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Watching Huaxu Bai disappear into the sky, Ji Hao then glanced at Huaxu Qing. Abruptly, he laughed, murmuring to himself, "Twin sisters loving and hating each other? Girl, if I accept you as a disciple of mine for no other purpose but going against your sister..."

Remaining silent shortly, Ji Hao lifted his head and laughed out loud towards the sky, "I don't usually do whatever I want, but from this moment on, you're a disciple of mine, under my very own guidance."

Pointing his finger at the girl, Ji Hao opened the erect eye between his eyebrows, shining with a dark light. On the tip of his finger, a vividly-colored, fist-sized lotus bloomed quietly and flew into Huaxu Qing's forehead along with a splendid glow, seeming to contain all colors in the world.

Huaxu Qing slightly twitched her body, showing a faint smile on her frightened tender face. But soon, she knitted her pair of eyebrows, as if sensing some things which would happen in the future to make her hesitate and worry. Ji Hao looked at her, sighed in a low voice, and said, "A sword art to defend your Dao against the evils, a cultivation method to help you grow an embryo of Dao...Your true heart will decide your fate."

To cultivate for immortality or to be a devil; to live a free life far away from all world affairs, or to take lives and leave a wild sea of blood corpses behind her, her fate would be decided by the choices of herself. Ji Hao gave Huaxu Qing what he could give, simply because Original Devil made him feel uncomfortable by causing the troubles and leaving no solution. Capriciously, Ji Hao offered Huaxu Qing a chance.

"He set a fire, and let it burn; he killed a man, without burying the corpse!" Singing a strange song, Ji Hao walked to the ancestral temple of the Huaxu Family. The Pan Gu sword was held in his hands while the Pan Gu bell floated above his head. With every step he took, he left a fading Chaos lotus on the ground.

Large groups of Huaxu Family warrior marched to him from all directions. Some of these warriors were wrapped in purple thunderbolts, eyes burning. They shouted at Ji Hao and taught him to stay away from the danger. Some warriors had blood-red eyes and twisted grins on their faces. They laughed, throwing their weapons at Ji Hao. They treated him like a fragile ant, like the grasses by a road.

Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword, silently recalling the new move made by the mysterious man in his spiritual space earlier. Looking at those blood-red-eyed warriors, he slowly but heavily swung the Pan Gu sword down, as if ten towering mountains were laid right upon the sword. Again and again, he made a series of slow sword moves.

His movements were slow, but all devil-possessed warriors who approached him burst into shrill howls and began vomiting blood more than three meters away from him. Ji Hao's sword didn't land on their bodies, but struck on their hearts.

If anyone could look into the hearts of these warriors, he or she would see a devil inside the heart of each of them. Large or small in size, with strong or weak powers, these devils were wrapped in dark mists, roaring with hoarse voices. Ji Hao's sword light penetrated the bodies of these warriors and struck straight on the devils inside them.

Ji Hao's sword moves failed to deliver a steady effect. With some moves, he managed to destroy and reseal the devils immediately, turning the devils back into seeds and burying them again deeply in the hearts of these warriors, making these warriors sane. But, with some other moves, he merely dissipated the dark mist and left deep wounds on the devils, causing them to roar even more ferociously.

Some devil-possessed warriors suddenly fell to the ground and began vomiting blood while approaching Ji Hao. After twitching for a while, their eyes were clear again. Some also fell to the ground and vomited blood, but the blood-red light on their eyes shone brighter and brighter, as black-red marks of devil even started emerging from their faces and spreading.

Blades and swords hacked violently towards Ji Hao. Devil-possessed Huaxu Family warriors growled themselves hoarse while lunging their weapons towards Ji Hao along with black and red evil thunderbolts.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed gently and released wisp of Chaos power, which seemed to be thin and fragile, but allowed Ji Hao to remain perfectly unharmed when facing the full-power offensive launched by those possessed warriors, no matter how hard the warriors tried. Thin ripples were stirring up from the Chaos power, delivering a counterforce stronger by a hundredfold onto the attackers.

The swords and blades dazzling with coiling black and red thunderbolts buzzed shrilly as they could not withstand the heavy pressure anymore. Spider-web-like cracks spread on these weapons. Possessed warriors screamed while their weapons were bounced back to themselves, landed on their faces, and exploded right upon their faces.

The faces of some warriors were ruined. Gasping in pain, they buried their faces in their hands while twitching intensely.

They heard the deep roars from their hearts, as the piercing pain stimulated their nature of devil, driving them more and more violent. The devil power grew greater and greater in them, and so did the strength. They dropped their hands and let the blood stream out of their bodies while spreading their arms and pouncing straight on Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had still been swinging his sword slowly, over and over again, destroying the devils in the warriors' hearts one after another. More and more warriors fell to the ground, sinking into screams with their eyes clearing quickly.

The ones surrounded in purple thunderbolts and not possessed by the devil stopped marching in surprise, exclaiming out loud towards Ji Hao. Some recognized Ji Hao, immediately sharing the information with the ignorant ones.

"Divine emperor! Divine Emperor Ji Hao!"

"Emperor Ji Hao, Emperor Ji Hao!"

"Divine emperor descended himself! What did he do to erase the devils? We tried all we could but failed to wake our people. But, how did he do it so easily?"

More and more Huaxu Family warriors gathered up. At first, they watched Ji Hao fighting in surprise, and slowly, they began dragging the awakened warriors aside to rest. Most of the warriors who woke up from possession lunged into the arms of their families and burst into cries. They were possessed by devils, but they clearly remembered everything they did in the past while. They couldn't forgive themselves for what they did, and the strong sense of guilt made them want to die right on the spot.

A small part of them had their eyes dazzling brightly. They also remembered everything they did, but like Huaxu Bai, they believed that they did no wrong! They agreed with the Original Devil, and they thought that they should follow their true nature to live!

They glanced at each other and silently left the crowd.

Ji Hao paid no attention to these people, just continuously wielding his sword. As he wielded his sword for more and more times, a set of spell symbols glowed on the edge of his sword, containing twelve strange symbols. As the symbols cleared, Ji Hao was able to accurately destroy the devils inside human hearts.

"Devil-break!" When the twelve spell symbols turned distinct and clear on the sword edge, Ji Hao suddenly shouted out loud. He retracted the sword, locked his fingers together, then pushed out his hand, releasing thousands of dazzling beams of light from his palm that struck on the bodies of the possessed Huaxu Family warriors, who gushed towards him like the tidewater.

Thousands of possessed warriors vomited blood together, but their eyes immediately cleared up.

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