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The so-called world spirit was actually an instinct of a world; it didn't mean that the world could think and feel like a human being. The spirit of a world was lonely, high and mysterious, untouchable. Without facing a world-scale change, the spirit of a world wouldn't be triggered.

With the power of a saint, as the creator of almost all Pan Gu creatures, Spirit Wa made contact with the spirit of the world and woke it up from the mysterious state it had been sinking in. The vast, profound, and untouchable world spirit was rippled slightly, then the ripple spread. Wherever the ripple reached, the world spirit began 'defreezing' itself.

An indescribable power gathered above the heaven.

The invisible pair of eyes coldly gazed at Donggong, Ximu, Zhurong, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang.

Ximu was asking to be the Gold Mother of the Jade Lake, equal to a high-level commander in heaven. Therefore, the pressure she suffered was slightly gentler, and she could still stand stably.

Donggong once was as powerful as Ximu after all. Before Pan Gu created the world, he was invited as a world protector. He was injured badly and degraded, but his strong foundation of Dao remained, and so did the natural rewards power he earned. Facing the gaze of the world, he felt a towering mountain was forced upon his shoulders, but he tightened his body, straightened his waist, and managed to remain moveless.

Zhu Rong wasn't as strong as Donggong and Ximu, but he was still a powerful being. As the Fire God, a descendant of Red Emperor, a true original divine emperor of Pan Gu world, he received an even lighter pressure from the gaze of the world than Ximu did. More importantly, after Zhu Rong family left the ancient heaven, it had been serving the humankind as Great Libation, generation after generation. As supporters and followers of the humankind, Zhu Rong Family people had made great contributions to the development of the humankind. The Zhu Rong Family had been shielded by the natural fortune of the humankind, and had earned great natural rewards power for helping the humankind.

The sharp as dagger gaze 'pierced' deeply on Zhu Rong for a few times, then a thunderous bang could be heard. A golden light weaving with purple mist descended from the higher sky, wrapping a divine seal and a ceremonial robe for divine emperor, which slowly drifted to Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong was approved by the world even before Donggong, successfully ascending to the throne.

Raising his eyebrows, Zhu Rong unwittingly glanced at Ji Hao. Perhaps, this had something to do with his relationship with Ji Hao? As a future son-in-law of Zhu Rong, Ji Hao was connected with the natural fortune of Zhu Rong Family. Perhaps, because of Ji Hao, the world valued Zhu Rong even more.

Spirit Wa's body glowed with a seven-colored sacred light, flowing like water towards the higher sky. Her vast spirit power swept across the entire heaven like tide as she had been communicating with the world, telling her request to the world.

The spirit of the world was unpredictable. Even though Spirit Wa had woken it up, she could not control its decision. What she could do was try her best to communicate with the world, convincing the world to approve the people she selected.

A while later, two beams of golden light descended with purple mists, landing on Donggong and Ximu.

As a muffled thunder echoed through the sky, Ji Hao somehow sensed the hesitation of the world. Clearly, letting Donggon and Ximu be a divine emperor and the Gold Mother of Jade Lake was a complicated thing. If Spirit Wa didn't make the request herself, Donggong and Ximu wouldn't have a chance.

The ceremonial robes landed directly on their bodies. Immediately, their bodies shone blindingly, and the highly concentrated natural powers condensed into enormous dragons, roaring into their bodies.

Ji Hao clearly felt that the natural fortune of the entire heaven gathered ceaselessly towards Donggong and Ximu, gradually transforming into a magical power that wrapped them up. Before, Ji Hao sensed their powers and felt that they were like cracked porcelains, but now, wrapped in the natural fortune, the cracks had quietly disappeared, without leaving a trace.

Obviously, with enough time, Donggong and Ximu could truly heal themselves with the power of the heaven.

"Great!" Sonorous laughter could be heard. Hundreds of male cultivators wearing feather cloaks and mounting on dragons or cranes, smilingly descended from the sky and landed around Donggong, praising him.

"Wonderful!" Silvery chuckles could also be heard from the sky as nearly a thousand beautiful female cultivators, wearing gorgeous glowing dresses and mounted on rare birds, descended. They came to Ximu and smiled, congratulating her.

Ji Hao raised his brows, and immediately figured out that these people were Donggong and Ximu's trusted followers. These people were powerful indeed, but still not as good as Po and Guiling, and their number was small. Donggong had five to six hundred followers, while Ximu had nearly a thousand.

These people...couldn't even fill a palace of Donggong, could they?

Compared with them, not to mention the billions of elite warriors under Ji Hao's command, Zhu Rong alone had just brought a thirty-million-men army to the heaven in haste!

"Interesting!" Ji Hao laughed.

While Ji Hao was laughing, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang had already kneeled tremblingly on the ground. Dragon scales grew out of Ao Bai's skin one after another, while cyan-colored feathers drilled out of Qing Qiang's back. They were both nearly forced back into their original shapes by the spirit of the world.

They were elders of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind who had lived since the prehistorical era, elected to be divine emperors and empress by their people. Each of them had died once; they came back to life because their bodies were regrown with powerful natural treasures.

They were powerful indeed, but they didn't make much of contributions to Pan Gu world, neither did they have great natural rewards powers. Even though they were recommended by Spirit Wa, the world hadn't made its decision yet, just coldly gazing at them and scanning them.

Spirit Wa raised her voice to cast the spell. Every syllable she said quaked the heaven intensely.

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, took out his own divine seal, and laughed out loud to the unspeakable being in the higher sky, "World, how about this? Ao Bai and Qing Qiang lack natural rewards power indeed...Let them ascend to the throne today, and they will earn enough natural reward power to pay you back. How about this?"

Smiling evilly, Ji Hao continued, "A hundred years later, if the natural reward power they earned still can't satisfy can simply strike them to death with thunderbolts, then get two new divine emperors. Billions of living beings exist in Pan Gu world, and many of them want to be divine emperors. It's not like they're the only candidates, right?"

Finishing this speech, which enraged Ao Bai and Qing Qiang so much, Ji Hao stamped his seal towards the sky.

Along with a buzzing noise, the golden light and purple mist descended again from the higher sky, along with two ceremonial robes.

Once the robes put themselves on Ao Bai and Qing Qiang, they leaped up from the ground and turned back, glaring at Ji Hao, their eyes almost burning.

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