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Surrounding the altar, the crowd of human being instantly divided into a few groups.

Most of them were civilians who lived in the city. They were confused, panicked, following the others moving around the altar. They moved in one direction, but suddenly, a squad of dark-armored warriors showed up, pointed long spears at them and yelled at them, forcing them to another direction. But, from another direction, more dark-armored human warriors popped out, leaving them no choice but to change direction again.

These ordinary people clearly understood that not to mention Magus Kings and Divine Magi, even a couple of Senior Magi could shred them with the aftershock of a full-strike. They knew that currently, the area around the altar had become the most dangerous place in the city. They needed to stay as far away from it as possible. Otherwise, everyone could die.

Therefore, these people were running about. Emperor Shun had organized a large number of dark-armored warriors, but still, the number of these civilians was over ten-thousand times bigger. Gradually, the dark-armored warriors failed to stop these people, and let many of them scatter in the suburbs.

The second large group on the scene was composed of the elders and elders of mid-scale clans. Based on the powers of their clans, these leaders and elders weren't so ambitious, neither were they interested in the power alternation which would be delivered by Emperor Shun's abdication. They took their clansmen to Pu Ban City because they wanted the young people from their clans to join this big affair, to grow knowledge and experiences, so that those boys and girls could have some stories to tell to the even younger ones when they were old too.

After all, not every human being had a chance to attend an emperor abdication ceremony in his or her life. Human Emperors were powerful, with long lifespans. Usually, the term of service of a human emperor would be as long as the combined age of a couple of generations of people from an ordinary human family.

Without the ambition, watching the people from large clans and families get ready to make a move, these small clan leaders and elders immediately gathered their people, turned around, and walked straight away.

These clans weren't as strong as the large ones, but more or less, as clan leaders and elders who could afford a trip to Pu Ban City, they all had guards. Their guards were the elites of their clans. Among them, many were Magus Kings, and a couple of were Divine Magi. The number of Magus Kings and Divine Magi of each of these clans wasn't big, but the number of small to mid-scale clans like these was huge.

These clans were weak. Therefore, most of them chose to combine their powers through marriages. Sometimes, tens, even hundreds of small clans like these would unite. At the moment, the group of mid to small-scale clans on the scene was guarded by their own strong warriors. They composed battle formations and moved fiercely forward, easily breaking the line of dark-armored warriors, then left the scene while whistling shrilly.

From a long distance away, the wild laughter from some small clan leaders could still be heard, 'Gong Sun Xun is such a useless man! Under his leadership, can every clan reduce the annual tribute for Pu Ban City in the future?'

Starting from his first day as the human emperor, Gong Sun Xun's reputation went bad. He had no prestige already, but on hearing the leaders of these small clans, the other people had an even worse impression about him.

Other than civilians and small clan leaders and elders, the people from large families and clans chose their sides too. They clearly divided into three groups.

Most of these large families and clans chose to be neutral, including a few strong forces from Western Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland. Most of Western Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland large clans chose to combine their powers to defend themselves. They joined hands and composed two strong formations by the north side of the altar, without helping each other. Clearly, they just wanted to watch a show.

Some large families and clans, especially the ones involved in what happened back in the nine water gates area, such as High Sun Family, Cloud Sun Family, Suiren Family, Ghost Chariot Family, Chu Wu Clan, chose to stand with Gong Sun Family determinedly.

They clearly knew that something was wrong with Emperor Shun. They understood that Emperor Shun passed the crown down to Gong Sun Xun, an unreliable man, only because he was affected by a mysterious power.

However, what did that have to do with them?

Gong Sun Xun didn't earn his position through a decent way, but this was a wonderful thing to them, such a great opportunity!

Regarding how Gong Sun Xun ascended to the throne, the leaders of these large families and clans didn't care. About how bad the influences could be to the humankind, these people couldn't care any less.

Benefits, how many benefits was the Gong Sun Family prepare to give?

Interest, how much interests was the Gong Sun Family prepare to share?

If Gong Sun Xun wanted to ensure his power, if Gong Sun Family intended to hold the highest power of the human society, they would have to trade it with benefits! As long as these large families and clans were satisfied, they would be willing to support Gong Sun Xun with all their powers.

People from the other clans and families had already joined Ji Xia's divine army. All these people were Si Wen Ming's firm supporters, including tens of thousands of marquises and earls, tens of thousands of clan leaders and elders, and thousands of princes and elites from tens of super families and clans.

Leading their guards, they composed a greater battle formation with the divine army, showering under streams of starlight descending from the sky. Every one of them had tightened their faces as they ragingly stared at Gong Sun Xun, who was still on the altar, then at the leaders and elders who had been gathering to him.

Gong Sun Family elders had been arguing with those large family leaders and elders with low voices while changing hand motions constantly. Every gesture they made meant a giant number.

Some of them even activated magic sandboxes and spread the maps of the entire Pan Gu Motherland. Gong Sun Family elders pointed their fingers at the maps, then drew a series of circles with those large family people.

Gong Sun Xun become the emperor just now, but these people had already started dividing the land.

"Guards, arrest Ji Xia! Damn you, a divine god? You're even worse than a piece of sh*t in my eyes! Arrest him, I will punish him myself!" Surrounded by a large group of guards, Gong Sun Xun growled at Ji Xia from the top of the altar.

The entire area was completely disordered. More and more people began fleeing in all directions. Allowed by Emperor Shun, those dark-armored human warriors began joining the troops of his private guards.

The private guards of the Gong Sun Family surged out of the city. Mounting on flying bears, these elite Gong Sun Family warriors roared brightly while raising rolling dense clouds and marching to the altar.

Tens of hill-sized flying bears flapped their enormous wings and pounced on Ji Xia. From the backs of these bears, the Gong Sun Family warriors fiercely lunged their specially crafted spears to Ji Xia.

Coldly glancing at Gong Sun Xun, Ji Xia helplessly wielded his first and said, "Gong Sun Xun, we have nothing to do with each other from now on. You can be the emperor, but don't even think about using one warrior of mine!"

Along with a rumbling noise, the formidable divine force returned to the heaven as fast as possible, without starting a conflict with the Gong Sun Family force.

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