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In the ancestral temple of the Fuxi Family, Emperor Fuxi's statues stood on the tall altar, looking down at the current leader of Fuxi Family, who was so pasty right now.

His face was twisted, with constantly changing expressions, which made him look like ghost. From the body of Fuxi Leader, a deep, hoarse laughter could be heard, "Yes, I am the Original devil Seed. I am not yet mature, but the moment I am generated, you can never do a thing to me."

The Fuxi Leader quivered intensely and raised his arms. From around his body, two streams of light rose, with the colors of black and white, weaving into an enormous Taiji diagram behind him. A strong sealing power landed on his body. He growled through clenched teeth and tried his best to seal the rampant devil inside him for good.

"What is a devil?" The voice inside his body laughed wildly, "In Pan Gu world, we have dragons, phoenixes, human beings, rocs, Qilins, White Tigers… We have spirit creatures, monsters, ghosts, and all other kinds of creatures...But, have you ever heard of 'Devils'?"

Vomiting blood, the eyes of Fuxi Leader suddenly turned evil and sharp. The Taiji diagram behind him collapsed, as he slowly straightened his body and burst into hysterical laughter.

In the ancestral temple of the Shennong Family, tens of elders curled on the ground. They were the most powerful people in the Shennong Family, and had been helping Emperor Xun the most these days. In both delight and despair, they stared at the current leader of their family, who stood under the statues of Emperor Shennong, with clouds of black smoke rising from his head.

"A 'Devil' is the combination of all your evil intents, generated from the greatest pre-world evil which had been brewing since the beginning of Pan Gu time. It's invisible, traceless; it grows in your minds, dies in your minds; it'll never die, it'll never live either. You can't stop it, you can't resist it. The 'Devil' exists in your heart even if you're a saint, unless you can cast away all your desires."

Shennong leader raised a knife, which was used by Emperor Shennong back when he tasted all hearts in the world. Tremblingly, he attempted to pierce the knife into his chest. The jade knife glowed with a dim light, and the mighty power contained in it was ready to burst.

"You have already generated the seeds of Devil, so how can you ever kill it?"

Blood gushed out of the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of Shennong Leader, as he dropped the knife, quivered, and his eyes turned black. A twisted, evil smile emerged from his face while he laughed with a gentle voice, "Everyone, prepare the wine, play the music, make the dance. I shall enjoy this good time with you, my dear elders!"

Suiren Family's ancestral land… under a ragingly burning, towering tree, which reached straight into the clouds, Suiren Leader was sweating profusely. He sat under the tree with his legs crossed, looking at two naked unconscious beautiful girls in panic.

"My ancestors..." Suiren Leader was reading the prayer for his ancestors, releasing a bright red fire from his body. Strands of dark mist were mixed in the fire, spreading from his body and quickly enveloping the entire ancestral land like a giant web.

"All living beings with desires will have happiness, sadness, anger and joy. When your emotions reach an extreme level, a Devil will be generated, just like the extremely positive power can generate the negative, and vice versa."

While Suiren Leader read the prayer murmuringly, a voice inside his body was loudly singing a song.

"With one harvest, you will think about the second harvest, and this will be the beginning of a Devil."

"When your cow breeds a calf, you will think about the second calf, and this will be the beginning of a Devil."

"You married a beautiful wife, yet you thought about the even prettier girl next door, and that was the beginning of a Devil."

"All your emotions are like the clouds in the sky, while your hearts are like a lake. The clouds drifted across the lake and left reflections in the lake, and this is the beginning of a Devil. You may survive if the lake of your heart is dried, or your emotions fade. Otherwise, any intent emerged from your heart can be the beginning of a Devil."

A cloud of fire puffed out of Suiren Leader's forehead. He burst into growls, but the fire soon turned purely black. The black fire spread inside his body like a spider web, gradually covering his entire body. Under his body, a lotus with thirty-six leaves bloomed quietly.

"My ancestors..." Two scorching drops of tears gushed out of his eye corners, evaporated by the black fire even before flowing down his cheeks. Suiren Leader curved up his lips and chuckled, "Guards, prepare my mount. I'll make a trip to Pu Ban City, because I need an explanation from Emperor Xun...He promised me a billion sets of heavy armors. When will those arrive?"

In the secret forbidden area of Chu Wu Clan, the current clan leader, Wu Bi, had been crazily dancing around a green bonfire while wielding a pale white bone staff and casting a strange spell.

On the walls in surrounding, twisted shades of shadow flashed swiftly, while a hoarse voice echoed across the entire area.

"Ghost-expelling spells? What do you think I am? Like those weak, useless things? I am a Devil, a Devil is you...You are a Devil, a Devil is you...How can you destroy me without killing yourself?"

"I am your true heart, your true heart is a Devil. The heart is the Devil, the Devil is the heart!"

"If you can't dig out your heart, if you can't destroy your soul, what would change even if you cast that ghost-expelling spell a billion times?"

Wu Bi shouted towards the sky, letting out green flames from his mouth that covered the entire forbidden area, but failed to hurt the twisted shadows on the walls.

Suddenly, he stopped casting spell and laughed with a hissing voice, "Devil or not, I don't care...What can you offer me? With enough benefits, why can't I be a devil?"

"You are descendants of Pan Gu, but your magic is far away from the great Dao of Pan Gu. I have the supreme Dao of Pan Gu here. Focus on it, cultivate yourself, mature the devil, and you will attain the supreme Dao of Devil." The hoarse voice burst into wild laughter.

Wu Bi threw away his bone staff and took a deep breath.

Countless dark spell symbols emerged from his face while clouds of sticky and purely dark mist rose from his body, and human-head-sized black lotuses bloomed around him.

"This is...the true power! We Chu Wu Clan ought to own this power forever!" Wu Bi laughed madly. Every word he said became a black lotus, drifting out of his mouth.

In the secret area of every large human family or clan, the laughter of Original Devil Seed echoed across the sky.

"I should thank those sky devils, thank Priest Hua and Priest Mu, thank that non-humankind monster."

"Without their combined power, I would be suppressed deep down in the hearts of human beings, without a chance to see the world."

"Hehe, from this day on, I, 'Devil', am the highest being of all in Pan Gu world!"

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