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In the Chaos, Chaos tide waves roared like mad and drunken boas, interweaving and generating soul-shaking bombs and Chaos thunderbolts, brutal enough to destroy everything.

Amidst the endless Chaos tide waves, a magnificent golden city silently crushed Chaos whirlpools one after another. The Chaos thunderbolts that erupted right around the city wall was absorbed by the wall, converting into the power of the city to support its high flying speed.

Towering up on the golden, mountain-like base, a palace emitted an inexhaustible golden light, looking splendid and blinding. Troops of heavily armored Jia Clan warriors were on patrol. They showered under the splendent golden light and moved through the thickly interwoven, spider-web-like paths, with rumbling steps. Under the strong golden light, their bodies looked translucent. Through their skins and muscles, one could see their bones and internal organs.

In the glorious palace, the void divine mirror had still been spinning slowly, locked on Pan Gu world. Hundreds of Xiu Clan masters surrounded the mirror, cautiously and carefully recording every information it gave.

Blood Crown sat straight on a tall throne, lowering his hand as he looked at his right hand.

He moved his right forefinger flexibly. He crooked his finger, then straightened it, then crooked it again. Around him, his trusted subordinates all clearly saw the eighteen gray streams reaching in from his fingernail like sharp steel needles, almost covering half of his forefinger.

Different powers could be sensed from the eighteen gray streams, cold as ice, scorching as fire, sharp as blade, or with a sticky, pure scent of blood. Blood Crown curiously observed the eighteen gray streams in his finger. From time to time, he raised his hand and carefully sniffed the grayness.

"A very powerful being." After a long while, Blood Crown flicked his finger. A golden light erupted from his finger. The eighteen gray streams vibrated intensely within the golden light, letting out shrill buzzing noises.

Hearing the strange buzzing noises, thousands of Blood Crown's trusted subordinates slightly frowned. In shock, they looked at the eighteen gray streams vibrating and struggling inside Blood Crown's finger. Those were just thin wisps of lingering power, yet, Holy Blood Crown spent such an effort to dispel them.

It took Blood Crown seven to eight minutes to completely purity the eighteen gray streams in his finger. As he flicked his right forefinger, a complicated pattern flashed across it.

Narrowing his eyes, Blood Crown carefully looked at the nail of this slightly abraded right forefinger, he shook his head in dissatisfaction. He took out a tiny golden blade from his sleeve and began cutting and polishing his fingernail with extra care.

Until the fingernail was perfectly clean and flawless again, and its curve radian finally satisfied him, Blood Crown nodded, then put the golden blade back into his sleeve and said, "A truly powerful being."

Pondering for a while, Blood Crown continued in a bland tone, "Just now, I reached out my finger through the soul of that traitor Dim Cloud, with less than one percent of my power…But, the one who stopped me only used less than one percent of his power as well. Which means, he is as powerful as me, or slightly weaker than me. He is a fearful being."

The group of his trusted subordinates exclaimed out loud. A Yu Clan man kneeled down on one knee and said loudly with a shocked face, "But supreme Holy Master, that is a barbaric great world. How can someone as powerful as you possibly exist there?"

Blood Crown gently lifted his forefinger and generated a strong force, holding the Yu Clan man up from the ground. While frowning, he pondered for another while, then nodded and said, "According to the information you collected from those lowly families, that great world was nearly conquered by the allied army of those lowly families. In this case, powerful beings at my level shouldn't be existing in that world indeed."

"Therefore, even with my wisdom, I cannot understand this." Frowning again, Blood Crown asked himself, "The one who stopped me just now, even if he was much weaker than I estimated, even if he were merely thirty percent as powerful as me, he would be able to wipe out the allied force of those lowly families all by himself, right?"

Snorting coldly, he continued murmuring to himself, "Based on all the information we have collected in the recent century, after a comprehensive analysis, we now know that those lowly families had grown about a hundred times more powerful than before, in the recent few decades…And at present, that living being is able to wipe out all those lowly families."

Shaking his head, he carried on with doubt, "Which means, back then, before those lowly families attained the resources from that great world, when they were still the lowest poor beings, facing this powerful one, their allied force should have collapsed after the first blow!"

Gently patting his knees, Blood Crown looked at his trusted subordinates in confusion and said, "What puzzles me is that since such a powerful being existed in Pan Gu world, why were those lowly families able to put down roots in Pan Gu world back then? This is definitely… unreasonable."

No other sound could be heard from the hall for quite a long while, until a white-haired Xiu Clan man, who seemed to be extremely old, tremblingly walked out, politely bowed to Blood Crown, and said, "Supreme Holy Master!"

Looking at this Xiu Clan old man, Blood Crown slightly lifted his body from the throne, and smilingly reached out his hands towards this Xiu Clan old man. A gentle yet strong power supported the Xiu Clan old man and stopped him from bowing to him. "Ah, our elder of wisdom, how many times I've told you that you are my elder. Facing you, even I have to show enough respect. You don't need to bow to me. This is your special right…" Said Blood Crowl.

Smiling warmly, Blood Crown asked the Xiu Clan old man with a gentle tone, "Dear elder of wisdom, what do you have in mind?"

The elder of wisdom raised his head. His five eyes sparkled with the light of wisdom, which was too bright to look at directly. "Such cases did happen in the processes of conquering the other worlds. During the conquering of one-hundred and ninety-seven worlds, the armies under the leadership of three holy masters encountered similar situations. The results were the death of the three holy masters."

Blood Crown's expression turned especially serious as he asked, "Is this a trap? Did Pan Gu world people set a trap for us many years ago?"

The elder of wisdom slowly nodded and said, "It may not be a trap. It may be because of some conflicts among themselves. But anyhow, a powerful being in Pan Gu world is able to survive a strike from you, and can cause harm to a supreme being like you. Therefore, our operational plan has to be changed modestly."

Turning around, the elder of wisdom pointed at the void divine mirror and said in a deep voice, "Pan Heng world is the nearest world to Pan Gu world. Those lowly families spent years of efforts, but still failed to conquer Pan Heng world. To be on the safe side, we should conquer Pan Heng word first, use it as our bridgehead, then try to launch an all-out offensive on Pan Gu world!"

Blood Crown raised his eyebrows, gave a bright smile, and responded, "Great! That's what we will do then."

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