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Immeasurably far from Pan Gu world, deep in the Chaos, a great world laid among Chaos tide waves. The egg-shell-like natural screen wrapped this world tight. Looking from a distance, the dark natural screen made this world look like a rotten duck egg, releasing a faint black mist.

This was Pan Yu world, the hometown of the non-humankind beings who invaded Pan Gu world.

Through the thick natural screen of the world which was filled with disordered natural powers, one could see three different-colored suns shining in the sky like three giant eyes, looking down at the world.

In the starry void of this world, countless lifeless natural stars lied quietly, covered in giant holes. Some relatively shallower holes with radiuses of hundreds, even millions of miles, were obviously caused by the afterwinds of the battles fought by powerful beings. But, the deeper ones with perfectly round openings were left by long-lasting ore extractions.

All of the natural stars were dug through, and star cores were violently taken away. Large or small, all natural stars in this world were dead, wrapped in deserts, without a drop of water or a slight greenery. The starry void was like a graveyard.

The Dark Sun was purely black, surrounded by circles of ripples, the Red Sun was covered in sharp thorns, while the Dim Sun glowed hazily, hiding behind mysterious dense mists. The cold lights of the three suns illuminated this world, but showering under the sunlight, the dead natural stars in the sky looked so terrifying.

Surrounded by natural stars were nine layered, vast continents. Each of the nine continents was as broad as Pan Gu Motherland, and the topmost one was even twice as large as Pan Gu Motherland. But, unlike Pan Gu Motherland, which was thriving and full of power of creation, these nine continents were obviously lacking life-force.

The top-layer continued thriving, and the two layers of continent underneath it still maintained a healthy ecosystem, with mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans. About seventy percent of these three continents were covered in forests and grasslands.

Countless species lived on these three continents. The creatures with shared family names and bloodlines gathered together, building great cities and magnificent palaces. Countless flying forts and palaces floated in the sky, glowing under the sunlight.

The three intermediate layers of continent weren't as good as the top three, as eighty percent of the earth had turned into sand. These three continents were covered in deserts, decorated by small areas of oasis. Surrounding each oasis, non-humankind beings started endless massacres. Moment after moment, immeasurable schemes and sins would be composed because of these oases.

The bottom three continents were the poorest, most miserable and terrifying continents in this world. These three continents were not only preoccupied with land desertification, their underground meridians had also died. Dark volcanos existed all over these three continents, venting clouds of black smoke, with black-red lava weakly gushing out and burning everything it touched.

On the three bottom-layer continents, some creatures with extremely tenacious vitality had been struggling for survival. These creatures were oddly shaped and gigantic in sizes, feeding and living on fire and sands, violently and brutally. They traveled across the continents with no destination, ferociously attacking every living being they saw.

Occasionally, non-humankind warriors from the top-layer continents would descend to the bottom-layer continents with golden and shiny chariots, sweeping across the sky like lightning bolts. They would hunt these fierce creatures for fun while chatting and laughing; these non-humankind beings would capture these creatures alive, then seal their souls and bring them to the top-layer continents to be slaves.

Above the topmost continent, which had the strongest life-force, numerous teleporting formations had been dazzling blindingly, letting out strong beams of light, piercing deep into the sky. In the sky, millions of different sized swirling clouds had been spinning fast.

Amidst the deafening rumbling noises, enormous hands created by magic would take all kinds of hill-huge, well-packed resources out of the swirling clouds. Crystals, spirit stones, magic herbs, magic plants; occasionally, large numbers of slaves kept in specially crafted metal cages would also be taken out of the clouds.

Sometimes, torrents of sea water or fresh water would flood out of the swirling clouds, with a giant number of water-kind creatures. Drawn by tremendous powers, the water would pour into the oceans and lakes around the cities built on this continent, to replenish the evaporated moisture.

But most of the times, the water that came through teleporting formations would be turned directly into heavy rains by powerful beings in this world, falling on the deserts. Meanwhile, large groups of Yu Clan nobles would drive their chariots across the deserts from the sky, to forcibly crush all sands and rocks, and turn the deserts into soils, then spray seeds. Some powerful beings would even drag towering trees out of the swirling clouds and plant them directly in deserts. They expected these trees to improve the ecological environment of the desert areas.

Sky-shaking dragon roars could be heard from time to time. Following the dragon roars, hundreds of enormous hands would thrust into the swirling clouds to pull a billions of miles long earth meridian out.

Every time an earth meridian was sent to this world through a teleporting formation, the teleporting formation under the swirling clouds would shatter because of overloading, and the swirling clouds would collapse right on the spot. But, those giant hands would immediately plant the earth meridian into the continent as if they couldn't wait for one second. They would seal the earth meridian underground and force it to merge with the scattered meridian pieces down there.

Each time an earth meridian was sealed underground, this continent would show a greater vitality, and a thriving life-force would be generated from the forests.

This was Pan Yu world, a great world with exhausted resources, a tremendous world on the verge of death. Except for the three suns and nine moons which represented the original natural law of this world, all natural stars in this world had been drained, that by now, not a single piece of valuable ore could be found from those dead natural stars.

Neither one magic crystal nor a naturally grown magic herb existed on the nine continents anymore.

Strong non-humankind beings, Pan Yu world people, devoured like locusts. With the resources they looted from countless worlds, they had been barely maintaining the last bit of vitality of this world.

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