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The Highest Conference Hall in Liang Zhu City...

This place used to belong to the highest, most powerful organization in Yu Dynasty. But at present, in this magnificent building, Gold Crow warriors had been running and flying everywhere.

In a smaller hall located next to the main hall, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming sat comfortably on exquisitely carved pure golden chairs, tasting the top-grade tea of Yu Dynasty. The tea was from Pan Yu world, grown with a secret magic created by Xiu Clan masters.

A nice aroma spread in the air. A dense white mist slowly rose from the tea and filled the entire hall with the refreshing aroma. This was a great tea from Pan Yu world. The natural power contained in one tea leaf was as much as the amount contained in ten pieces of top-grade crystals. Only powerful beings like Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming could bear to drink a whole cup of tea made with a handful of tea leaves.

Normally, a Yu Clan noble would use one tea leaf each time, and take a few days to slowly absorb the natural powers contained in it. If they gulped this tea the same way as Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming did, their body would explode because of the excessive natural powers.

"Uncle, what did you want to tell me? Did…those people refuse to follow your orders again?" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. A dangerous cold light flashed across those eyes as he continued, "If they are still playing tricks at this point of time, I can make them serve in the heaven with the orders of a divine emperor. Then, they will be thrown into the most dangerous places."

"It's not about them." Si Wen Ming blew away the white mist drifting upon his tea, then smilingly took a large sip. The pure natural powers exploded inside his body and brought a pleasant sensation. "Nice tea." He grinned and said.

"Hmm, let's check the storeroom later. I think they still have thousands of kilograms of this tea. You should take half of it. It belonged to Yu Clan families anyway. If you can't drink that much, you can feed those to the horses!" Ji Hao laughed,like a prodigal son squandering the family fortune, "You haven't told me what did you come for."

It seemed that Si Wen Ming didn't come for anything urgent. Therefore, Ji Hao relaxed, pleasantly tasting this top-grade tea from another world. Nice, it was truly nice. Every time he took a sip of the tea, he could sense a slight improvement in his power. Even a pig would become a 'spirit creature king' if it drank this tea all year round.

Tasting the tea, Ji Hao began wondering that if these 'low-grade nobles' from Yu Dynasty were able to get such a good tea from Pan Yu world, what about Blood Crown?

Ceaselessly plundering resources from other worlds, nourishing themselves with the best resources, how many powerful beings like this, like Blood Crown, existed in Pan Yu world? And how powerful were they exactly? How many warriors did they have? How strong were those warriors?

Not to mention anyone else, a group of twelve Sun and Moon knights like Red Lei and Dim Cloud were able to summon Pan Yu and give Ji Hao a certain threat. How many groups of Sun and Moon knights existed in total? Ten? A hundred? Or even more?

Ji Hao seemed to be lost in his thought, and neither did Si Wen Ming talk. Holding his teacup, he stood up and walked to the large window, looking at the Gold Crow warriors flying in the sky through the giant crystal window.

After a long while, Ji Hao smiled and cleared his mind. Why should he think so much? There would always be a solution to a problem. No matter how powerful Blood Crown was, Pan Gu world wasn't weak either, was it? Plus, Ji Hao already had prepared Netherworld Priest to fight against Blood Crown with his full power.

Also, Priest Mu had promised Ji Hao a full-power strike as well.

"Uncle, what is it?" Ji Hao walked to Si Wen Ming, also holding a teacup as he looked at the scenery outside. Other than Gold Crow warriors, Ji Hao also saw a large number of well-dressed non-humankind beings leisurely walking on streets, chatting and chuckling. This was also a 'strong' species, that no matter how many difficulties or dangers they had been through, their pursuits of 'romance' and coziness would never fade. Ji Hao suspected that even if one put blades against their necks, they would continue enjoying their lives while they still could.

"I want to forge a set of supreme treasure to guard our kind." Remaining silent for long, Si Wen Ming nodded seriously, and said, "I want to forge a set of after-world supreme treasures with natural reward, with my own hands, to pass on, and to guard the natural fortune of our humankind."

"The nine cauldrons?" The moment Ji Hao said this, he wanted to slap himself on the face.

"Hmm, we happen to hold the same view. Indeed, I plan to collect essence metals from all over the world, gather the powers of the world, and to forge nine cauldrons." Said Si Wen Ming with a slightly blushed face. An indescribable glow was emitting from his face.

"I plan to build a base with the nine cauldrons to replace Buzhou Mountain, which has already fallen apart. With the nine cauldrons, the world will be divided into nine provinces, and the earth meridians will meet in the nine cauldrons. We will build an unprecedented great formation to guard our kind. It won't be a work of nature. Instead, it will belong to the humankind — 'the Nine Provinces Ward'!" Si Wen Ming turned around, looked at Ji Hao with his brightly shining eyes, and continued, "In the future, no powerful beings from other worlds or sky devils will be able to set one foot in the Nine Provinces Ward!"

Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming. With plain language, he could not describe his feeling about Si Wen Ming.

His All Streams to the Final Land great formation conquered the disastrous flood, and after that, it managed to pull the five continents in Pan Gu world together, making them merge into Pan Gu Mother Land. Now, he planned to build the nine cauldrons to replaced Buzhou Mountain, which had already collapsed. He planned to divide the world into nine provinces with the nine cauldrons, and gather the earth meridian power to create the Nine Province Ward, to allow human beings to live a safe life without a worry in the future.

Ji Hao had to admit that Si Wen Ming always had grandiose plans, that not even Ji Hao could easily follow.

"More importantly," holding the teacup, Si Wen Ming continued with his deep and strong voice, "many people have already begun cultivating themselves based on your soul cultivation method. I've been thinking about it shortly. I think the Magi Palace's current grading system can be more specific and accurate. In the future, the nine cauldrons can also serve as a measure to the powers of Magi."

"With spirit power…" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming as his eyes sparkled.

"Let them lift the nine cauldrons with spirit power, then grade them according to the numbers of cauldrons that they managed to raise." Si Wen Ming said excitedly, "Nine is a number of extreme…As the cores of the nine provinces, the nine cauldrons will be connected with the earth meridians. Lifting one cauldron may not require a great power, but after that, to lift the second cauldron, one would be needing a ten times greater power, and the third cauldron might cost a hundred times stronger power to be lifted…If a Magus can lift the nine cauldrons at one time with pure spirit power…"

Si Wen Ming raised his head, looked at the sky, and said, "His or her soul would be strong enough to absorb a natural star, and he or she would be able to become a Supreme Magus!"

"The one who can lift the nine cauldrons with his or her spirit power can be a Supreme Magus!" Si Wen Ming wielded his fist and asked, "Ji Hao, what do you think about this idea?"

Remaining silent for quite a while, Ji Hao also responded with a deep voice, "So, what do you want me to do? Help you forge the cauldrons?"

Si Wen Ming grinningly punched on Ji Hao's chest and said, "I need the pure positive power from the sun world to melt the metal essences from all over the world. I need the nine cauldrons to be forged by the strongest power in the world."

Shaking his head, Si Wen Ming smiled and continued, "But I am a mortal being, and cannot access the sun world. So, I came to ask you, a divine emperor, for help!"

Ji Hao pondered for another while, then laughed, "Perhaps, apart from the sun world, I can help you with even more."

Ji Hao triggered the five-colored cauldron in his lower abdomen with his mind. This time, the cauldron obediently drifted out of his palm.

Si Wen Ming stared at the cauldron, stunned, as if he had just seen a ghost in broad daylight.

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