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Pu Ban City was filled with the turbulent flows of people.

People talked about the new emperor passionately, about what kind of a person he was. Gong Sun Su Su, this name was strange to over ninety-nine percent of human beings. They had never heard of him.

In Pu Ban City, in terms of popularity among all human beings, Si Wen Ming was at least a hundred thousand times better than Gong Sun Su Su. With the simplest, most honest passion and expectation, people in Pu Ban City discussed everything about Gong Sun Su Su. They were hoping that a 'good' human emperor would emerge, to lead all human beings to a better life.

'The new emperor? Shouldn't that be Si Wen Ming?' Some people wondered silently.

However, Gong Sun Su Su was a member of the Gong Sun Family. His family background earned him a good first impression. As a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan, he succeeded to the throne, so what could be wrong about this? Besides, Emperor Shun had a good reputation among human beings. Therefore, in the eyes of ordinary people, he must have decided to hand over the crown to Gong Sun Su Su after deep consideration.

Gong Sun Su Su must be a better candidate than Si Wen Ming. Otherwise, why would Emperor Shun choose him?

Outside the city, a giant altar was built overnight, and bonfires were blazing. Maguspriests slaughtered the blood sacrifices by the bonfires. They offered the fresh blood to nature, and prayed for a long lasting good life and thriving natural fortune for the humankind.

Numerous human beings surrounded the altar, composing a boundless ocean.

They shouted the name of Emperor Shun, who stood on top of the altar. With their tsunami-like voices, some people called Gong Sun Su Su's name from time to time. Gradually, Gong Sun Su Su's name was called louder and louder. People looked around excitedly, as they wanted to see Gong Sun Su Su before the others.

A large group of Gong Sun Family elders and core members had been squeezing through the crowd. They were delighted, but also worried and anxious. They barely stopped exchanging opinions with the leaders of the other large families and clans.

They clearly understood that Gong Sun Su Su shouldn't become the emperor, but for the benefits of the Gong Sun Family, since Emperor Shun had nominated him, people from the Gong Sun Family were glad to seize the chance and support him.

Gong Sun Su Su barely had any individual prestige. Therefore, in order to support him, to ensure his crown, the Gong Sun Family had to make a series of exchange of interests with the other large human clans and families, making all kinds of promises.

Si Wen Ming would have succeeded to the throne much easier.

In the boundless crowd, the group of clan leaders and princes, who had been trying their best to support Si Wen Ming, all had gloomy looks. The could burst into thunder-like rages at any moment.

Emperor Shun had given up on Si Wen Ming. Emperor Shun actually prepared to hand over the crown to Gong Sun Su Su, who was incapable, dissolute, and brainless. As Si Wen Ming's friends and supporters, these clan leaders and princes were filled with anger, that they would literally explode with a slight little bit stimulation.

However, they could not channel their fury, no matter what.

Where was Si Wen Ming?

Where on earth was Si Wen Ming?

If Si Wen Ming weren't here, Ji Hao could also handle the situation. After all, he was a divine emperor now.

But, Ji Hao wasn't here either! Si Wen Ming disappeared, and neither was Ji Hao in Pu Ban City. Even the group of senior commanders and ministers under the leadership of Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao had gone missing.

Without the leaders, Si Wen Ming's supporters didn't know what to do to deal with the current situation. They were clearly aware of the fact that the Gong Sun Family had now been trying to win over supporters, and the number of their supporters had been growing larger by the moment.

Si Wen Ming had a giant number of supporters, but he also had enemies from the human society. In fact, for the flood control missing, he and Ji Hao had offended too many people. During the flood, numerous large human families and clans became their enemies.

Back then, Emperor Xuanyuan and Shennong showed up on behalf of all former human emperors and forcibly suppressed the forces which were against Si Wen Ming. But by now, the twelve former emperors had left, and Emperor Shun had stated openly that he would hand over the crown to Gong Sun Su Su. Under the circumstances, all people against Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming would love to see Gong Sun Su Su ascend to the throne, as long as the Gong Sun Family promise them a little benefit.

When Gong Sun Su Su ascended to the throne, what could Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao possibly change even if they returned?

Si Wen Ming had been fighting so hard these years. With his brothers and friends, he risked his own life and shed his own blood for the humankind. But, were all of his contributions in vain now? He had done so much for the humankind, didn't it mean a thing now? The numerous brave human warriors who sacrificed themselves for the future of the humankind, were their deaths meaningless too?

"What the hell?" Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang, and the other few princes stomped their feet against the ground in anger. Anxiously, they had been looking around over and over again while murmuring, "Brother Wen Ming, Brother Win Ming, where are you at this critical moment? Ji Hao, you bloody kid, where are you? Where are you two?"

Without Si Wen Ming or Ji Hao, Huaxu Lie and the others had no reason or excuse to interrupt this great abdication ceremony.

As Si Wen Ming's close friends, the faces of many clan leaders had even turned purple. They were choked by their anger, almost vomiting blood.

"Send people to the heaven, to find Ji Hao." Abruptly, a You Chong elder gave his order in a low voice, "Minister Wen Ming isn't here, neither is Emperor Ji Hao. But, Emperor Ji Hao must have left his trustworthy subordinates in the heaven. Go find them and stop this ceremony with the name of the heaven!"

Hearing him, the eyes of Si Wen Ming's supports shone. Immediately, tens of people darted out of the crowd.

This You Chong Family elder was right. The heaven was the ruler of the world, the holder of the highest power of Pan Gu world. Interrupting the abdication ceremony with the name of heaven was indeed inappropriate but reasonable.

As long as someone questioned Gong Sun Su Su's qualification on behalf of the heaven, shows an unyielding attitude, Gong Sun Su Su could forget about the crown.

Standing on top of the giant altar, Emperor Shun took over a scroll from Wulong Yao's hands.

Spreading the scroll, Emperor Shun read the prayer with a sonorous voice, praying for the blessing from the gods, for every human being to live a peaceful life with no worry.

Many prayers like this needed to be read before the formal ceremony, and the entire ceremony would last for about half a month.

In the north of Pu Ban City, millions of miles away, Wuzhi Qi wielded his dark ice cudgel while roaring thunderously and fighting against Huoyuan and the other ten powerful beings. He was covered in wounds, shedding blood. On the ground was an iceberg frozen from his blood.

Huoyuan's eyes sparkled with a weird dim light as he said blandly, "Wuzhi Qi, I never thought that your soul would have merged with your body already...But, you want to return to Pu Ban City to deliver the news, which is impossible."

Wuzhi Qi raised his cudgel and responded with a full-strike.

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