some deep understanding of the art of the sword, including flying swords, and had indeed learned some useful things.

At first, the Flame Dragon Sword only darted out as a stream of sword light, but as Ji Hao separated his pair of hand and released a sword spell, a series of sizzling noises was immediately generated. Along with the noise, the sword light stream divided into two, then four, then eight, then sixteen…Within the blink of an eye, a thousand and twenty-four streams of sword lights were roaring in the sky, transforming into an enormous sword net that enveloped Polo Si.

Polo Si growled towards the sky in fury, "Kill this kid!"

While growling, he pulled out a pair of daggers. The small and exquisite pair of daggers zipped around his body like two butterflies; as he wielded his arm forward, a thin yet sharp beam of dagger light accurately hacked on Ji Hao's sword light.

A loud series of clangs could be heard ceaselessly. The daggers held in Polo Si's hands were definitely not ordinary pieces. Within a dazzling cold light, the pair of daggers clashed against the Flame Dragon Sword over a thousand times, but except for turning a bit red because of the great heat of the Flame Dragon Sword, the dagger edges remained completely unharmed.

Nevertheless, Polo Si's face had gone extremely dark. In the air, Zhu Rong Long and the other seven Divine Magi had encircled the four Jia Clan warriors of his and were madly attacking them. By now, not to mention killing Ji Hao, the four Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan warriors under his command could barely protect themselves.

If the ones attacking them were only the eight Divine Magi, the situation would still be under control. With the advanced fighting skills and talents possessed by High Moon warriors, the four Jia Clan warriors might even gain the upper hand in the fight to a certain degree. But what made Polo Si even angrier was that other than the eight Zhu Rong Country Divine Magi, Ji Hao's three-thousand and six-hundred disciples were also attacking the four Jia Clan warriors.

These disciples trod on fiery clouds, floating in the air a distance away, with flags that were thickly embroidered with patterns of stars held in their hands and quickly being waved. Along with their moves, tens of thousands of gigantic stars emerged from the bright daylight and soon, mountain-huge spheres of starlight started to be drawn over from the sky by the magic formation, continuously smashing on the bodies of the four Jia Clan warriors like shooting stars.

The strike of each of those angled-starlight-spheres was as powerful as an attack launched by a Divine Magus. The four Jia Clan warriors tried to dodge, but weird power streams reached from the air and locked their bodies. Added with the fierce attacks continuously launched by the eight Zhu Rong Country Divine Magi, these four Jia Clan warriors could barely move and didn't manage to dodge even one starlight-sphere.

When Polo Si was yelling on the ground, at least a thousand spheres of starlight had actually hit their targets. All the four Jia Clan warriors under Polo Si's command were powerful top-level fighters among all Jia Clan warriors of High Moon, and the armors worn by them were top-grade pieces as well. But still, after being struck violently for a thousand times, countless cracks had appeared on their armors long ago and their strong life-force was wearing down.

The four Jia Clan warriors gasped deeply while shouted at Polo Si hoarsely, "Master! These little bastards' magic formation…Damn it, we have to break this magic formation. Otherwise, we will be stuck in here till we die!"

The magic formation that was under the control of the three-thousand and six-hundred disciples was called 'unlimited starlight devil-catching great formation'. This formation was designed by Po based on his own experiences and was mainly designed for trapping, sealing and tangling enemies. Suppressing and capturing were the main functions of this great formation, and the power of those starlight-spheres was just at the average level.

This magic formation had successfully bound up the limbs of these four extraordinarily powerful Jia Clan warriors, then fiercely beaten them up.

Seeing the four most powerful warriors of his about to be killed, Polo Si shouted out in rage while fiercely wielding the daggers in his hands and dispelling a few sword light streams that were approaching him. But this time, he overexerted, and consequently, the dagger held in his left hand broke following a loud clang. Because of the great heat released from Flame Dragon Sword, this dagger had become much more fragile than before, and this time, a sudden great impact made it break.

Eighteen sword light streams took this opportunity and mercilessly hacked on Polo Si's body.

A bright light burst out from his white leather armor. The eighteen streams of sword light left tens of deep slashes on the white armor but didn't manage to harm Polo Si's body, not even a little bit.

Polo Si's body flashed across the air once again. When he was going to break into the group of disciples and start a massive killing, Ji Hao's primordial spirit had already held the immemorial sun streamer tight and fiercely wielded it.

From the air, countless extremely thin sunlight rays emerged and dazzled horizontally. In the next moment, Polo Si, who didn't manage to make any reaction timely, gave a shrill howl as a beam of sunlight flashed across his body, cutting him straight into two.

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