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Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were driven crazy. They wanted to be divine emperors, so they sent Ji Hao large batches of elite family members for him to command.

However, they never wanted to ascend to the divine thrones like this, 'Ji Hao, are you joking? Spirit Wa has already recommended us, which means in all probability, we will become a divine emperor and a divine empress without paying a giant price!'

'But look at what you have done, Ji Hao. With one simple sentence, you sold us to the world!'

'How much natural rewards power is required to become a divine emperor? An immeasurable amount. But, the word 'immeasurable' is vague. How much could be counted as 'immeasurable'? That was for the world to decide 'freely'!'

'No matter how much natural power we earn, the world can still be unsatisfied after a hundred years and strike us to death...If that truly happened, who should we complain to?'

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang didn't have to pay such a huge price and make such a promise! It was all because of Ji Hao! How on earth did he come up with this lousy idea? They should have quietly waited for Spirit Wa to communicate with the world. They would rather owe Spirit Wa a favor than owe the world an immeasurable amount of natural rewards power!

Spirit Wa was a saint, but she was also a living being. As long as she remained a living being, one could negotiate with her, and her favor could be owed. But, did anyone dare to owe the world anything? The world would kill one immediately with absolutely no mercy if it wanted to.

"Ji...Ji Hao!" Qing Qiang quivered intensely, even with her eyes turning green. Now, she needed to earn natural rewards power in a hundred years to repay the world for their divine thrones, and if she failed, she would be struck to death by a bolt of thunder! No matter how one thought about this, it looked like Qing Qiang and Ao Bai had fallen in Ji Hao's trap!

"Emperor Ji Hao!" Ao Bai clenched his teeth so tightly that he even caused a creaking noise. A dense cloud rolled behind him, within which, a Bixi carrying a giant golden stele was faintly visible. A pure and tremendous power was released towards Ji Hao, heavy as a mountain.

Ao Bai could even taste the bitterness in his mouth. Same as Qing Qiang, he felt like being raped by a dog. Ji Hao was such an evil person! He was killing them, he was truly killing them! Earlier, the world spirit was hesitating. It was thinking indeed, but with Spirit Wa's recommendation, they could have still been crowned without paying a tremendous price!

They didn't need Ji Hao to say that! What on earth did he want? Earning immeasurable natural rewards power in a century?! When were dragons and phoenixes ever in the mood to earn natural rewards power? They just wanted to spend every second they had to enjoy their lives!

Spirit Wa was smiling, even squeezing her eyes into a pair of curve lines. As descendants of Pan Gu, to be honest, the dragon-kind and phoenixes-kind had gone a bit too far these years. During the long-lasting war against non-humankind, they had indeed sent some of their elite troops to join the allied force started by the humankind, but how many of those warriors truly fought a battle?

So smartly and easily, Ji Hao put Qing Qiang and Ao Bai in such a difficult position. Somehow, Spirit Wa felt delighted!

But of course, because of who she was, because of her relationship with Pan Gu's descendants, Spirit Wa could not laugh out loud right now. She had to stay calm, calm; she needed to stay calm!

She was trying very hard to hold back her laughter, that her face even blushed in trying, but she felt like bursting into a wild laugh in the following moment. Gently, she put a hand behind, raised her tail tip, and pinched herself on the tail pretty hard. Sensing a heart-piercing pain, Spirit Wa immediately dropped her face and again wore a sacred, bland, solemn, and queenly look.

"Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, don't forget about the favor you owe me. It's going down to the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind!" Coughing slightly, Spirit Wa said in a gentle voice, while her tail even twitched in pain.

Before Ao Bai and Qing Qiang responded, Spirit Wa hurriedly emphasized, "The young dragons and phoenixes need to remember this too, even if you may die both physically and spiritually in the future. No one can owe me a favor forever! If you die, your debts will remain!"

Ji Hao, Zhu Rong, Donggong, and Ximu coughed simultaneously.

Spirit Wa sounded like an old landlord collecting her debt before the new year. Ji Hao wondered where she learned to talk like this.

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang' faces paled instantly. Hearing what Spirit Wa said, they suddenly realized that they didn't just owe the world an immeasurable natural rewards power that no one could tell how much for sure, they also owed Spirit Wa a huge favor!

Spirit Wa prayed to the world to recommend them as divine emperors. How huge was this favor?

Bitterly, they glanced at each other, then bowed to Spirit Wa and told her that they dared not to forget about the favor they owed her.

They would rather lie to the world spirit, but they dared not to be dishonest to Spirit Wa. The Dao of nature was fair, that as long as they earned enough natural rewards power to fulfill their promise to the world, they would have nothing to worry about. However, Spirit Wa was a temperamental powerful being, that no one knew what would happen if one owed her a favor but failed to return.

If one owed the world something, one might suffer a thunder trial. But, if one owed Spirit Wa a thing, one might suffer a violent thunder every day! Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were clearly aware of this fact.

"Alright, alright, don't blame Ji Hao. He did this for your own good!" Spirit Wa abruptly raised her brows, then frowned, said, "If Ji Hao didn't recommend you to the world and make the promise for you, I'm afraid may not have been able to ascend to the throne!"

Before she finished, two beams of light had already flashed to the gate of the heaven. A seven-colored fire bomb struck violently on the gate and generated a thunderous boom as it shattered the gate. Next, a terrifying wave of power rolled over, putting hundreds of thousands of warriors in Zhu Rong's army down to the ground right on the spot.

Priest Hua broke into the heaven with giant steps while shouting, "Spirit Wa, who permitted you to give divine edicts?"

Priest Mu followed behind him with a gloomy bitter face, looking at Spirit Wa while quietly giving a great pressure to her and the others.

Spirit Wa gave a cold smile and replied, "I don't think I need to ask your permissions for everything I want to do, do I?"

"Back then, we all signed the agreement. None of us can step into a Pan Gu world affairs. Spirit Wa, how dare you?"

Spirit Wa curved up her lip corners, transformed into a colorful strand of light, and faded in the air, leaving her silvery voice echoing through the heaven, "I do dare, I just did it. What can you do to me? The old agreement...Hehe, are you still following it? You broke the rule, so why can't I?"

Spirit Wa disappeared without a trace, leaving Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who were full of rage that they didn't know how to vent. With glowing eyes, they turned to Ji Hao and the others.

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