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In the edge zone of You Xiong City, in an ordinary-looking wooden building under a green mountain, Gong Sun Su Su lazily sat by a pond, improperly dressed and looking at a few fleshy fishes swimming in the water.

A few roughly crafted clay wine pots were scattered aside, with the water-thin wine dripping down from the openings. The scent of low-grade wine spread in the air. Gong Sun Su Su sat in a daze for a while, then abruptly burst into hissing laughter.

"A bunch of old b*stards, old b*stards..." Gong Sun Su Su cursed through gritted teeth, "What did I do? I just played with a few women during the flood-control mission, that's all. What else did I do other than playing with a few Yu Clan girls? Was that a deadly sin?"

"You deposed me, took away my power, my properties, and left me nothing but a farmland outside the city. Do you want me, Gong Sun Su Su, to live on the farm work from now on? A thousand acres of farmland, how much crops can it grow? How many people can it feed?"

Raising his right hand and releasing a sharp yet faint sword intent from between his fingers, Gong Sun Su Su growled deeply. He wanted to punch straight on the ground very much.

He wasn't a prince anymore, but he still had his strength. As a Divine Magus, half a step away from the peak level, his inner spirit stars were all with a nature of metal. His power was sharp as a blade, that with one punch, he could flatten all buildings within the area a million miles in radius.

Hesitating for a while, Gong Sun Su Su slowly loosened his clenched fist.

Many of his cousins had their eyes fixed on him now, right? Back then, when he was still a prince, he had unmercifully bullied quite a lot of his families. Those people wanted to trample on him, didn't they? If he now did anything inappropriate and cause himself some severer punishments...

"I would never have a chance to rise again!" Gong Sun Su Su chuckled crazily. He had filled himself with a great amount of low-grade wine, and by now, his eyes were burned red by the alcohol. He laughed in a strange voice and drooled like a mad wild dog. The fierceness could be sensed from every pore of his.

Suddenly, his twitched his ears, as he heard a shrill swishing noise coming at him.

Through the vibration of the air, he instinctively realized that the incoming people were all strong, much stronger than himself. Those were a large number of strong warriors, hundreds at least!

Hundreds of strong warriors at the level of peak Divine Magi, even higher, flying in a large group above You Xiong City?

What was happening? Was You Xiong City under attack? But the situation was wonderful for the humankind so far, that even the non-humankind had humbly allied with the humankind. You Xiong City was the base of the Gong Sun Family, the location of the ancestral temple of Emperor Xuanyuan. Who dared to mess around in here?

Before Gong Sun Su Su figured out what exactly was happening, hundreds of people swiftly landed from the sky. About ten great elders of the Gong Sun Family delightedly rushed to him and put their hands on his back and shoulders.

Gong Sun Su Su could swear that this was the very first time for him to see the 'flattering' smiles on these powerful great elders' faces. These great elders were in high positions, who controlled the lives of almost all Gong Sun Family members. But at this very moment, the seriousness and stateliness on their faces was all gone, and to describe the expressions on their faces now, one had no other choice but the word 'flattering'.

They praised Gong Sun Su Su with the best languages they knew. They made Gong Sun Su Su sound like a blooming flower.

According to them, Gong Sun Su Su was a perfect human being, moral and capable, that even his every fine hair could only be explained by the word 'perfect'. He was the only hope of the humankind; he was the future, a moral model, a lighthouse for the entire humankind in a long-lasting dark night! Because of Gong Sun Su Su, the four seasons existed, the flowers bloomed, and the creatures in Pan Gu world could live and develop.

Gong Sun Su Su was awfully frightened by these passionate great elders.

Indeed, he was frightened. Earlier on, these great elders had just taken away everything he had and thrown him down to the bottom of the society from the top of the power. Because of them, Gong Sun Su Su heard the worst languages from his families, and went through all the bitterness in the world.

But now, these great elders were insanely praising him with the most beautiful words they knew.

"Are you going to offer me to nature? No! Don't even think about it!" In fear, Gong Sun Su Su's sweat streamed down his back. Suddenly, he recalled something he read from a damaged book in a family library when he was young. Back in the ancient time, large human families used to offer alive human beings to the world, to pray for protection. Were these great elders going to sacrifice him as a blood offering?

Gong Sun Su Su's fine hair stood straight up while he struggled desperately. He opened his mouth and let out his spirit treasure, which was a dazzling golden longsword. Gripping the sword with both hands, he was prepared to directly hack these great elders.

With their fingers sparkling dimly, these elders instantly cast tens of powerful magic seals and stopped Gong Sun Su Su from moving.

Next, a group of beautiful maids walked up and took away the sword from his hands, stripped him, and quickly cleaned his body with the clean water which had petals soaking in, from the head to the toes. Next, they put a luxurious robe on him!

Gong Sun Su Su widely opened his mouth and stared at the thick, heavy, complicated, but beautiful long robe on him.

He had seen this robe, worn by Emperor Shun during the largest ceremony of the humankind. This was a ceremonial robe, designed and made especially for the human emperor, based on a robe of an ancient human emperor. Emperor Shun had only worn it for a few times, on the most important occasions.

Emperor Shun had served as human emperor for so many years, but he wore this robe for no more than ten times.

Today, this robe was put on Gong Sun Su Su's body — New, perfectly ironed. Every part of it seemed to be new, with a warm power of the fire which was used for forging it. Wearing this robe, Gong Sun Su Su immediately calmed himself down. He now understood that what happened just now was a good thing.

Not even the great elders of the Gong Sun Family dare to make a joke with this robe!

Which meant...He was in a sudden luck, wasn't he?

Gong Sun Su Su felt that this whole thing was so ridiculous. Was Emperor Shun's brain damaged? Or, did anything serious happened to Si Wen Ming? But, even if Emperor Shun's brain were indeed not working, why him?"

"Such a hero, so beautiful, so majestic...You are the new emperor, the most outstanding prince of our family!" Looking at Gong Sun Su Su in the luxurious robe, the group of great elders praised sincerely.

A dazzling beam of light flashed across the sky, as more human leaders descended. They bowed to Gong Sun Su Su and urged him to go to Pu Ban City as fast as he could. They said that Emperor Shun was ready for the abdication, and had prepared to hand over the throne. All human leaders were ready too, that by now, people had been waiting for their new emperor.

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