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The Nailhead Seven Arrow Book was a mysterious inherited treasure belonging to Shaosi and Taisi, terrifyingly powerful.

Ji Hao didn't sneak into Liang Zhu City and follow Yu Meng into this banquet of the non-humankind without any preparation. On the contrary, he prepared everything before he started this journey, including Taisi and the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book as a trump card.

Taisi was the God of Life and Death now, and the book had a horrible power, perfectly matching his divine position. Ji Hao was a divine emperor; as a divine God, Taisi was under Ji Hao's command. Therefore, Ji Hao was naturally able to use Taisi's power, and the mysterious, disastrous power of the book. The moment Ji Hao opened his eye of Dao, the book had already locked on Yu Dun through tens of millions of miles.

An imperceptible power coiled in the air, slowly wrapping Yu Dun's body like thin threads. Next, the power winded around the few trusted subordinates around Yu Dun, then reached to the group of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' who had close contact with Yu Dun just now.

Yu Dun acted amicably and warmly while talking to Yu Meng. His voice was neither low nor high, and could just be heard by the hundreds of people in the surroundings.

"Yu Meng, you're a good boy. Really, I mean it. Under your leadership, the White Flower Skylark Family has had a mentionable development. You are a very capable young man. We, Ado River Family, need fresh blood like you." Yu Dun gave a bright grin and continued, "I know that you young people are passionate, that you often take impulsive actions when encountering with certain situations."

"But, we are nobles, the highest Yu Clan nobles, so we should solve problems in the way we Yu Clan nobles do, instead of using violence." Yu Dun gently patted Yu Meng's shoulder and said with a soft and warm voice, sounding like both a warning and reminder. "If you use violence under any negative situation..."

Yu Dun chuckled and straightened his body, then said sincerely, "Violence and killing can solve most of the problems, but not all. Young man, think when things happen."

Yu Meng slowly stood up and reverently bowed to Yu Dun, "Your wish is higher than everything. Every word from you represents the highest wisdom. I will remember every word you said, and I not do anything that I shouldn't be doing."

Yu Dun gave Yu Meng a complicated glance, then glimpsed at the group of people from his family. His eyes quickly swept across Ji Hao's body, sharp as blade. Ji Hao lowed his head and showed his politeness and cautiousness, which were just right.

Nodding slightly, Yu Dun continued in satisfaction, "Good boy, really good!"

He made a fist and gently punched on Yu Meng's chest for twice, then glanced around. Within the bronze table area, everyone who received his glance bowed deeply to him, without daring to straighten their bodies back up in a long while. As everyone in the surrounding was bowing, Yu Dun seemed to be even taller and majestic.

Giving a faint smile in satisfaction, Yu Dun knocked the ground loudly with his golden staff and caused a deep but strong buzzing noise, then said, "So, relax everyone! Enjoy the wine and the dainty dishes, and just relax. This banquet is an opportunity for you to know each other...Many families from far away haven't arrived yet, but look, how strong is our Pan Yu world!"

Hearing him, all the others in the hall laughed. They glanced around and laughed even louder.

Not to mention anyone else, within the bronze table zone, the family of everyone who was invited to this banquet had controlled one or more worlds. Among them, some were like Yu Meng, who had conquered and ruled over a whole hundred worlds!

People from tens of thousands of low-grade families had gathered in the bronze table zone. If they combined their powers, the result would be horrifying.

Yu Dun laughed loudly as well. However, Ji Hao clearly saw a shred of shade flash across his eye corner. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He didn't know where that shade came from, but he had already quietly triggered the power of the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book.

Above the heaven, clouds drifted in the sky. Giant strands of natural power had been devoured by the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, turning into some mysterious kind of power. Behind Taisi, who was dancing, a dim and hazy figure emerged silently and released an evil and mysterious power from the ancient time. That power flew into the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book like a rapid river. Taisi paused suddenly, then his eyes turned into a scary pale white color. Countless grey spell symbols rolled in those eyes. He began shaking and twitching as if he had suffered an electric shock; surrounding the altar, he danced faster and faster.

Yu Dun smilingly turned around and walked to the golden table zone. Tens of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' had entered the area, and were standing in the middle of the hall with smiles, waiting for Yu Dun.

Yu Dun walked away step by step. He left the bronze table zone and walked into the silver table zone while smiling as he nodded to the leaders of the few most powerful fourth-grade families. The few family leaders hurriedly bowed to him to greet back.

Suddenly, people began screaming. Everyone who had eyes on Yu Dun widened their eyes in fear and shock, as if they couldn't believe their own eyes!

Yu Dun was the current leader of the powerful Ado River Family, a Pan Yu world noble with a 'seal' title, the holder of a great hidden power. But, at this very moment, grey blood had been flowing out from his two eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Grey blood?

Black, a mysterious, ominous color.

The grey blood flowed down his face like streams. At first, Yu Dun felt nothing, but kept walking step by step with a warm smile on his face, which was already covered in the grey blood. While walking, the grey blood flowed down his clothes, leaving a clear grey trace behind him.

Three breaths later, Yu Dun opened his erect eye. His erect eye was already rotten into minced meat, mixed in the grey blood that flowing out of his eye socket. Yu Dun kept moving forward, as if he had no feeling at all. Suddenly, he fell heavily to the ground.

Within a short span of time, under the witness of so many people, his body decayed and became air-slaked, eventually turning into a puff of ash that lied on the ground. It seemed that his body had suddenly gone through millions of years.

None of Yu Dun's life-saving treasures reacted. He was also carrying all kinds of one-time-use magic talismans, but any of those triggered weren't triggered either.

Right in front of so many Yu Clan nobles, he was torn apart by the secret enemy like a fragile piece of paper. He died, decaying thoroughly.

Following a series of clanks, about ten trusted subordinates around Yu Dun also fell to the ground, quietly turning into ashes.

A tremor went through Ji Hao's body as he sensed a piercing pain from his internal organs. He was attacked by the counterforce from the Nailhead Seven Arrow power, and suffered quite a serious inner injury.

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