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The Congress Hall of the Huaxu Family was where also the great ancestor-worshiping ceremony took place each year.

Right now, the sacred hall was suffused with smoke and in a great mess, with empty wine pots rolling all over the ground and exquisite wine cups scatted across the floor. Strong scent of alcohol and grilling meat could be sensed from the hall, mixed with the smell of vomits and all kinds of dirtiness, making the entire hall even stinkier than a pigpen.

Thousands of Huaxu Family master elders, elders, and branch leaders lied on the dirty floor, naked like dead fishes and surrounded by countless young and beautiful naked girls, who had snow-white skins.

Even in dreams, these people each wore an evil smile. Their lips curved upwards while the lines of their faces turned especially sharp. The deep wrinkles on their faces made their faces look like masks.

Huaxu Qingye, who had been leading the Huaxu Family for hundreds of years with justice, kindness, and generosity, who was admired by his people, now lied sprawling on the floor under the memorial tablets of Huaxu Family elders, with the arms of about ten naked girls coiled around his body.

A muffled thunder could be heard from the outside. Wave after wave, the thunder echoed across the sky, quaking the hall slightly. All of a sudden, the heavy rain poured down and the strong gale blew across, rolling up the rain and whipping on the hall.

Even under the protection of layers of defensive screens, the dark stone hall was shaking slightly, seeming to collapse at any moment.

Suddenly, an eye-piercing purple light flashed across the memorial tablets of Huaxu Family elders. A bolt of thunder was released from the stone tablet on the top and struck to Huaxu Qingye's forehead.

In a deep sleep, Huaxu Qingye chuckled coldly. With his voice, a tiny round-shaped spell symbol emerged from the spot between his eyebrows. From the spell symbol, a dark lotus stem reached out quietly, and on top of the stem, a fist-sized dark lotus with thirty-six petals bloomed.

Both the growth of the stem and the blooming of the lotus were extremely slow, but the purple thunderbolt released from the stone tablet was stunningly fast. However, the thunderbolt could not approach Huaxu Qingye until the dark lotus bloomed. Airily, the thunderbolt landed on the lotus.

A sizzling noise could be heard without an end while the purple thunderbolt covered the entire dark lotus. An overwhelming positive power struck the lotus wave after wave and made it shrink, forcing it back into Huaxu Qingye's forehead. The purple thunderbolt had been shrinking as well, and the great positive power was fading.

At last, an awfully dim strand of thunderbolt merged into Huaxu Qingye's forehead and brought a tremor through his body. As a great amount of sticky, dark and cold sweat oozed out of his pores, he abruptly opened his eyes, leapt up from the ground, and burst into a great shout.


In a panic, Huaxu Qingye looked at this messy hall, then turned around and stared at all memorial tablets of Huaxu Family elders. The gale roared and the lightning flashed outside the hall, silencing all sounds in the world with the muffled thunder and splashing noises of rain. Huaxu Qingye was terrified. He turned around and looked at the surrounding area, while cold sweat was streaming down his back.

"Heaven, earth, ancestors… This is...I'm...Master Elders, when did you come? Elders, are you..."

Huaxu Qingye's eyes were filled with blood streaks. He roared like a mad beast with embarrassment, fear, and panic.

This was the most sacred place of the Huaxu Family, that not even average-level elders were allowed to come here unless something serious enough to affect the future of the entire family happened. But today, a banquet was held in here. Huaxu Family leaders caroused in this place, turning this sacred place into a decadent area.

"What on earth happened?"


Huaxu Qingye kneeled to the ground, raised his head, and growled with a dry voice.

"Hehe," A deep and hoarse voice could be heard from his head, "What happened? Don't you remember everything clearly? Think carefully, you remember everything. You are involved in everything. Many things were done under your orders, and you should remember those things."

As the leader of Huaxu Family who had been managing the family for hundreds of years, Huaxu Qingye quickly calmed himself down and asked, "Who are you? Is everything because of you?"

"Don't try to pass the buck. Didn't you do everything yourself?" Said that voice, "You see, you cared about nothing else but the family interests, so you didn't send out a troop for the flood-control mission. You ignored the fact that some elders from your family deployed their private forces to try to seize Si Wen Ming's credits, then colluded with Gong Sun Xun and gave him your full cooperation, helping him give a series of ridiculous orders."

"Hehe, you held a party in this hall where you worshipped your ancestors. You spent such a long, passionate night with these charming little girls. You did all these yourself." Said the voice, "You clearly remember everything, including every single movement and every moan they made. You remember so clearly...It was wonderful, wasn't it?"

"These are your desires. These are what you chose to do...Right?"

Huaxu Qingye remained silent for a while, then responded word by word, "Indeed, these are my desires, buried deep down my heart, including devouring mid and small clans, occupying their territories and wealth. These were all the deepest, most shameful desires deep down my heart. But, my mind is strong enough to suppress these bad intents. I've thought about it, that I would never do such things!"

"Can you tell me this, why did I make these, most secret intents happen?

"I even did something that I would never do, some monstrous things. Not only I did many elders, even the wisest master elder from my family didn't stop me. On the contrary, they helped me and cooperated with me. Why?"

That voice chuckled for a while, then answered the questions in a low voice, "Who am I? Or, what am I? I never existed in Pan Gu world before, so I truly don't know how to call myself."

"If you have to pick a name for me this… 'Original'… 'Original Devil Seed'..."

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