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Above the nine continents of Pan Yu world, in the deepest area of the starry void where ordinary living beings could not see, a dark, mottled, metal city floated in the void.

Ten-million-miles-squared, thousands of miles tall, the wall of the metal city was decorated with mysterious, complicated patterns. Covered in the sights of ages, beautiful statues stood on the city wall with their eyes narrowed, sparkling with a frightful dim light.

Different sized metal flying ships patrolled around the city. Treading on metal plates dazzling with lightning bolts, large numbers of Jia Clan warriors hovered around the city.

Tens of thousands of teleporting formations that led to other worlds had been glistering in the city, emitting beams of light piercing into the void, creating tens of thousands of swirling clouds above the city. If one looked from a distance, one might find the city looking like a moldy piece of cheese, covered in holes.

Mountain-huge piles of resource were being sent into the city through teleporting formations. A thunderous bang could be heard while a formation collapsed suddenly. The formation base exploded, killing countless Xiu Clan craftsmen who were responsible for the operation of the formation.

Soon, a Yu Clan noble in a luxurious robe rushed to a ten-thousand-miles-tall great hall, which stood in the center of the city, while carrying a scroll in his hands. He flew up the cliffy stairs before hall like a gust of wind. At last, he thudded his knees against the ground right in front of a metal gate, which was tall and thick, decorated with layers of black rose embossments.

"Supreme Yu Fen, your will rules the world, your gaze burn the sky. You are the greatest among the great, you are the highest among the high...Pan Dui world's last earth meridian has been harvested by us, and that world has collapsed."

"So soon?" A deep and strong voice came from behind the gate, "Which means...the batch of slave that was going to be sent here are gone too? Including the few beautiful dancers I fancied?"

Kneeling on the ground with cold sweat streaming down his head, the Yu Clan noble hurriedly responded, "No, no, the dancers you fancied, we delivered them here ahead of schedule, but the batch of brave and battlewise slaves have indeed..."

"What a shame!" Remaining silent for quite a while, Yu Fan gave a reply blandly.

"What a shame indeed," The Yu Clan noble raised his head, gave a dry laugh, and continued, "That batch of slaves managed to survive in the dying Pan Dui world. Therefore, in both terms of life-force and fighting capacity, they were much better than average slaves. They would be the strongest slave warriors, but what a pity!"

"I'm not talking about those slaves." Said Yu Fan with that bland tone of his, "You, what a shame...You're a useless thing indeed, but among all useless ones, you're slightly useful. These years, you have made your contributions, not worth mentioning though. But, the tiny value you created failed to offset your incapability. So, what a shame!"

The face of the Yu Clan noble twisted immediately. He prepared to beg for mercy, but before he could widely open his mouth and burst into tears, a thin streak of flame was vented from the slot between the two parts of the gate and gently landed on his erect eye. In the next moment, thin beams of fiery light shone from every pore of his, and in a blink, he vanished from the dark fiery light.

In the dark, vast hall, sitting on a hill-sized throne, Yu Fan was fiddling with a small golden staff, with his upper body bared while frowning. The death of an incapable slave could not stir his heart. Instead, he was just worried about the constantly worsening situation.

About three-hundred and sixty-thousand years ago, Pan Yu world people had wantonly squandered the last bit of vitality of this world. Since then, Pan Yu world had been maintaining this world by looting resources from other worlds. But, with the passage of time, this method of survival seemed to be coming to an end.

Pan Yu world people had still been spending everything they had so lavishly. They exhausted themselves for having fun, they indulged in dissipation but failed to see the looming crisis hiding behind the fake fancy life. During the recent years, because of the exhaustive exploitation, half of the worlds conquered by Pan Yu world people were dying, or dead already.

"Pan Dui world, I remember it..." Murmured Yu Fan, "I conquered it myself about hundred and twenty-thousand years ago. It was a medium scale world with a relatively mature natural system. In mere one-hundred and twenty-thousand years, it died already?"

A strong spirit power flooded out of the hall, drilling into the other worlds through the teleporting formations momentarily. An hour later, Yu Fan's spirit power returned like the ebbing tides, making him knit his eyebrows even tighter.

"These worlds won't last long...Idiots! They wasted too many resources, had too many children. They are draining these worlds. They are insane...I would burn them myself if they weren't my descendants."

Spending a while in complaining uselessly, Yu Fan frowned again.

"But, what did I just see back there? What is Yu Huo trying to do? Such a great scale portal...And, the unfamiliar powers I sensed?"

"Hmm, Yu Huo, you sneaky vile man. I'm your dearest neighbor. You may fool the others but you can never fool me. You...What have you found? The powers I it a mature great world?"

"You found a new great world, didn't you? This can't happen, absolutely not. You cannot have that world for your own. That's a new great world, a precious fortune that belongs to Pan Yu world...At the very least, you should share it with me. A new great world, oh, wonderful, oh, so beautiful! Yes, I remember this feeling, I can feel it, a mature great world."

"Do you have to try so hard to enter? Is that world actually suppressing you to such a great extent? What an amazing great world!"

"You were never good at fighting, but still, you dared to descend to the world alone. Clearly, the world isn't so dangerous. Even you have the courage to go, so how can I possibly not?"

Yu Fan stood up excitedly, wielding the golden staff while roaring, "Get ready, my children. Gather all our military forces and prepare to set off now. I found something interesting. What a beautiful prey, we can't let anyone else discover it."

Almost at the same time, in other few same scale metal cities, similar roars could be heard.

Above Yu Huo's city, Yu Huo's enormous body squeezed into a beam of light. The moment he disappeared, nine tremendous figures appeared above his city almost simultaneously, each releasing a suffocating power.

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