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Ji Hao didn't stop letting out Ao Ku's blood.

Even as an extra strong being, Ao Ku was only able to struggle weakly at the moment, as his heart was penetrated by the Pan Gu sword. Ji Hao's strength was greater than his, facing which, he had no chance to escape.

The tremendous dragon army was nearly crushed by Ji Hao's golden sun thunder bombs. A whole hundred flying forts were melted into liquid, splashing onto the ground. Ji Hao's army proceeded to surround Ao Gu and the other dragons from all directions. Ao Gu and the other two dragon gods dared not to make any move, even though they were powerful ancient beings.

From time to time, they roared in fury. Ao Gu released an overwhelming dragon power to awe the warriors coming at him from every direction. However, as the main force under Ji Hao's command, those half-dragon warriors, blood-pool ghosts, and divine commanders and warriors from the heaven had no sense of fear. They moved forward based on their instincts of fighting, and Ao Gu's threat was completely ineffective on them.

On the contrary, Ao Gu's power stimulated those half-dragon warriors. They stared at Ao Gu with blood-red eyes, waiting for Ji Hao's order. They wanted nothing but to rush up, tear him into pieces, then swallow him up.

Ao Gu dared not to move, and either did the other two dragon gods standing beside him.

They could start a massacre regardless of anything else, but what would happen to those badly injured young dragons? Wounded by the golden sun thunder bombs, these young dragons now had no strength to defend themselves, such that any few half-dragon warriors could kill them all as easily as chopping watermelons. No matter what kind of high position they were in, these dragon gods couldn't take the responsibility for that.

Ao Gu's eyes rolled in his sockets. He looked at Man Man and Shaosi, who both had Ji Hao's smell. He wanted to kidnap the two girls and threaten Ji Hao with their lives. But, Man Man and Shaosi vigilantly stayed on the chariot, under the protection of layers of fire.

The nine dragons chariot belonged to the ancient East Emperor Taiyi, and was as powerful as top-grade pre-world supreme treasure. Ao Gu might be powerful, but he couldn't possibly break the defense of the chariot and capture Man Man and Shaosi within a short span of time.

In anger, he turned to the phoenix army in a distance away.

If Feng Ling and her people were willing to help and break in from the outer circle, the dragon-kind might have a chance to reverse the situation. However, on glancing at Feng Ling and her people, Ao Gu found the four old phoenixes were pointing their fingers at the dragons while smiling and talking. Obviously, Feng Ling and her people were glad to see the dragon-kind fall into disadvantages.

'Old b*tch!' Ao Gu cursed in his head. He seemed to even explode with wrath. Ever since the ancient time, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were top among all species in Pan Gu world. Speaking of the dragon-kind, one would certainly think of the phoenix-kind as well, vice versa.

The relationship between the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind was tight and complicated. If the dragon-kind fell at a disadvantage and was humiliated by Ji Hao, would Feng Ling feel proud?

Ao Ku was howling.

Ji Hao had been letting out Ao Ku's blood for about ten minutes. As an ancient dragon god with a thriving life-force, who had a thousand-miles-long, strong body, Ao Ku suffered an unbearable pain, but remained strengthful.

To Ao Ku, losing this small amount of blood was nothing to be mentioned, because he could easily regenerate the blood by taking some nourishing natural treasures. However, his face, his dignity!

Ao Ku screamed madly. His broken arms and legs had all been twitching intensively. At the moment, he truly wanted to die. Ao Gu and the other dragons saw him like this, fine. But the four old phoenixes were also watching, weren't they? Back when they were younger, two of the four old phoenixes had awful relationships with Ao Ku!

Ao Ku could even imagine the two with sharp beaks telling everyone in the world about what happened to him when things were settled!

Ao Ku really wanted to die!

He seriously couldn't understand how could Ji Hao, a human being, be so powerful. How could he?

Not to mention that ridiculously sharp sword of his, Ji Hao's physical strength was even scarier. Judging by the tremendous pressure he sensed from his neck, Ao Ku clearly knew that Ji Hao's physical strength was twice as great as his!

Ji Hao was a human being, a human being, a lowly, weak human being! Since when could human beings have even greater physical strength than dragons? Not even ancient human emperors could achieve that. Emperor Shennong, Emperor Xuanyuan, even Emperor Fuxi, the first human emperor, they were all brave, wise and powerful, but their physical strengths were far weaker than same-level dragons!

Ao Ku could not understand this. Did dragons truly inherit Saint Pan Gu's strong body? Or, had it always been human beings?

The pair of fire dragons were no longer satisfied with drinking the blood Ji Hao sent into their mouths. They left Ji Hao's arms and coiled on Ao Ku's broken arms. Then, they widely opened their jaws and bit on his wounds, sucking his spirit blood directly.

Ao Ku quivered in pain. Absorbing Ao Ku's blood, the pair of fire dragon grew stronger and stronger, while Ao Ku started feeling cold, even though he had a thousand-miles-long, strong body. Cold sweat oozed from under his scales. Because of the excessive loss of blood, his internal organs began twitching slowly.

"Emperor Ji Hao, for my sake, please spare the lives of these immature kids!"

From a distance away, a watery cloud drifted over. Earlier, nearly ten-thousand dragons burst into cries and wails together, because of which, the sky was dark and cloudy. But, as the watery cloud appeared, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly disappeared. Ao Gu and the others looked at the watery cloud, all shocked.

Standing on the watery cloud was a man in a white robe, with a mild smile, a handsome face, and elegant manners. He seemed like an ancient being. Ji Hao had a pretty good first impression of him. His long hair hung loosely on his back. The three-inches-long pair of horns on his forehead revealed his background. He was also a dragon.

The power that could be sensed from this man was weak, and the smell emitted from his body was refreshing. He was like a newborn, that not even the natural laws of Pan Gu world had left much of traces on or inside him.

However, the moment Ao Ku saw this man, he stopped struggling crazily, and politely lowered his head.

Ao Gu, the other two dragon gods, and nearly ten-thousand younger dragons behind bowed deeply and reverently to this man. They acted so politely and respectfully, not like arrogant and unbridled dragons at all.

"You are?" Without stopping the bloodletting, Ji Hao vigilantly looked at the man.

The sense of power was weak, and even his soul power vibration was not steady. He was like a candle in a gale, that could die out at any moment. Nevertheless, Ji Hao dared not to be even a little careless, because he knew that a terrifying true face was hiding under the weak mask of this man.

"I am…" The man patted his own head, looked down at his white robe, then grinned and said, "I haven't used my name for long, and people might have forgotten it. You can call me Ao Bai[1]!"

Ji Hao remained silent. What a convenient way to name oneself!

"Alright, alright, is this a contract of the world?" Ao Bai looked at the contract. He scanned across it with an extremely weak spirit power, then seriously nodded and said, "This is a very fair contract. We are making this a deal, shall we?"

Ji Hao was surprised, and so were the four old phoenixes who had been watching this show from the distance.


[1]Bai, literally means 'white'.

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