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Pu Ban City turned stagnant.

Most of the markets founded by large clans and families in Pu Ban City, and the campsites they built for their people to rest on their way to Pu Ban City or back from Pu Ban City, were empty now.

Other than the ones from outside the city, around forty percent of civilians left the city overnight to seek refuge with their families or friends, hiding in the forest, or directly joining the troops retreating from the city.

In the next moment, a big half of all kitchen chimneys in the city had smokes not rising from them anymore. Usually, the roosters would crow and the dogs would bark in the morning. But on this day, the city was much quieter than usual. Some dogs guarded the door of their families, humming in low voices that sounded like crying. Even animals had sensed the coldness from the air, and seemed to see a sign of the downfall of Pu Ban City.

The bell ring echoed through the city. From the Town Hall, hundreds of messengers darted out and gave the first official appointment of Emperor Xun — Emperor Shun, as the former human emperor, was assigned to be the 'Master Elder' of the 'Elder Council', to supervise all ministers, and had the right to act first and report afterward!

Some clan leaders who stayed in Pu Ban City laughed when they heard this appointment —Gong Sun Xun wasn't extremely stupid, was he? He understood that his power wasn't solid enough, that not to mention the other human leaders, even among Gong Sun Family people, not everyone was willing to follow his words. Therefore, he used Emperor Shun to daunt the group of ministers. This was a smart move.

However, as a former emperor, Emperor Shun was supposed to leave Pu Ban City and prepare to promote himself to the Supreme Magus level. He shouldn't be a part of any human affairs anymore.

In order to allow a former emperor to keep supervising his ministers, Gong Sun Xun assigned Emperor Shun to be the Master Elder of the 'Elder Council', which never existed before. This was such a strange thing.

However, because of Emperor Shun, may people only doubted this appointment secretly, without questioning it in public.

As the Master Elder, Emperor Shun deployed the elite force from his You Yu Clan in Pu Ban City, to follow Gong Sun Xun's orders. Added with the dark-armored guards and the private guards deployed by the Gong Sun Family, Gong Sun Xun now had a considerably strong military force under his command.

Before long, Gong Sun Xun's second decision spread across the entire city. This decision shocked nearly every human being, and made more clans retreat from Pu Ban City, staying far away from Gong Sun Xun without hesitation — Gong Sun Xun assigned Yu Huo to be the commander in chief, to lead an enormous non-humankind army to punish the ones who disobeyed him!

Through this decision, Gong Sun Xun basically declared to all human beings, 'Don't think you can refuse to follow my order only because I am a new emperor. Leaders, marquises, and earls, listen up. If you disobey me, I will send Yemo Tian and his army to beat you up!"

Following this second official appointment was an order from Gong Sun Xun.

He gave the order to remove the Chi Ban line of defense. The Chi Ban line of defense had never been shaken by even a little bit, not even during the disastrous flood. But now, under Gong Sun Xun's order, it would be removed. All military forces stationed in Chi Ban Mountain area would return to Pu Ban City and be reorganized.

Once the Chi Ban line of defense was removed, a giant army under Yu Huo's command came straight into Pu Ban City, without any difficulty. During the past countless years, generations of Yu Dynasty emperors had spent great efforts on the Chi Ban line of defense, but failed to break it. But now, Gong Sun Xun, the new human emperor, removed it.

The non-humankind army came to Pu Ban City and stationed in the city.

The houses, buildings, and campsites left by the ones who retreated from the city became the accommodations of non-humankind warriors. Countless non-humankind warriors showed up in large groups on the streets and in the alleys in the city. Flying forts and mountains swished across the air from time to time, while Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates and flew swiftly all over the sky.

What unsettled people even more was that Xiu Clan masters swept through every inch of land in Pu Ban City, studying the defense formations of the city, from the outside to the inside. They even began building divine towers on the commanding heights. More and more divine towers were raised from the city, the erect eye upon every tower coldly gazing at every corner of the city while sparkling with a frosty light day and night.

After the non-humankind army came, people weren't allowed to come into or leave the city freely anymore.

Cooperating with the non-humankind army, dark-armored warriors under Emperor Shun's command sealed every entrance of the city. Entering the city was easy, but if one wanted to leave, one would need a permission from Emperor Shun, or defeat the guards and directly rush out. Otherwise, one wouldn't be able to take even one step out of the city.

Before people in Pu Ban City recovered from the horror brought by the non-humankind army, Gong Sun Xun's third order was made public, and this order threw the entire human society into chaos, made uncountable elderly elders curse out loud, and countless clan leaders open the doors of their ancestral temples to pray to the heaven for a sudden death of Gong Sun Xun. They wanted Gong Sun Xun to die, because if he stayed alive as a human emperor, the humankind would end.

Gong Sun Sun ordered his people to build thirty-six manors in the carefully selected thirty-six areas with beautiful natural scenes around Pu Ban City. He wanted every manor to be larger than a million miles squared, to contain thirty-six palaces and one-hundred and eight buildings taller than three-hundred-meters.

Gong Sun Xun also clearly told his people that all buildings in his manor needed to be built from precious materials, such a gold, jade, coral, pearl, amber...According to Gong Sun Xun's requirement, the cost of materials for these manors would be an astronomical figure.

If Gong Sun Xun only wanted manors, things wouldn't sound so bad. However, he also ordered his people to prepare him thirty-thousand beautiful women in each manor. He specifically required these women to have noble family backgrounds; these women should at least be direct descendants of clan leaders and elders. As for the ones from ordinary families, they wouldn't have a chance to be selected to his manors, no matter how beautiful they were.

Nevertheless, as the human emperor, Gong Sun Xun would never 'waste' those beautiful girls with ordinary family backgrounds. He required every beautiful woman in his manor to be served by a few adorable maids, and these maids could be selected from civilians!

Apart from all these, Gong Sun Xun gave his order to every human family and clan in the world. In order to fill the storages of his manors, every clan needed to contribute a giant amount of precious leather, a large number of treasures, and all kinds of treasured plants, valuable vines, and other things.

"I am the human emperor, the father of all human beings in the world. You are my people, and therefore, you shall make offerings to me like you make offerings to your fathers. Your children, your wealth, should all belong to me." Gong Sun Xun said this.

Soon, Gong Sun Xun gave a series of orders.

Among all these orders, two caught the most attention.

First was shutting down all the mines which had been providing Hao Tao with magic crystals, and the second was that the human army would be sent to suppress Yao Mountain City!

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