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"No, no, no… It shouldn't be like this…No…!"

Red Lei lied on the ground, with the bones of his arms and legs all crushed. He widely opened his mouth and screamed in pain, but a prince with a big beard smashed a giant hammer on his mouth, which generated fire sparkles as it scrunched Red Lei's teeth.

"Such strong teeth!" A few shallow scratches were left on the hammer. The big bearded man who smashed Red Lei's face glanced at his treasure, then angrily threw a series of kicks violently on Red Lei's handsome face.

The buildings in Liang Zhu City were most incinerated, then flushed by water, forming a thick layer of mud that covered the streets. Wearing a pair of boots entirely stained with the dark and stinky mud, the beard prince left layers of large footprints on Red Lei's face with his foot. As most Yu Clan nobles, Red Lei was a cleanliness freak. The awful stench of the mud almost made him faint.

"I am a high-grade noble, I am a high-grade noble from the great Yu Clan!" Red Lei mumbled, "I demand you to treat me the way I deserve! Even as a captive, I shouldn't be treated like this!"

Ji Hao walked over with large steps. His body was still wrapped in a golden, melting-glass-like layer of fire. With every step, he left a deep, burning footprint on the ground. The mud around his footprints was even burned into glowing-red, transparent glass.

"High-grade nobles… Ah, you're right! You are so much stronger than the power elders and deputy elders from Yu Dynasty, so you have to be treated in a special way. Otherwise, what should we do if you escape or hurt our people?" Ji Hao waved his hands to Shaosi, who stood in a short distance away, and said, "Shaosi, find a way to make them more obedient."

Shaosi smiled faintly. Floating in the air with her feet half a foot away from the ground, she drifted over. As a dim light flashed across her eyes, she pointed at Red Lei and the other knights, then exclaimed in a low voice, "They have such a strong fortune, enough for them to do anything without difficulty. It's a shame though that they are suppressed by an even stronger fortune. That's why they're so unlucky.

Shaosi locked her fingers together and made a strange hand motion, then began incanting a spell.

Followed by her deep voice, which sounded like the rumbles from the sky or underground, wisps of nearly transparent mist gradually rose from the bodies of the twelve Sun and Moon knights. Their fortune, which could give them all kinds of positive energies and bring them infinite benefits, was drained by Shaosi. Shaosi left them with nothing but their bad luck.

By now, even if Ji Hao let them go, they would die on their way out of the city. They might fall to death while walking, or choke to death while drinking water.

"You, what magic is this?" shouted Flow Yue, the Sun and Moon Knight from Flow Moon, the family of keepers and protectors of the non-humankind civilization. He watched Shaosi drain his fortune. "Can you take away our fortune? No, how can this be possible? You are so undeveloped, you live in such a wild world… you ignorant barbarians with incomplete evolution, how can you possibly possess such a high-grade power?"

"Fortune, our fortune, you, you, you…" Flow Yue struggled desperately. He attempted to leap up to attack Shaosi, but ended up being stomped into the mud by Ji Hao. The fire burning on Ji Hao's feet scorched his chest and roasted his skin and muscles, along with a sizzling noise.

Flow Yue wailed in pain and struggled with his last strength. Ji Hao gave him an extreme pain, but his eyes were not on Ji Hao. Instead, he stared straight at Shaosi with the greatest fear and shock.

He was like a fierce wolf who had its eyes on his prey, a rabbit. But all of a sudden, the rabbit transformed into the scariest Chaos monster. The sudden change of its prey frightened this wolf and gave the fragile heart of this wolf a heavy strike.

Judging by Flow Yue's expression, he was downhearted, and even seemed to have given up on himself.

Shaosi had just drained their fortune. Form now on, they would always be unlucky in Pan Gu world. No matter what they do, they would never succeed. But more terrifying things had yet to happen to them.

A few elderly Maguspriests walked over. Their badly wrinkled skins were covered in tattoos of poisonous bugs. Seeing these Maguspriests, even Ji Hao took a few steps backward because of the uncomfortable feeling given by them.

"These people… are strong… We have to be careful." murmured one elderly Maguspriest with a muffled, deep voice.

"We can't bring shame on ourselves. If they can still escape after we have cast Gu at them, we'd be too ashamed to see anyone in the world." said another elderly Maguspriest while seriously looking at Red Lei and the other knights.

"Make it hard, my old brothers. Don't hide your powers. Bring out the good things you have raised these years." Another Maguspriest laughed with a high-pitched voice. As gusts of frosty wind blew across, he took out an ice jade box and carefully opened it, then took out twelve bean-sized black bug eggs from it.

No one knew what kind of scary creatures existed in these eggs, but the eggs vibrated intensely on the old Maguspriest's palm even before hatching, letting out a shrill hissing noise.

The old Maguspriest hurriedly bit his tongue tip and sprayed a few drops of spirit blood on these eggs, then said, "Aw, babies, my little babies… Hehe, you can soon taste some delicious meat… Haha, just a second, just a second. These people are strong, muscular, you can do whatever you want to them, as long as you don't kill them!"

The twelve Sun and Moon knights shrieked, crazily struggled, and twisted their bodies.

They came to conquer Pan Gu world. Without a doubt, they did their background research with great efforts. From Dishi Cha, a Yu Clan noble who was born in this world and served as their ears and eyes, these Sun and Moon knights learned quite a lot about the weirdness of human Maguspreists.

For example, the Gu masters among Maguspriests and their Gu bugs… To these Sun and Moon knights, all kinds of Gu bugs used by Gu masters could only show up in nightmares.

One could only imagine having billions of bug and bug eggs inside one's body, letting them drink the spirt blood, feeding them with one's flesh, even merging them with one's body through some mysterious power…If one wanted to remove them from one's body, one would have to harm one's own soul!

Even worse, some Gu masters hid their bugs in their brains, to keep their brains under constant threat!

"No, no, no…no!" The twelve knights shrieked hysterically.

A group of strong human warriors rushed up and violently forced open the twelve knights' mouths with their weapons. The old Maguspreist smilingly walked over and put a black egg into each of their mouths.

What was scary was that the eggs let out a loud sizzle and rolled down into the throats the moment they touched the knights' tongues.

Another old Maguspreist started rushing those warriors impatiently. He didn't take out bug eggs. Instead, he prepared to use mature bugs!

Those bugs were weird-looking, half-inch long, with colorful centipede bodies and deep blue scorpion heads. Their mere appearance was scary enough to numb people' bodies. The old Mgauspreists laughed out loud and put the bugs into the knights' mouths. The bugs slowly moved their slim feet and drilled into their throats.

"No!" With a shrill wail, the twelve knights fainted together because of the fear.

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