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The straight beam of light reached into the sky from the portal-base foundation, creating a giant swirl in the clouds.

Occasionally, the light beam would quake slightly, causing a muffled, thunder-like noise, while space spell symbols would sparkle inside the light beam. This happened because an outside force had been adjusting the formation, allowing it to point at Pan Heng world.

Ji Hao reached out his hand to touch the light beam.

Standing behind him, Piji Nu, Yemo Luoye and the other non-humankind emperors all smiled evilly and gloatingly, while Fan Hai exclaimed out loud, "Your Majesty, please, do not touch these space navigation arks. They are connected with the whole…"

Hearing Fan Hai's scream, Ji Hao slowly reached his hands into the light beam. Deafening popping noise could be heard without an end, while hair like space cracks emerged around his palm. The entire formation began shaking slightly, and so did the ground.

"Ah…Ah!" Piji Nu and the others stared at Ji Hao in shock, "His body is made from what?"

Polo fixed his dazzling eyes on Ji Hao and said, "Such a strong body. Is this because of the natural will of Pan Gu world? No, not just that. It's because he is way too strong. I remember, when he was still a Divine Magus, he defeated Yemo Shayi…His physical body is so very strong, but he is a human being, not a dragon!"

Lowering his eyes and fiddling with the turtle shell, which recorded the location of Pan Heng world, Polo Jia murmured to himself with a low voice, "I truly want to study his muscles, his blood… So amazing! Is he a mix-blood descendant of a dragon and a human being? Did some mutations happen to him that made him even stronger than pure-blood dragons? But based on the information we have…"

Shaking his head, Polo Jia wasn't trying to hide his curiosity to Ji Hao at all.

Yemo Luoye looked at Ji Hao. Her face blushed as her eyes grew wider, and lips opened subconsciously. Ji Hao had such a strong body, which allowed him to withstand the power of a space navigation mark generated from a portal-base formation. Great Dark Sun! What a strong body! And, he was so handsome, much better than those girly Yu Clan nobles!

Especially the erect eye of Dao between his eyebrows…He had three eyes, perfectly fitting Yemo Luoye's aesthetic requirements. A drop of drool glistened from Yemo Luoye's mouth corner as she glanced at Ji Hao in a complicated way. No one knew what she was thinking.

"Pan Gu Motherland is formed, and the circulation of natural powers has changed." Ji Hao took back his hand, which had turned slightly red under the effect of the light beam, and blandly, "These twelve portal-base formations were under the protection of the water power from the twelve water worlds, and were unbreakable. But now, there is a glimmer of possibility for them to be destroyed."

Raising his head, Ji Hao looked at the twelve giant cracks in the sky. Through the twelve giant cracks, Pan Gu world was devouring the twelve water worlds. Before Pan Gu world finished its banquet, the twelve cracks wouldn't disappear.

Because of the twelve water worlds, these portal-base formations were especially sturdy, and were indestructible. However, Si Wen Ming completed the All Streams to the Final Land great formation, and forcibly drew the four wastelands to meet Midland and form Pan Gu Motherland. This did not only bring Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao an immeasurable amount of natural rewards power, but also, thoroughly changed the circulation of the natural powers in Pan Gu world.

Because of the massive change, the twelve space navigation mark formation, which was under the protection of the twelve worlds, was shaken, and was no longer unbreakable.

"Breaking them will cause no change." Said Polo Jia, "Since they are able to adjust the space navigation mark and chose to land in Pan Heng world the first, they must have approached Pan Gu world and the surrounding great worlds already."

Spreading his hands, Polo Jia continued with a dry voice, "Pan Yu world people are experienced in conquering worlds. As long as they have approached, they will find their target. Therefore, it's meaningless for us to break these space marks now."

Ji Hao slowly nodded. Frowning, he tried to figure out the reason why Blood Crown decided to go to Pan Heng world the first.

Was it because of Netherworld Priest? Earlier, Netherworld Priest stopped him from killing Fan Hai, which allowed Blood Crown to reestimate the 'true power' of Pan Gu world. Perhaps, because the power Netherworld Priest had shown, Blood Crown dared not to directly invade Pan Gu world, and instead, planned to use Pan Heng world as a springboard, and invade Pan Gu world with his full power once he figured out exactly how powerful Pan Gu world was.

It seemed that unintentionally, Ji Hao had done a good job. As long as Blood Crown did not come to Pan Gu world directly, things would be a lot easier.

"Give the alliance all the information you collected about Pan Heng world. I will discuss with Emperor Shun and the others about how should we use this new change." Taking over the turtle shell from Polo Jia, Ji Hao said in a deep voice.

Glancing at Polo Jia's sulky face, Ji Hao laughed, "Is Pan Heng world strong?"

Polo Jia grinned, rubbed his fingers, and responded, "Perhaps, it's because we Flow Moon people are really not good at fighting. But of course, local people in that world should not be underestimated. Hm, that is a beautiful world, rich in magical herbs and plants. All the powerful beings in that world are…"

While speaking, Polo Jia glanced at an old tree man, who had a group of Gold Crow warriors squatting on his branches, and had been slowly walking across a street.

"I understand, a world with powerful, thriving plants?" Ji Hao nodded slowly and said, "Hmm…Will every world tend to explore the universe once it's strong enough?"

Polo Jia remained silent for a while, then nodded heavily, and said, "According to the records kept in our Flow Moon, yes. After all, the total amount of resources of a world is limited. Even though a growing great world can absorb the Chaos power to constantly strengthen itself, it won't be able to accommodate too many powerful beings."

"The resources of a world will eventually be consumed up, because as more and more powerful beings emerge in this world, the more resources they would need, and the longer they would live. At last, they would become immortal. The more immortal beings existed in a world, the more deficient would the life-force of this world be. Therefore, in order to replenish its own life-force, this world would have to seek for resources from other worlds."

Looking at Ji Hao with his deeply sunken eyes, Polo Jia continued, "Pan Gu world is so lucky. Near this world, so close from it, there are so many worlds for it to conquer, to devour. You can never imagine the war started by the top-grade beings in Pan Yu world, back in our 'prehistorical era', for resources. That war nearly destroyed the world."

"I think I understand." Ji Hao nodded, pointed at Polo Jia, and said, "Give the alliance all the information you have about Pan Heng world…I think, that world will be the main battleground for us against Blood Crown."

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao smiled to Polo Jia, and said, "Of course, if Polo Family is willing to contribute, as you should, from what we may gain from Pan Heng world, you will have a share. I always like to keep things fair."

Shermie's shouts could be heard from a distance away, telling Ji Hao that Si Wen Ming was looking for him.

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