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"Come on, come on, come on!"

Ji Hao growled hoarsely. The embryo of Dao emitted a bright light, while sharp wisps of highly concentrated spirit power pierced into the Pan Jia sun.

All of a sudden, the Pan Jia sun's sealed spirit woke up. From the core of the sun, a scorching hot, ocean-like wave of soul power burst, like a hundred million volcanos erupting together. The tremendous soul power wave flooded into Ji Hao's spiritual space.

Faintly, Ji Hao saw a dragon-like creature sleeping in the core of the Pan Jia sun. The creature had ninety-nine fiery wings on its back. The soul power released from the creature's brain was way stronger than Ji Hao's.

Pan Jia world was created by Pan Jia; it was a world of water.

Maybe because Pan Jia wasn't powerful enough, she failed to cast away all other types of natural energy from her world. In Pan Jia world, the water power was at an absolute advantage, but it wasn't the only type of natural power there.

Therefore, the Pan Jia sun was generated. Nourished by the natural reward power for creating a world, shared from Pan Jia, an especially strong creature was created in the Pan Jia sun. If everything happened based on the natural arrangements, this enormous pre-world creature should have broken its shell long ago and become the 'East Emperor Taiyi' in Pan Jia world.

Nevertheless, the water power in Pan Jia world was way too strong. The Pan Jia sun was suppressed by the water power to an extreme level, and so was this pre-world creature in it. It was suppressed for countless years, to the extent that it fell into a nearly eternal deep sleep, before it even matured.

However, today, Ji Hao intended to absorb the Pan Jia sun completely, and to become a Supreme Magus with the power of the Pan Jia sun. He had to replace Pan Jia sun's spirit, and control the Pan Jia sun with his own mind. Sensing the unfriendly intent from Ji Hao's spirit power, the pre-world creature in the sun, which had been sleeping for countless years, suddenly woke up and fought back instinctively.

The boiling hot soul power waves flooded Ji Hao. The blinding red light immediately swallowed Ji Hao's body, which was the power from a sun. The Pan Jia sun was naturally weak, thousands of times weaker than the Pan Gu sun. But still, it was a natural sun, and contained an almost inexhaustible sun power.

The Red Sun power inside Ji Hao's body was annihilated almost instantly. The twisted, evil Red Sun power was turned into waves of ripples in the air, being devoured by the Pan Jia sun. After that, the red light emitted from the Pan Jia sun changed strangely. A fierce redness was added to the sunlight.

The red light illuminated the entire spiritual space, as world-shaking roars came from the Pan Jia sun. The scarily enormous creatures with ninety-nine pairs of fiery wings strenuously opened the countless eyes on its giant head and released beams of red light. They tore apart the space and locked on Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, which sat in the middle of his spiritual space.

The creature roared again. It was thrilled. Ji Hao sensed its happiness from its soul power waves. The creature felt the immeasurable power of creation from Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, the magical power. This enormous pre-world creature screamed, telling Ji Hao that it was so eager to swallow Ji Hao's embryo of Dao. Its voice could only be heard with one's soul.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao was generated from his soul mixed with his power of great Dao. If the creature swallowed the embryo of Dao, Ji Hao would be gone, both his body and his soul. Hearing the creature, Ji Hao smiled. His embryo of Dao slowly stood up, with the Pan Gu bell floating above its head, and the Pan Gu Dragon Mark held in its hands. Shielded by the Taiji universe mirror, the embryo of Dao walked towards the core of the Pan Jia sun, against the torrents of soul power.

A crevice split open on the Pan Jia sun. The sun created a broad way, allowing the embryo of Dao in.

The thousands of miles long, unimaginably enormous creature barely raised its head, gasping heavily for air as he slowly opened its mouthpart. It wasn't yet mature. Its brain hadn't developed, and it was no smarter than a three-year-old human kid. Sensing Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, it instinctively wanted to 'eat' it.

"Old man, lend me a hand!" Ji Hao looked at this creature seriously. He dared not to be even a little bit careless.

The mysterious man stood up slowly as well. As he crooked his finger, the five-colored cauldron in Ji Hao's lower belly buzzed and flew up. Holding the cauldron with both hands, the mysterious man said, "Ready? Hmm, this thing is far weaker than the East Emperor Taiyi."

Laughing aloud, the mysterious man gripped a foot of the cauldron with one hand and swung it forward. He used the cauldron as a weapon to smash the creature. Ji Hao raised his head and saw the mysterious man make the combination of the five moves.

The colors of the cauldron had constantly been changing, blurring Ji Hao's eyesight. In his eyes, the cauldron no longer looked like a cauldron. Instead, held in the mysterious man's hand, it was a giant axe, strong enough to open up a new world. Along with a destructive power, the axe landed on the creature's head.

The creature wailed as it was hacked into two, from the head to the tail. Its soul was crushed, while its body collapsed rumblingly and became red-crystal-like spheres of original soul power, being absorbed entirely by the cauldron.

The mysterious man's body faded, almost turning turned transparent. He murmured weakly, "When the cauldron digests that thing, I get half of its power."

Breathing desperately for air, the mysterious man sat back down in Ji Hao's spiritual space, looking especially weak. The bright blue light emitted from his eyes dimmed rapidly, and at last, it was barely visible.

Ji Hao looked at him and responded hurriedly, "You can have it all. Just rest. I'll get you when I absorb the Pan Jia sun!"

Bursting into a loud shout, Ji Hao's embryo of Dao split up as it generated a cracking noise. A faint, man-shaped silhouette flew out of it and immediately disappeared into the sun's core.

The Pan Jia sun shrank speedily, eventually becoming a ball of red light as it merged into Ji Hao's chest.

The hot power flowed into his entire body. Ji Hao's body was on fire, and the raging fire was released from every fine hair of his, making him look like a fireball that was meters in diameter, quietly floating in the cave.

Seventy-two hours later, Ji Hao slowly walked out of the cave.

Outside, the sunlight was warm. Ji Hao reached out his hand and flicked his finger. Following his move, a wisp of sunlight emerged before his face, shaking slightly like a string of a harp. He smiled and caught this wisp of sunlight with his hand. The light flashed through the air, along with which, Ji Hao suddenly appeared high up in the sky, thousands of miles away from the ground. He did that without the golden bridge, purely with the sunlight which could be found in almost every corner of this world.

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao spread his arms, roaring towards the sky.

The sky was suddenly brightened up. Under the Pan Gu sun, which existed forever, a whole new sun emerged. Compared to the golden Pan Gu sun, this new sun was slightly dimmer, but its red light shone upon the whole world with a terrifying heat.


Ji Hao gave a resonant growl. Showering under the light of the sun transformed from him, in the forest with a radius of eight-million miles, all three-hundred and seventy-eight-million, ninety-hundred and thirty-two-thousand, four-hundred and fifty-two wild wolves were simultaneously penetrated, each by an extremely thin beam of red light.

Puff! All wild wolves were incinerated within a blink of an eye, turned into fireballs and burning out, without leaving even a grain of ash.

A man-shaped sun was shining upon the world, which could burn everything touched by its light.

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