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When Shaosi and Taisi's clan was destroyed, they both were little kids. Therefore, they knew very little about their clan.

Taisi inherited the Nailhead Seven Arrow power, which was a disastrously powerful treasure, but he couldn't tell where it came from. All he knew was that the Nailhead Seven Arrow power was powerful, scarily and ridiculously powerful.

Ji Hao once tried to figure out to background story of this mysterious treasure, but after failing to find any detailed record about it in the secret book collections of the Magi Palace, he gave up. However, this time, Ji Hao actually felt its horrifying power.

Yu Dun was the current leader of Ado River Family, a high-grade noble from Pan Yu world with a title of 'seal', a powerful being who had already touched the original great Dao of his world, a wealthy being who had at least one pre-world spirit-treasure with him for his own protection. Nevertheless, he was cursed to death so quietly. Ji Hao believed that Yu Dun was under the protection of at least ten layers of defensive magic seals or formations, but none of those delivered any effect.

So quietly and silently, Yu Hua was cursed to death, without even knowing.

Yu Meng's neck creaked, as he strenuously turned his head around and gave Ji Hao a slow glance, which was filled with an extreme horror, with his deeply sudden eyes. He was shocked, or to be precise, awfully frightened by Ji Hao.

As the leader of the White Flower Skylark Family's suzerain family, Yu Dun had been suppressing the White Flower Skylark Family so hard, that White Flower Skylark Family people were forced into a nearly hopeless situation, barely having room to breathe. But, this powerful being was killed right on the spot, so quickly, so easily, like a meaningless street dog.

Yu Meng wasn't stupid. On the contrary, he was smart. He clearly knew that it was Ji Hao who did it.

But, it was so, so dreadful. A 'seal', the current leader of Ado River Family who stood high above the masses, who was one of the highest power-holders in Pan Gu world, who was such a strong and fearful being, was killed with no extra effort. More frightfully, same as last time, Yu Meng failed to figure out what kind of magic Ji Hao used to kill Yu Dun.

The hall was quiet. All Yu Clan nobles, Jia Clan nobles, and Xiu Clan nobles, from higher-grade families or lower-grade families, who were family leaders or ordinary family members, had been maintaining an absolute silence.

With fear, people had their eyes fixed on Yu Dun's clothes, on his golden staff which landed heavily on the ground, on the three pre-world spirit treasures and one pre-world supreme treasures, which fell out after he turned into ashes.

Based on Yu Dun's position, on the social status of Ado River Family, and the wealth accumulated by Pan Yu world people by conquering and looting countless worlds, it was a reasonable thing for Yu Dun to own a pre-world supreme treasure. People in the hall looked at that nine storeyed, pyramid-shaped pre-world supreme treasure which was glowing with a faint golden light. Everyone sensed the strong energy waves releasing from the treasure.

Judging by the overwhelming, mountain-heavy energy waves, this pyramid was a defensive pre-world supreme treasure!

Everyone on the scene felt the brewing wrath inside the fist-sized pyramid. Supreme treasures had spirits. The treasure sensed the death of its owner and was so infuriated.

This was the scariest part of this whole thing. This pyramid had a strong spirit which was highly active and tightly connected with its owner. It had been closely watching on its owner, guarding every inch of its owner's body. If any enemy attacked, it should be able to immediately activate itself and defend its owner. It was a defensive pre-world supreme treasure, yet it made no reaction at all but 'watched' its owner being killed by the invisible attack, without even having a chance to save the last trace of his soul. You Dun was gone, erased from the universe; even his original soul was crushed by the invisible attack.

Pre-world supreme treasures had their own dignity and pride. This pre-world supreme treasure that belonged to Yu Dun was driven crazy by its owner's death. Tremendous waves of golden power erupted from this tiny pyramid and quaked the entire hall.

"Great three suns and nine moons!" After a while, which was short as a moment but long as the entire lifetime of a world at the same time, a noble from the golden table zone finally burst into shriek. "What...What happened? What is hiding in this bloody Pan Gu world?"

Right in front of hundreds of thousands of Pan Yu world nobles, under the protection of a pre-world supreme treasure, a 'seal' was quietly murdered!

Was this a joke? Was this a nightmare? All Pan Yu world people on the scene dared not to believe that this was true. They would rather believe that they were all sinking in a nightmare and nothing before their eyes truly existed.

If it were Pan Gu world creatures who killed Yu Dun in such an undetectable way, then what exactly was hiding in Pan Gu world? Was this world truly as simple as they thought it was? Could this world truly be conquered as easily as they expected?

Quite a number of colony world rulers who gathered in Pan Gu world under orders began exchanging glances. They suddenly realized that if Pan Gu world were really so easy to conquer, why would those greedy top-grade family people allow them to come here to share profits? Those high-grade families must have suffered defeats or fallen into traps in this world, for which reason, they summoned the colony rulers and their armies, to fight for them and die for them!

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and sensed his internal injuries.

The Nailhead Seven Arrow Book was supremely powerful, but the counterforce from it was destructive too. After cursing Yu Dun to death, the counterforce from Nailhead Seven Arrow Book attacked Ji Hao and left a great number of cracks on Ji Hao's internal organs, despite the toughness of his body. These internal injuries were extremely hard to heal, that Ji Hao had flushed his internal organs over with his spirit blood over and over again, but it took at least a hundred times longer than usual for these injuries to heal.

But, these injuries were still bearable.

Glancing at the group of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' who had talked with Yu Dun earlier, Ji Hao took a deep breath and quickly connected with the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book again.

The entire heaven was quaking slightly as the tremendous natural powers had been flowing into the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book. Ji Hao triggered the power of the entire heaven to support the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, also adding slight traces of the great Dao power of Pan Gu world to it.

As a divine emperor, Ji Hao had the qualification to use a certain amount of the power of the great Dao. At the moment, he tried his best to merge the great Dao power that he could control into the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book while casting a curse on the group of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' who were targeted just now.

The invisible attack descended suddenly. Grey blood began gushing out of the eyes, noses, mouths, and ears of those 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs'. All non-humankind nobles in the hall let out shrill screams and shrieks. Countless noble girls even fainted and fell on the ground with their eyes rolled up and mouths wide open like dead fishes.

Normally, seeing these girls faint and fall to the ground, numberless noble young men would have attentively rushed up to hold them already. But today, no one took an extra glance at them.

Everyone was staring at those 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' who had no idea what happened to them. People watched them decay and collapse, until they eventually became puffs of ashes that thudded on the ground.

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