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When Gong Sun Yang led his troop to shut down all the mines which had been providing Hao Tao with resources, another uncle of Gong Sun Xun, named Gong Sun Lang, led a formidable army and marched to Yao Mountain territory.

Same as Gong Sun Yang, Gong Sun Lang was also a lascivious alcoholic, a typical one among all ungifted members of the Gong Sun Family. Gong Sun Yang was discharged from his position two months before the abdication ceremony for embezzling public funds. But, Gong Sun Lang was nearly cast out of the family twenty years ago for committing adultery with a mistress of the family leader.

Before the ceremony, he had no job or income. He lived a faineant life in the Gong Sun Family for twenty years. Gong Sun Xun basically learned about how to be a loser from him.

Unfortunately, Gong Sun Xun became the human emperor. As his uncle who was so close to him and shared common hobbies with him, Gong Sun Lang was also put in an important position. He was assigned to be the chief commander of the army under the direct command of the human emperor, and was sent to suppress Yao Mountain territory.

Everyone in the world now knew that Ji Hao was the only current divine emperor, and he was chosen by the world to be a divine emperor because of the immeasurable natural rewards he had earned. Ji Hao rose from Yao Mountain territory, so attacking Yao Mountain territory made no difference from directly attacking Marquise Yao Ji Hao, attacking a divine emperor, and attacking the heaven!

"He is a divine emperor, but so what?" In a flying fort, Gong Sun Lang lied in a thick leather blanket as he stroked the naked girl in his arms while gulping the wine.

The wine, the beauty, so fantastic! With his face blushed, Gong Sun Lang glanced at Piji Nu, who sat beside him, then grinned proudly and said, "We won't mention the divine emperor thing, will we? After all, attacking a divine emperor sounds terrifying, even to me. So scary!"

He burped and dragged the girl over, gave her a smack on the lips, then lowered his voice and continued to Piji Nu, "We're not going to attack a divine emperor. Instead, we're going to punish Marquis Yao Ji Hao, who disrespected the human emperor! Hah, we're only going to punish Marquis Yao Ji Hao, not challenge the divine emperor!"

Rubbing the girl's body, Gong Sun Lang narrowed his eyes and chuckled, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, so disrespectful. He didn't even attend the abdication ceremony. He disrespected the human emperor, and he is disloyal to the entire humankind! He is such an immortal minister, we have to teach him a good lesson!

Piji Nu's three eyes were purely black. He looked at Gong Sun Lang with his deeply sunken eyes, mouth corners curved slightly upwards, showing a faint smile.

"Great Saint Yu Huo is right. Violence is the lowest way of conquering. We don't need to conquer their bodies. We just need to control their souls, kill their spirits, destroy their civilization, and twist their wills...When we have overturned their culture and spirits, the humankind will no longer be threatening."

"Gong Sun Xun, Gong Sun Yang, Gong Sun Lang, and all those greedy elders from the Gong Sun Family, the leaders of elders from those large families and clans...The more of these people, the better!" Piji Nu sighed in his head, "We don't need to make much of efforts, or send our warriors to die. By playing some small tricks, we can easily destroy the humankind."

The faint smile on Piji Nu's face became a delightful grin. Grinning emotionally, Piji Mu flattered Gong Sun Lang, "You are absolutely right. We're not going to challenge Divine Emperor Ji Hao. Instead, we are going to punish Marquis Yao Ji Hao, who disrespected the new human emperor. Hm, I have a bottle of wine called 'Three Blooms'. It will make you feel even better. Do you want some?"

Piji Nu took out a pink bottle, embossed with three strange blooming flowers.

Gong Sun Lang smiled and nodded. He hurriedly took over the bottle and impatiently poured all the sticky, weirdly scented liquid in the bottle in his mouth. Soon, his face turned ruddy, and a faint pinkness emerged in his eyes.

He pressed a few girls around him to the ground, ripped open his own clothes, and pounced on them.

Piji Nu sat aside, remaining perfectly motionless. Quietly looking at Gong Sun Lang, who now acted like a ruttish male cat, he sighed, "If all human leaders are like Gong Sun Lang...we wouldn't need even one weapon to conquer the whole Pan Gu world."

The distance between Pu Ban City and Yao Mountain territory would take an army more than a half of a month, but with Gong Sun Lang's wheezes and deep growls, his army spent a whole month to arrive at the Yao Mountain territory. When the enormous army slowly reached the Yao Mountain territory, Yao Mountain City had strengthened the defenses and cleared the fields. All Yao Mountain people had moved into Yao Mountain City, without leaving even a grain in the farmlands outside the city.

The heaven and earth great formation in Yao Mountain City had been activated, covering the entire city with an invisible screen.

Without scouting the enemy and the geographical environment around the city, Gong Sun Lang let his army directly march to the city wall. When the army reached a thousand miles away from the city wall, purple thunderbolts suddenly burst from the air and silently landed on the bodies of the warriors who were at the frontline.

Under Piji Nu's command, the non-humankind troops stayed behind. The ones who rushed at the front were Gong Sun Family warriors, and the private warriors from about ten large families and clans. Arm-thick purple thunderbolts quietly coiled on these warriors and sizzled between their armors. In no time, hundreds of thousands of warriors were covered by the giant web woven from purple thunderbolts.

Next, a huge purple divine spell symbol emerged from the air and exploded. Following the explosion of the divine spell symbol, which represented the original thunder power of Pan Gu world, a series of deafening thunder could be heard from the sky. A hundred and eighty thousand warriors at the front line were shredded by the thunderbolts, and even their armors and weapons were melted.

Glowing red molten metal splashed in all directions, falling on the other warriors. Countless warriors screamed in pain and drew back as quickly as they could. The scorching molten metal burned their skin, and some even had limbs burned off momentarily.

In the flying fort Gong Sun Lang was obsessed with the beautiful body of young girl. Startled by a sky-shaking thunder, he ejaculated uncontrollably. His heart drummed, nearly making him throw up.

"What? What? What happened? What happened? Have we broken Yao Mountain City? Have we?" Gong Sun Lang was a completely useless man. He was pretty experienced with women, but except for that, he was good at nothing. He shouted in confusion, asking his people about what happened outside.

A stone man silently rose from underground and planted a flag deeply into the ground.

Looking at the disordered army, he began talking with a muffled voice, "This is Yao Mountain Territory. Our Big Brother has said that anyone who dares to take a step towards the city will die! Brother Ji Hao isn't home, but we will guard his city!"

Shaking his head, the stone man rubbed his butt, then walked back to Yao Mountain City with giant steps.

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