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Ji Hao had paid all his attention to Priest Hua and Priest Mu, but ignored the giant erect eye above the metal city.

The colorful light descended. Ji Hao burst into a sonorous shout, while his long hair broke up. Following a series of popping noise that sounded like fireworks, every broken hair of his turned into a clone, tumbling in the Chaos and darting in every direction.

The Pan Gu bell had merged into Ji Hao's body, releasing streams of Chaos power as it connected with Ji Hao's body and provided him with an even stronger defensive power. Ji Hao mingled with his countless clones and rumbled in the Chaos, darting while leaving shreds of afterimages behind.

Ji Hao learned this 'rolling-escaping' skill from Yuan Li. His movements were not tasteful-looking, but were unpredictable and flexible. With every flip in the Chaos, he created tens of shreds of afterimages to efficiently confuse his enemies and draw attention. All his clones were doing the same. Looking at Ji Hao's face flashing all over the Chaos, even Priest Mu and Priest Hua felt dizzy. They weren't prepared for this, and failed to react timely.

Priest Hua had cast layers of lotus seals to seal off the space from all directions. Reasonably, Ji Hao shouldn't be able to escape from the sealed space. Nevertheless, as Ji Hao swiftly pointed out his fingers and released faint wisps of grey mist which struck on the lotuses, the beautiful lotuses withered ones other another.

At the moment, all lotus seals were broken and disordered.

Priest Mu's expression instantly turned especially bitter as he said, "Ever-changing, the results of great Dao of evolvement."

While murmuring, Priest Mu glanced at Priest Hua speechlessly. Priest Hua forcibly planted the results of the great Dao of evolvement in Ji Hao's soul after he was possessed by Great Freedom. But, how did Ji Hao manage to see through all the secrets of the great Dao of evolvement so quickly?

Priest Hua was also shocked. He looked at the faint grey mist that drifted out of Ji Hao's fingertips and murmured, "Life and death, the results of the great Dao of quietus!"

Priest Hua couldn't help but turn around and cast a complicated glance at Priest Mu with a colorful, sparkling pair of eyes as he said, "Brother…One human being now has the supreme Dao of both of us. In mere terms of results of Dao, this kid can now be considered as the most gifted being in Pan Gu world…Sadly, he is not a disciple of ours!"

Priest Mu took a deep breath and gently flicked his fingers. A linden thunder bomb silently grew inside every shred of afterimage left by Ji Hao in the Chaos. Along with a clear cracking noise, all thunder bombs exploded, and all afterimages disappeared.

Ji Hao suffered the attack of one linden thunder bomb as well, giving a muffled snort in pain. With the help of the Pan Gu bell's great defensive power, he survived the thunder bomb while he transformed into a beam of light and flashed away at lightning speed. Within the short moment when Priest Hua and Priest Mu were distracted by his clones, the golden bridge managed to break the giant magical forcefield created by the metal city and bring Ji Hao away from the strange spherical space.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu burst into raging roars simultaneously, while the enormous erect eye above the metal city blinked briefly. The millions of miles wide, spherical space instantly began expanding. Along with an ear-piercing noise, this sphere with a strong sealing power became a long chain, connecting Ji Hao and the city.

The nature of the forcefield changed strangely. Before Ji Hao could run far away from the city, an arm-thick force reached him and coiled on his ankles.

Ji Hao paused. Once again, he was disabled from moving.

Two silhouettes flashed across his eyes. Next, Priest Hua and Priest Mu showed up around Ji Hao, each pulling out a pre-world supreme treasure which were collected from Pan Heng world. Those were a divine creature seal and a sun and moon token, glowing beautifully. Both the two treasures were swung violently towards Ji Hao's head.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua were powerful, well-cultivated, prehistorical beings from Pan Gu world, but they shamelessly launched a joint offensive on Ji Hao with two incredibly powerful treasures. Along with a buzzing noise from Ji Hao's body, dazzling sparkles rose from his body because of the heavy strikes from Priest Hua and Priest Mu. His strong physical body quivered violently, which gave him a sharp pain from the internal organs, as if someone was stirring his insides with a dagger.

Letting out a mouthful of blood, Ji Hao glanced at Priest Mu and Priest Hua in shock.

His physical body was so strong now, such that Ji Hao could tell for sure that no living being from Pan Gu world could compete with him physically. Nevertheless, wish such a strong body and the strong defensive power of Pan Gu bell, he was now covered in wounds.

The injuries weren't serious, no more than a few thin cracks on the internal organs and a mouthful of blood squeezed out of his mouth. Within one breath, his thriving spirit blood rolled and healed the injuries completely. Ji Hao then widely opened his mouth and took a deep breath. A hundreds of meters long branch from a millions of miles long Chaos tideway surged rumblingly into Ji Hao's mouth, momentarily replenishing his consumed spirit blood.

"Human cultivation methods are indeed annoying!" Priest Hua and Priest Mu simultaneously sensed that Ji Hao has already recovered. Complaining angrily, they combined their powers again and launched an offensive.

Priest Mu's eyes shone fiercely as he attacked again. As mentioned before, under Yu Yu's guidance, Po managed to survive a strike from Priest Mu, and if Ji Hao became the next one who was capable of this, Yu Yu would have too many geniuses among his disciples.

For channeling his anger, for weakening Yu Yu, and for all supreme treasures Ji Hao had, Priest Mu spared no efforts this time. In his hand, the divine creature seal was wrapped up by a thick layer of grey mist, as he swung the seal towards Ji Hao's head with all his power.

Ji Hao shouted out sonorously. He raised the Pan Gu bell to defend himself against Priest Mu's divine creature seal with his right hand and wielded the Pan Gu sword with his left hand, bringing up a sharp beam of sword light to protect himself from the sun and moon token of Priest Hua.

A bell ring shattered the surrounding Chaos, and tore the chain coiled on Ji Hao's body into pieces. The bell was sent flying up for tens of meters, while Priest Mu's divine creature seal screamed shrilly and fell apart against the bell.


Making a strike directly against Priest Mu's divine creature seal with the Pan Gu bell, the skin and muscles of Ji Hao's left hand split up. Blood spurted out of his wounds, but then was drawn back into his body by an invisible force. Within one breath, the wounds were healed completely.

The Pan Gu sword tore the Chaos open and landed on the sun and moon token along with a deafening noise.

With that, the sun and moon token with an immeasurable power was broken by the edge of the Pan Gu sword, which was sharp enough to destroy everything in the world. Ji Hao launched the combined move of the five and created an arc beam of light, which flashed to Priest Hua within a moment.

In this very moment, Priest Hua opened his mouth and let out a seven-colored lotus to defend himself against the sword edge. Ji Hao put forth his power through his wrist and cast a powerful spell, which was included in Yu Yu's art of sword, called 'shadow sword lights'. The Pan Gu bell suddenly turned into seven tangible beams of sword light, out of which three beams landed on the colorful lotus and four struck directly on Priest Hua's chest right after.

The sword light was clear as water, yet highly lethal.

The lotus was cut into two by the first three beams of sword light. Priest Hua howled in pain, while the rest four sword light beams penetrated his body.

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