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Gong Sun Lang was embarrassed, and so was Piji Nu.

They knew that Yao Mountain territory was tough, and not easy to deal with. But, they never though that this could be so difficult. They were stuck a thousand miles away from the city, and weren't allowed to take even one step forward.

The great army under Gong Sun Lang's command could not even move an inch forward. Of course, this wasn't because of the warning from the stone man, neither because of the flag standing on the ground or the pattern on the flag. It was purely because of the heaven and earth great formation.

Controlled by the city, the heaven and earth great formation covered the area a thousand miles around Yao Mountain City, starting from the outermost city wall. Staying an inch away from this area, one would not be affected by the great formation at all, but stepping in this area for even one inch, one would immediately suffer a full-strike from the formation.

Gong Sun Lang wasted three days and the lives of countless warriors of his, but no one under his command managed to make even three meters far into the coverage of the formation.

Earlier on at the frontline, one hundred and eighty thousand warriors were killed by thunder bolds, torn into pieces. After that, Gong Sun Lang began sending troops to try and approach the city from all directions. Each troop had a thousand warriors. The heaven and earth great formation was ever-changing. Some warriors died under giant trees, some were smashed by rocks, some were suffocated in sands, while some were struck to death by auroras, thunderstorms, ices, water and all other types of defenses. All warriors under Gong Sun Lang's command were badly frightened.

Within three days, Gong Sun Lang lost seventy to eighty percent of his warriors, then finally, gave up on trying under Piji Nu's suggestion. He was wasting lives after all.

"This is…troublesome!" Standing on top of the flying fort, Gong Sun Lang gazed at the towering city wall of Yao Mountain City. From thousand miles away, the city wall looked like a dark line on the horizon. Occasionally, the dark line sparkled brightly, as the great formation changed its defenses.

High up in the air, the stars glowed in broad daylight. Pure and strong star power poured down in streams, flowing into Yao Mountain City.

In addition, a divine gate emerged above the city. Through the gate, the divine heaven and earth formation connected with the formation in Yao Mountain City. Due to the materials and builders, the power of the heaven and earth formation in Yao Mountain City was less than ten percent as great as the power of the one in the heaven.

However, supported by the divine formation, the defense provided by the heaven and earth great formation was seventy percent powerful as the original one. Back in the ancient time, the divine heaven and earth formation used to daunt all living beings in the world. How could Gong Sun Lang and an army of Gong Sun Family warrior ever break such a powerful formation?

"This distance, disgusting!" Piji Nu stood by Gong Sun Lang's side, helplessly shaking his head.

A thousand miles; except for master archers from the Eastern Wasteland, no one could shoot an arrow so far. Among all armaments, including the large-scale ballistae and all kinds of complicatedly structured ones, nothing could attack the city from such a long distance.

Within the scope of ability of the non-humankind, the only thing able to launch long-range attacks to Yao Mountain City were cities of great calamity. However, Yu Huo wanted as many people to die in Yao Mountain territory as possible, the more the better. So, how could he ever reinforce Gong Sun Lang?

The army was stuck for three days, without making any progress. Gong Sun Lang was too enraged with this. He gathered all Divine Magi and ordered them to attack one corner of the great formation together.

Over a thousand Divine Magi released their powers together. Among them, over six-hundred were from Gong Sun Family. They were all sword masters. Gripping their swords, they released beams of sword light, striking fiercely on the heaven and earth great formation.

The buzzing noise could be heard without an end, as a beautiful glow emerged from the formation. Light drifting clouds gathered from all directions and condensed into an enormous shield before the thousand Divine Magi.

Embossed on the shield was a ferocious-looking Yaci. From its widely opened mouth, sharp gusts of wind roared out, looking like hundreds of meters long, crescent-shaped daggers. Swishing across the sky, they cut on the bodies of the thousand Divine Magi, splashing their blood into the sky.

The powers released from these Divine Magi landed on the cloud shield vibrated it and created giant cloudy swords in the sky. But, other than that, no actual damage was done to the shield. For a long while, the cloud shield remained perfectly unmoved, while all Divine Magi were covered in wounds. They had consumed too much spirit blood, which left them without a choice but to retreat.

A Gong Sun Family commander, who was also a Divine Magi, angrily marched to Gong Sun Lang, clanged his sword loudly to the ground, and shouted, "Gong Sun Lang, I am telling you, this is the heaven and earth great formation! Do you understand? Marquis Yao Ji Hao built a heaven and earth formation in his city! Anyone with a pair of ears knew about this! Back then, Marquis Yao hired Kua E and his brothers from the heaven to build the formation! Those were the only divine descendants in the world at the time!"

Stomping his foot against the ground, this commander continued yelling, "Since the beginning of time, the heaven and earth formation in the heaven has never been broken. We are mortal beings, not ancient divine gods! Not even ancient divine gods could break the heaven and earth formation, so how can we? We're never gonna make it!"

This commander almost pointed his finger directly on Gong Sun Lang's nose, as he screamed at him, "We can't break it! We can't approach the city! Why don't we retreat? Don't let our boys die for nothing!"

Gong Sun Lang paused for a short while, then abruptly slapped the finger away from before his face and yelled back at this commander, "Shut up. I am the chief commander now. You all have to listen to me! Gong Sun Mo, don't think that you can talk to me like this only because you're a granduncle of mine! If you talk like this again, I will sleep with your grandson's wife when I get back!"

Gong Sun Mo was speechless. He clenched his teeth and took a few steps backward, his eye corners twitching. He looked at the sky helplessly.

'Holy heaven, please send down a bolt of thunder and strike this b*stard to death. Why on earth is Gong Sun Xun the emperor now? We have so many decent young men in Gong Sun Family, but why on earth did Emperor Shun pick Gong Sun Xun?' Thought Gong Sun Mo

Gong Sun Lang sneered and gave his order unhurriedly, "Send a hundred thousand people to line up outside the formation and curse with me. Isn't Ji Hao from Gold Crow Clan? Hasn't he succeeded to East Emperor Taiyi's throne? We will start from East Emperor Taiyi and Gold Crow Clan ancestors. Curse after me!"

A quarter of an hour later, the curses echoed through the entire Yao Mountain territory. Standing before a hundred thousand warriors, Gong Sun Lang cursed every generation of Gold Crow Clan ancestor with the worst languages he knew.

On the city wall, the blood veins bulged from Ji Xia's forehead. With a dry voice, he growled out loud, "Shrink the great formation. Let these bastards come in. Beat them to death! Beat them to death!"


Ji Xia threw a kick at the city wall and broke all his toes.

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