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By the time Ji Hao's clone, that was strengthened by the power of Fuso tree, chased Ao Bai to Pu Ban City, Ao Bai had already burst into raging roars and pounced on the old priest.

As one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons, he wasn't good at magic. Instead, he preferred close combat to tear his enemies apart with pure strength. As for the magic to generate storms, thunders, or gales, Ao Bai couldn't do better than even averagely gifted pure-blood ancient dragons. Earlier, the thousands of water dragons he created were destroyed by the old priest quite easily.

Rather than casting more magic to bring humiliation on himself, he decided to directly launch a physical offensive and kill his enemy face to face!

A dragon roar quaked the heaven and earth. White air blasts burst from Ao Bai's mouth, transforming into waves of white colored, explosive airstreams, which struck towards Emperor Xun and the old priest. Emperor Xun gripped the golden spear and hurriedly stepped back, not seeming to fight against Ao Bai at all. From behind him, about ten priests rushed up and shielded him.

The old priest didn't step back. On the contrary, he moved forward and spread his left fingers. As the bright, colorful light rose into the sky, he threw a heavy slap at Ao Bai with his mountain-heavy palm. A series of explosive sounds vibrated the world while the strong airstreams were broken. The old priest's long hair and beard fluttered in the air and tore apart the space, causing shrill noises.


Following the noise, the long-handled hammer landed violently on the priest's left hand and stirred up a fierce, dark gust of wind.

On the priest's fingertips, the five hazy mountains were shaken slightly. The priest's face turned red while a cracking noise could be heard without an end. At the point where the hammer and the priest's hand touched, spider-web like, dark space cracks spread in all directions.

This hammer strike launched by Ao Bai was blocked by the priest's bare hand. The two tremendous forces clashed against each other and shattered the space.

The dark space cracks spread for thousands of meters and tore apart all defensive formations and magic shields of Emperor Xun's palace. Countless formations buried in the foundation of the palace were destroyed. Fires rose from every corner as intense explosions sent tiles, bricks, and pillars into the sky. Numberless maids and servants gave vent to torrents of screams and cries while flying up amidst the explosions.

"Eh?" Ao Bai looked at the old priest with surprise, "You can take thirty percent of my strength? Not bad, not bad… Which body-strengthen cultivation method did you use?"

The old priest took a deep breath. Under his skin, a green light flashed across, and in the next moment, his body suddenly turned into a piece of green crystal. Through the transparent skin, one could see his bones and internal organs. A pure, strong life-force was released from his body, condensing into a light shield that covered him.

"Linden body?" Ao Bai bared his teeth and laughed, "Good, good! As long as I figure out where you're from… Are you Priest Mu's disciple? Hehe Priest Mu doesn't want to stay in Pan Gu world anymore, does he? Even though he has cultivated himself into a 'saint', offending our dragon-kind..."

"Stop bluffing." The old priest said with a frosty smile, "What can you do to Master Mu? Can't Master Mu stay in Pan Gu world only because we offended the dragon-kind? Do you believe yourself? Unless the dragon ancestor comes back, what can you scaled animals possibly do to Master Mu and Master Hua? What can you possibly do to us?"

Being interrupted by the priest, Ao Bai's face darkened again.

He wanted to boast, but ended up bringing disgrace on himself.

Indeed, the dragon-kind wasn't as powerful as before. Back when the dragon ancestor was still alive, the dragons truly rampaged throughout the whole world, and no one dared to offend them. Back then, Priest Mu and Priest Hua hadn't attained their great Dao, and only had a few disciples, but the dragon ancestor was able to suppress the great Dao of nature with his strong body and his pure, tremendous strength, which were inherited from Saint Pan Gu!

At that time, no one in the world could afford to offend the dragon-kind.

After the dragon ancestor disappeared, Ao Bai, his brothers, and the younger dragons had continued living a domineering life for quite a long period of time. But once Priest Hua and Priest Mu attained their great Dao and became 'saints' and had more and more disciples, the dragon-kind took a downfall. Since then, each day the dragons lived was worse than the previous day, and every generation was weaker than the older one.

Back in the ancient times, the dragons never took the heaven seriously. But by now, the dragon-kind actually needed to bring Ao Bai back to life and push him onto a divine throne so that the dragon-kind could rise again. How awkward was this? Compared to the old days, when the dragon ancestor was still here, the current dragon-kind was too weak.

"You, should die!" There was an old saying, 'people need faces while the trees need bark'. Dragons were proud, yet the old priest brutally exposed the scar in Ao Bai's heart. Ao Bai roared with fury and boosted up his strength, wielding the hammer to launch a full-strike on the priest.

Again and again, one strike was struck after another, with every strike being heavier than the previous one. Ao Bai's giant hammer started fierce gusts of wind, which directly turned the tens of mountains around Emperor Xun's palace into ash. Protected by the ten priests, Emperor Xun drew back far away while the old priest continued to face Ao Bai, showing no sign of fear.

On his left hand, the five hazy tiny mountains again shone with splendid lights, blocking Ao Bai's strikes and absorbing half of his power. The priest's body was glowing with a green light. With an 'indestructible sacred linden body' attained under Priest Mu's guidance, he withstood Ao Bai's crazy attacks.

A slight series of cracking noise could be heard. From a distance away, Ji Hao saw slight cracks appearing on the priest's body. Apparently, Ao Bai's attacks were beyond the margins of his tolerance. After taking three-hundred hammer strikes from Ao Bai, his body was already on the verge of collapse.

Nevertheless, the priest gave a sonorous growl while a fist-sized, jade-like blue lotus flew out of his body. The glistening blue lotus shone with a cold blue light that shielded his entire body. Ao Bai didn't stop bashing, but with the lotus, the priest only slightly trembled, and his pale face had recovered a lot.

Ji Hao scanned across the priest's body with his spirit power and found that this blue lotus had taken over ninety percent of the power delivered by Ao Bai's hammer. The rest ten percent was still horrific, yet, with the five-colored mountains on his left hand and his linden body, the priest was able to easily cope with it.

"Like I said, Bixi, you dragons should stay out of this! Get back to the heaven and don't bring a disaster to your dragon-kind!" Seeing that this blue lotus managed to block Ao Bai's storm-like attacks, the priest began threatening Ao Bai with an aggressive tone, "You don't even know who are you fighting against!"

"Not Priest Mu and Priest Hua?" Ao Bai asked. Raging flame and dense smoke rose from his mouth while thunderbolts coiled around his body. As a divine emperor, he triggered nature's power while wielding the hammer. A tremendous natural pressure descended from the sky, as if a giant mountain was lying on the entire Pu Ban City.


The city quaked, then a million-miles-wide flat area sank down for tens of meters.

"Dragon boys, slaughter every last one in Emperor Xun's family!" Ao Bai bared his teeth and gave his order to the dragon warriors who followed behind him.

The natural pressure tied the priest up. The blue lotus glowed brightly, but failed to free its owner from nature's power.

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