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Busy, busy, very busy...

Having escaped from all the trivial but complicated tasks in the heaven, Ji Hao dove into the alliance of humankind and non-humankind, and started all kinds of important tasks regarding the joint operation in the future. Entrusted by Emperor Shun, Ji How now served as the special envoy of the humankind, and was responsible for building the allied force of the humankind and the non-humankind.

Even Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Shennong praised Emperor Shun for using Human Resources smartly.

After all, most of human leaders were simple and honest, and the few less honest clan leaders and elders were obsessed with seeking benefits for their own clans and families. No one dared to put these people together with the non-humankind.

Ji Hao was special. He had nothing to do with 'honesty'. On the contrary, he was even greedier, sneakier, more calculative, and shameless than non-humankind beings. He was so different from ordinary human beings, and he was a pure dark-minded badass.

Nevertheless, this dark-minded boy had the entire human-kind in his heart. Everything he had done, he didn't do it for himself, but for the future of the whole humankind. Not to mention how many contributions he had made for the humankind, judging merely by the worlds' edict he attained, one would know how much he had given to the humankind.

Only by appointing such a selfless but extremely dark-minded and shameless human being as the special envoy of humankind, and letting him build the allied force of the humankind and non-humankind, could the non-humankind from Yu Clan be drained by the humankind. Ji Hao would force them to give whatever they had, and try their best to strengthen the humankind!

Indeed, in Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming's plan for building the allied force, those emotional non-humankind beings who were mortally afraid of death and could betray the alliance at any moment were not included.

Without a doubt, human warriors would be the main force fighting against Blood Crown's army in the future. The only thing Yu Dynasty nobles could do was dedicating all resources, wealth, and knowledge they had to arm every human warrior to the teeth, and to improve the human civilization as much as possible, to face the powerful enemies.

Therefore, every single day, Ji Hao would lead a giant group of beast-like subordinates, violently breaking into the castles and mansions of Yu Dynasty nobles, and mercilessly registering everything they had, squeezing out their last penny.

Ji Hao took away all strong armors and high-quality weapons passed down from their ancestors, then rewarded this top-grade equipment, which were made with peak-level techniques, to brave and skillful human warriors.

Flying forts and flying mountains with amazing defensive powers, and divine towers of all size, were all registered by Ji Hao as well, becoming the armaments of the allied force, strictly guarded by Ji Hao's warriors.

The twelve families in power, their treasuries, factories, workshops, mines, all valuable resources they had, had been taken over by Ji Hao.

All dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves were turned into miners, replacing all the human slaves in the dark mine tunnels. They mined day and night for all kinds of valuable resources. Dense clouds of smoke had been rising from every factory and workshop in Liang Zhu City. All vacations of all Xiu Clan craftsmen were canceled; supervised by heavily armed human warriors, they worked as hard as they could to produce armaments.

Armors, spears, blades, bows, large-scale weapons, all kinds of armaments had been flowing down from Xiu Clan craftsmen' workbenches like water streams. These armaments,, which were of way higher quality than the ones produced by human beings, had been distributed to human warriors, arming more and more elite troops.

Bit by bit, Ji Hao was draining the non-humankind, turning everything they had into nourishment for the humankind.

Facing Ji Hao's almost shameless working style, at first, the twelve emperors in power were careless. But soon, they were nervous; next, they were angry, and at last, they were deeply confused. Why did Ji Hao seem to take away all they had?

However, all the questions, the anger, and protests from the non-humankind were gone under Ji Hao's fists.

Ji Hao had shown his attitude clearly, 'You begged us to help, and we will risk our lives for you. So, shut up and give all you can give!'

'Give us everything you have, and we can still be allies, even brothers and sisters; everyone will be fine.'

'But, if you don't, I will go to your homes and take all you have myself. Of course, the process might be a little rude, violent, bloody, but that would be because of your unwillingness to cooperate, right?'

Ji Hao had set the tone, that anyone who dared to break the harmony between the humankind and the non-humankind, and hinder this perfect situation of everyone facing the powerful enemy together, was a mole from Blood Crown's side. Reasonably, a mole's families would all be executed or enslaved, and a mole's properties would be handed over to the alliance.

Ji Hao had been extremely rude and peremptory to the non-humankind. Added with Fan Hai's selfless cooperation, people from the twelve families in power cried almost every day. Under the leadership of the twelve families in power, people from all large or small families were even about to sell their pants for money.

Speaking of Fan Hai, this non-humankind being who worked with corpses, souls, and all the other negative energies all year round, had nearly become a 'traitor' of Yu Dynasty. On his own initiative, he sold many secrets of Yu Dynasty to Ji Hao, including a great number of their backup plans.

He had already made up his mind, that he wanted all the others to be as miserable as he was. Therefore, he sold Ji Hao everything he knew about the twelve families in power. He gave Ji Hao all the valuable information. As a consequence, not a single non-humankind family managed to keep anything valuable for themselves when facing Ji Hao.

The other emperors in power and power elders were the ones to blame for this. Back in Dim Cloud's cell, Ji Hao asked Netherworld Priest to save Fan Hai, while all the other non-humankind beings chose to watch him die!

Fan Hai was infuriated. Plus, he had already given all he had to Netherworld Priest, just for survival. He had no reason to stop. Therefore, he became Ji Hao's most determined ally from Yu Clan, and without hesitation, he shared everything he knew with Ji Hao.

With Fan Hai's help, Ji Hao efficiently emptied all non-humankind beings' pockets, and built an unprecedentedly strong army.

The advanced productivity and nearly inexhaustible resources for production played important roles. Ji Hao even started to forge giant armors for Kuafu Family warriors and Longbo Country warriors, who were enormous in shape.

The resources in Ji Hao's hands were rich enough for him to waste luxuriously. One could easily imagine how much he had gained from the non-humankind.

Time flew, as Ji Hao tried his utmost to strengthen the entire humankind.

This day, someone told Ji Hao that strangely, the twelve navigation marks which used to be portal-base formations, seemed to have changed.

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