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The rain was heavy. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

Surrounded by thunderbolts, Ji Hao walked out of the nine dragons chariot with big steps. The contract of the world floated in front of him. He reached out his hands and pushed slightly, sending the contract to Ao Gu, who stood in a distance away.

Teasingly, he said in a bland voice, "Ao Gu, you have merely lost some low-grade water-kind beings now. Sign the contract, and the promised conditions can still be effective. This is your last chance!"

Ao Gu trembled in fury.

'Have merely lost some low-grade water-kind beings'? He didn't care how many of those cheap fishes, turtles, shrimps died. But, the problem was, other than those insignificant water-kind creatures, over a thousand pure-blooded dragons were incinerated!

The dragon-kind was wealthy, with abundant natural treasures. If the souls of those young dragons remained, their bodies could still be rebuilt with all kinds of natural treasures. In the worst case, they would lose a slight little bit of longevity. Nevertheless, Ji Hao's thunder bombs were too powerful. Those young dragons' bodies were destroyed, and their relatively weaker souls perished in the fire before they managed to escape.

Over a thousand pure-blooded dragons!

The dragon-kind had never lost so many members during one fight, not even when the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world for the first time!

"Ji Hao, forget it. From now on, we, the dragon-kind…and you are at daggers drawn." Ao Gu was prepared to say that the dragon-kind and the humankind were going to be at daggers drawn, but suddenly, he lost the confidence. These years, the humankind had grown stronger and stronger. All large human families were more and more thriving. Therefore, Ao Gu had no courage to actually say it out.

He could only point at Ji Hao.

The dragon-kind was strong. Ao Gu was confident in suppressing Ji Hao, a human being. Suppressing Ji Hao, the dragonkind could even use this as an excuse to earn more profits from the humankind. For example, didn't the humankind occupied Liang Zhu City? The dragon-kind had no interest in non-humankind knowledge, but it wouldn't mind using those for reference!

"At daggers drawn!" Ao Gu angrily punched the contract away and growled, "You, Ji Hao, who luckily ascended to a divine throne, you will die! And that's because you offended our dragon-kind. In Pan Gu world, no one can offend us and stay alive afterward!"

Ji Hao clenched his fingers in the air. The contract flew back into his hands, then he glanced at Feng Ling and the other three old phoenixes, who had been remaining silent the whole time. Seeing Ji Hao look at them, Feng Ling coughed slightly, then flew up with the other three, back to the phoenix army.

The birds screamed and followed pure-blooded phoenixes slowly backward. Drawing back for about a thousand miles, they finally stopped, looking at Ji Hao and the dragons through a long distance.

On the ground, Ao Ku roared hoarsely. His broken head had recovered already, and his broken horns had regrown. The new horns were smooth, without all the signs of aging.

Rubbing his new horn, Ao Ku gritted his teeth tight, even caused a creaking noise. Gave a deep growl, he stomped his feet against the ground, rose like a reverse shooting star, fiercely lunging to the nine dragons chariot.

"Ji Hao! How dare you sneak attack me? Whatever bullsh*t divine emperor you are, I will tear you apart today!" Ao Hao roared wildly and raised his arms. A purely dark long spear appeared in his hands, releasing a strong sense of fierceness.

The nine-meters long spear vibrated intensively. On the spearhead, a spark of starlight broke the space and left a long dark space crack in the sky, seeming to pierce the nine dragons chariot.

Ji Hao wielded his arm. The chariot released a strong fire, while Ji Hao flashed across the sky and showed up right before Ao Ku's face as he launched the sky-opening move.

Ao Ku gave a twisted grin. Did Ji Hao truly dare to pick up a close combat against him? Didn't Ji Hao know that the dragons were the strongest creatures in Pan Gu world? As one of the strongest among all dragons, Ao Ku believed that his strength represented the greatest strength of Pan Gu world.

Therefore, he put forth his strength through his arms and sent the spear forward more and more aggressively.'

Puff! It sounded like cutting a carrot with a sharp knife when Ao Ku's spear, which was a pre-world spirit treasure, was cut into two by Ji Hao's sword. The grey-colored, lusterless Pan Gu sword cut directly into the spear, broke Ao Ku's palms, and sliced his arms into four.

Ao Gu and the other two old dragons exclaimed out loud. They seriously could not believe their own eyes!

Dragons inherited Saint Pan Gu's incomparably strong body. No ordinary weapon could ever break dragon scales, not even the scales of a newborn dragon. For mature dragons, nothing at a lower grade than holy weapons could hurt their bodies. At the level of ancient dragon kings, no weapon but pre-world spirit treasures could possibly harm the scales of a dragon.

For ancient dragon gods like Ao Gu, whose scales had been strengthened for countless years, average-level pre-world spirit treasure could leave marks on their scales at most. Except for the handful of truly powerful beings in Pan Gu world, who had the best, fiercest supreme treasures, no force in the world could threaten the lives of these dragon gods.

Especially Ao Ku, this old evil dragon… As a black dragon, his scales were even thirty percent stronger than Ao Gu's five-colored scales!

Where did Ji Hao find that sword in his hands? Ao Ku had been strengthening his body for countless years, yet Ji Hao broke that body so easily? Ao Ku's spear was a genuine top-grade spirit treasure, but how could it fail to take even one sword strike from Ji Hao?

Was it a top-grade pre-world supreme treasure? No, the number of top-grade pre-world supreme treasures in Pan Gu world was limited. Some of those were possessed by the dragon-kind, and some weren't. But, dragons knew clearly who the owners of those treasures were!

"Ji Hao!" Ao Hao shouted in pain.

His body was so strong, for which reason, when his arms were cut up, he sensed such a great pain.

Ji Hao violently gripped Ao Ku's neck before he could struggle.

The Pan Gu sword had already pierced his heart.

Large amounts of blood gushed out of his body. Right in front of everyone else, Ji Hao cast a spell. Following his voice, streams of dragon blood flew into the mouths of the pair of fire dragons coiled on Ji Hao's arms, along with a loud clattering noise.

The pair of fire dragons roared in happiness as they greedily gulped the purest, strongest dragon spirit blood flowing out of Ao Ku's body. The others, who had been watching all this, clearly sensed the rapid growth of the powers of the two small fire dragons. The fire dragons' dragon bloodline had been improving soaringly.

"Ji Hao, how dare you!" Ao Gu almost vomited blood.

In front of so many people, how dare Ji Hao hurt a dragon god so severely and feed his pets with the dragon god's blood to improve them?

Unbridled, cruel, violent, brutal, fierce… Ao Gu couldn't even find an appropriate word to describe Ji Hao's terrible behavior.

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