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The Chaos was like a gruel, with terrifying Chaos tide waves expanding for millions of miles, flowing rapidly like great rivers while violently bumping into and devouring each other, starting raging fires and destructive thunderbolts. Within Ji Hao's line of sight, nothing existed except cloudy fire and light or dazzling thunderbolts. From time to time, giant Chaos whirlpools and black holes emerged at random locations.

In the boundless, dangerous Chaos, unimaginably giant, weird-looking creatures could be seen occasionally. Long arms, feet, and tentacles madly swung in the Chaos, stirring up and quaking the chaos.

A clear beam of light nimbly flashed across the Chaos like a slim boat. Within a second, the light beam covered tens of thousands of miles.

The golden bridge stabilized the Chaos and calmed the agitated natural powers down, creating a broad way in the Chaos. Driving the golden bridge, Ji Hao headed to Pan Gu world at his highest speed.

Compared to before, Ji Hao's physical strength had improved by more than a thousand times. He had swallowed a half of Pan Heng world and eight Pan Heng suns, for which reason, he was much more powerful now.

Relying on his great power, he moved much faster than before. He looked even like a shadow of time in the Chaos. Before those Chaos monsters saw him clearly, the clear light brushed across them and flashed away, leaving an awfully tempting aroma of blood and flesh.


Sensing the aroma sweeping across its lips, a Chaos monster which looked like a giant ball with hundreds of thousands of dark tentacles, crazily wielded its tentacles and went hysterical. It rolled up tens of giant Chaos tide waves as it fiercely struck the surrounding space.

A coldness could be sensed, as an enormous, bronze-colored, indescribably mottled golden city eased the agitated natural powers and crushed thousands of Chaos tide waves while flying over, causing a deafening, rumbling noise. The city seemed to be millions of years old.

This poor ball-like Chaos monster was right in the city's way. As the tremendous city roared across and slightly touched the monster, the latter was blown up like an egg ran over by a mountain. Its body was crushed, then turned into a strand of smoke by the power of destruction on the city wall.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu stood on top of the tallest tower in the city, they held their hands behind their bodies while gazing at Ji Hao, who had been escaping at lightning speed.

They lowered their heads down and glanced at the old city under their feet from time to time in shock. This giant city was forged from pure metal, but flying in the Chaos, it wasn't slower than Ji Hao with the golden bridge at all.

One could easily imagine how powerful this city was!

With their powerful eyes, Priest Hua and Priest Mu had clearly seen the energy core of the city. It was a powerful great formation, composed of a set of pre-world supreme treasure, which contained three-hundred and sixty pieces. The three-hundred and sixty pieces of treasure had been absorbing the complicated Chaos power at an amazing rate, turning it into a mighty energy which was much fiercer than the power of thunder. The energy flowed into the flying formation of the city and pushing the city forward.

All spell symbol systems in the formation for energy conversion and the flying formation of this giant city were completely different from the spell symbol systems that Priest Hua and Priest Mu knew about.

If one described the spell symbols created by Priest Mu and Priest Hua with the words 'ingenious' and 'profound', the spell symbols used in this metal city were 'extremely violent and cruel'. Forcibly stabilized by the three-hundred and sixty pre-world supreme treasures, the owner of this city didn't need to worry about the burdens caused to the city by all the formations. All the city owner needed to do was driving the city as fast as possible.

Abruptly, Priest Hua began talking with a deep voice, while eyes flickered with a dim seven-colored light. "People say that the dragon-kind is the wealthiest in Pan Gu world. How rich can the dragons be in comparison with this friend of ours?"

Lowering his head, Priest Mu looked down at the enormous city, his eyes shining with a cold light. A long while later, by using a secret soul magic, he sneered to Priest Hua and responded, "This city is meant to belong to us. With this city in our peaceful world, the foundation of our sect can be sturdy forever."

A figure flashed through the air as Evil Crown showed up before Priest Mu and Priest Hua's faces.

With a lingering fear, he bowed deeply to Priest Mu and Priest Hua and said, "Elders, our supreme master is waking up from an eternal sleep. He needs time to restore his power…So, elders, please kill the kid who murdered Shadow Crown through a shameless method."

Judging by Shadow Crown's complicated facial expression, he took pleasure in Shadow Crown's misfortune. But in the meantime, he was badly frightened. Straightening his body, he continued, "Since you have agreed to ally with our supreme master, prove your sincerity with the head of that kid!"

Priest Mu frowned. Pointing at Ji Hao, who had been escaping swiftly in the Chaos, Priest Mu said, "Ji Hao kid has powerful treasures. The golden bridge allows him to travel across the universe. With his current power and the golden bridge, we can hardly catch up with him, even if we try our best."

Evil Crown smiled and said blandly, "Of course, we will put in our efforts too."

Along with that, Evil Crown gently raised his arms. The giant metal city quaked slightly, while an especially heavy forcefield spread rapidly in all directions like a tsunami.

Suddenly, an enormous sphere-shaped empty space was created in the Chaos. Inside this space, all natural powers were suppressed, turning into a pure and peaceful energy. Ji Hao was right on the edge of this space. He paused while the golden bridge screamed, and next, he felt like being wrapped up in a tremendous, sticky power. Abruptly, he was stopped from his high-speed flying, that brought him a piercing pain and almost made him vomit blood.

On the golden bridge, countless strange spell symbols began spinning and flowing. This supreme treasure had been analyzing this mysterious forcefield as fast as it could. In the span of a breath…no, in one second, the golden bridge could reveal all secrets of this forcefield and set Ji Hao free from this weird, quiet sphere-shaped space.

However, Priest Mu and Priest Hua darted across the Chaos and marched to Ji Hao formidably, without giving Ji Hao even a second.

Priest Hua rubbed his hands and let thousands of lotuses bloom around Ji Hao. Instantly, layers of magic seal wrapped Ji Hao up. In the meanwhile, Priest Mu raised his colorful branch and poured down a torrent of colorful light. Under the violent colorful light, the Pan Gu bell buzzed as it spun above Ji Hao's head. Immediately, a tremendous power forced him backward for tens of steps.

Behind them, a dark erect eye suddenly appeared above the metal city, coldly and emotionlessly gazing at Ji Hao.

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