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Outside Liang Zhu City, countless ragged-clothed human slaves had been shouting hoarsely. Looking down from the sky, one could see a hundred-miles-squared foundation trench surrounded by countless people, and tens of mile-wide paths reaching straight to the trench from an unseen area, far in the north.

Specially designed pure metal carriages with their wheels sunk deep into the ground were pulled by chains. The other ends of the chains were wrapped around the waists of countless human slaves, as they had been dragging the heavy carriage with no spear pain, even putting their faces directly to the ground.

Giant pieces of obsidian squeezed a creaking noise out of the chariot. The well-polished obsidian was shaped orderly, from thirty-meter-square to hundreds of metes square, thickly covered in sell symbols, giving a frosty feeling under the sunlight, creating an indescribable dark aura, which made the human slaves quiver from time to time.

Countless Jia Clan warriors were wearing dark heavy armors, treading on metal plates wrapping in thin bolts of electric lights, hovering in the sky to supervise the slaves. Metal long whips dazzled with lightning bolts, with which, they attacked any hard-working human slave they wanted, violently.

"Lowly slaves, move faster! If the project is delayed, you'll all die!"

With eyes sparkling with a deep and dim light, these Jia Clan warriors laughed viciously, sounding like the caws of crows which delivered the news of death. Their voices were brought to far, far away by the wind.

The human slaves were signing a working song. Their deep voices spread in all directions like waves in an ocean. They carried the giant obsidians to the foundation trench, then under the directions giving by Xiu Clan architectures, they put the obsidian blocks together piece by piece.

Al obsidian blocks were processed by Xiu Clan craftsmen themselves. Put together perfectly, not even a hair-thin crack could be found between blocks, and not even the sharpest sword in the world could cut in between these blocks for a single inch.

A few enormous eagles glided across the sky, shedding faint shadows on the ground. The shadows swept across the earth. Thirty-six similar foundation trenches existed outside Liang Zhu City, composing a perfect square with six trenches on each edge.

Standing smilingly on a purely golden chariot which was taller than a hill, Yi Huo was wearing a long white shirt made from the tail feathers of happy birds, with his upper body bared and a crystal ball held in his left hand and a long golden staff in his right hand. He was looking at Gui Yi, who stood in front of him.

Gui Yi, an elder from the You Yu Family, was a cousin of Emperor Shun's father and served as the seneschal of You Yu Family. He had been managing all kinds of home affairs of the family. He was a powerful man at a high position, an important member of the human society. Normally, he wouldn't step into any affair of the human society, but during Emperor Shun's term of service, Gui Yi was highly influential among human beings.

With his eyes red as blood and pupils like a pair of slowly spinning black lotuses, Si Yi looked at Yu Huo from head to toe while narrowing those eyes.

Yu Huo was also looking at him without saying a word or showing an expression. From his body, a dark light had been shining, which made him look like a man-shaped dark sun, sitting legs-crossed on top of the golden chariot while glowing. The dark light penetrated the chariot, the space, and the bodies of all human slaves and Jia Clan warriors in construction sites> But near Gui Yu's body, the dark light twisted weirdly.

Gui Yi's standing point was like a rock in a rapidly flowing river, that all the lights had to steer clear and then return to their paths behind him, towards the horizon.

After confronting each other silently for long, the black crystal ball held in Yu Huo's hand suddenly began spinning swiftly. Strangely shaped black spell symbols sparkled quickly inside the crystal balls while waves of visible black light erupted from it. They wove into arm-thick serpents, with their jaws widely opened, swishing towards Gui Yi and attempting to bite.

Gui Yi still remained unmoved, but slightly upturned his lip corners. Thin wisps of dark smoke rose from his head and condensed into the giant silhouette of Original Devil behind him. Compared to the one that appeared behind Huaxu Bai, this Original Devil was hundreds of meters in height, clear and heavy, with a nearly tangible body.

Before the dark serpents wriggling out of the crystal ball approached Gui Yi's body, Original Devil sneered. With his voice, a black and misty axe appeared in his hands. As he swung the axe down, the serpents were cut into pieces.

The serpents roared as they fell apart into strands of dark mist, drifting in the air. Yu Huo snorted coldly and thudded the golden staff against the ground. On the head of the staff, a large black gem let out a bewitching dark light while striking towards Gui Yi.

Gui Yi raised his right hand and gave a smile. A wisp of black mist shot out of his fingertips and wove into a giant black lotus in no time. A thousand petals spun swiftly, crushing the dark, dim light. With a series of tinkle, the broken dark light condensed into pieces of black crystal, falling on the chariot.

"A weird power!" With a serious look, Yu Huo looked at Gui Yi and said, "You're a family of Emperor Shun...He got out of my control three days ago, with a large number of You Yu Family elders. Can you tell me who the dark figure behind you is?"

Yu Huo was highly sensitive to his soul puppets. Before, Emperor Shun was under his sole control because of the power of Pan Yu's brain. But, three days ago, Pan Gu's brain was quaked suddenly and intensely by a surprisingly strong evil power. With the strange power, Emperor Shun was freed from his hands.

Not only Emperor Shun, a great number of powerful elders around him were also freed. Yu Huo was badly confused and uneasy these days.

Before he sent out his people to figure out what exactly had been happening, Gui Yi descended with such an aggressive manner. Yu Huo had put forth all the power possessed by this forcibly occupied body of his, but failed to defeat Gui Yi. Yu Huo was shocked and even frightened.

"Call me Master Devil!" Original Devil lowered his head, his eyes narrowed as he gave Yu Huo a measuring look, "An outsider who forcibly occupied a body...You're just a clone. Can you even make a touch with the real you?"

"What do you want?" Yu Huo frowned and then calmed himself down with an effort.

Original Devil remained silent for a while, then nodded heavily and responded, "Tell the real you that I can give enough to satisfy him, but he has to help me. Your power confuses human hearts and puzzles human souls. That is a power I need."

"But, why will I help you?" Yu Huo sneered.

From a distance away, along with a nicely scented gust of wind, a three-meters tall, golden-skinned, sturdy and muscular, divine-god-like man smilingly flew to the chariot, treading on a transparent golden mandala flower.

Wherever the golden man reached, all Jia Clan warriors kneeled and kowtowed.

Pointing at the golden man, Gui Yi said with an iced voice, "The master of sky devils is here too. I asked for his help as well. If you refuse to help, we will join our hands and destroy you first."

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