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Power, great power… Tremendous, hundreds of times stronger than Ji Hao's previous power.

The power of a natural sun had perfectly merged with Ji Hao's body and soul. With his mind, he could now control all the power of the Pan Jia Sun.

The coverage of the sunlight was Ji Hao's attack range.

Based on Ji Hao's current physical power and spirit power, the coverage of the light of Pan Jia sun was currently a round-shaped zone, with a radius of eight-million miles. Within this area, Ji Hao was able to attack any object. Unless the Pan Jia sun died, this kind of attack could continue forever.

But killing a sun?

Ji Hao smiled. Even a weak sun from Pan Jia world wasn't so easy to be killed.

The golden light of the Pan Gu sun surrounded Ji Hao. From the golden sunshine, Ji Hao sensed a warm intimacy. The Pan Gu sun thought that Ji Hao was another natural sun. Therefore, it was generally willing to share Ji Hao a part of its power.

Ji Hao's current attack range with the power of the Pan Jia sun only had the radius of eight-million miles, but with the help of the light of the Pan Gu sun, he was able to scan across a ten-times larger area with his spirit power.

What touched Ji Hao even more was that from the light of the Pan Gu sun, a hint of the power of the great, supreme Dao, which belonged to the Pan Gu sun itself, had been merging into his body, absorbed by his body and the Pan Jia sun. The Pan Jia sun was a weak sun, but on absorbing the power of Dao from the Pan Gu sun, it had been improving slowly. With abundant time, one day, Ji Hao's Pan Jia sun might grow as strong as the Pan Gu sun.

By then, how powerful would Ji Hao be? Ji Hao didn't dare to even imagine that.

"The Dao of Supreme Magi, this is." Ji Hao floated in the air. His skin was covered in a three-inches-thick layer of golden fire that looked like melted glass, flicking slowly. "The body of a Divine Magus can endure the original power of a natural star…The only difficulty is that human Magi never cultivate their souls, but only cultivate their bodies. For this reason, controlling the core of a star and replacing the spirit of the star is way too hard for a human Magus."

"The humankind must develop a special cultivation method, especially for cultivating souls and improving the spirit powers." Ji Hao frowned, "Perhaps, I know how to do it."

Experienced the whole breakthrough from a Divine Magus to a Supreme Magus, Ji Hao accurately grasped the key. Lacking soul power and strong spirit power was the reason why countless capable human beings failed to become true Supreme Magi.

Human Magi only cultivated their physical bodies, but never paid much attention to their souls. The souls of a strong Magus would be passively strengthened because of the nourishment provided by this Magus' thriving spirit blood.

As an inaccurate example, if one compared the power of the souls of ordinary human beings to 'one', Senior Magi's souls could reach 'two' to 'three', while Magus Kings could go up to 'ten' at most. Even for the Divine-level powerful ones, their souls could barely reach 'one hundred'. However, for cultivators like Priest Hua and Priest Mu' disciples and the disciples of Yu Yu, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Dachi, as long as they achieved a certain level in their Qi cultivation, their souls would be at least one hundred times stronger than ordinary human beings, even if a Senior Magus could be ten times stronger than them physically.

If the humankind had an advanced soul cultivation method to match the nearly unbreakable bodies of Divine Magi, sooner or later, all natural stars in the sky would be occupied by powerful human beings.

If one-hundred-million Supreme Magi could exist among human beings, the humankind would be way more powerful, even better than the ancient heaven back in its golden age.

After all, back in the ancient heaven, the number of star kings, who were born naturally in stars, was never beyond one-hundred-thousand. But how many natural stars existed in this world?

But of course, Ji Hao could not spread the Daoist scriptures he learned from Yu Yu, because that would violate the rules of his sect. Nevertheless, Ji Hao's Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words could also allow a human being to cultivate his or her soul efficiently. If human Magi could all learn it, based on the incomparably strong physical bodies and almost inexhaustible spirit blood of Divine Magi, before long, their souls would grow strong enough to occupy natural stars.

Growling deeply, Ji Hao took down the defensive formations outside the cave and carried up Yemo Shayi, who was still unconscious. In the golden sunshine, Ji Hao transformed into a pure beam of light and flashed across the air. Ji Hao used the light of the Pan Gu sun as a bow and turned himself into an arrow, easily shooting himself out.

One-million-miles took him no more than a moment. Within a twinkle of an eye, Ji Hao arrived in the suburbs of Liang Zhu City.

This time, he didn't use the golden bridge's power, yet his current flying speed was three times faster than his highest speed with the golden bridge back when the Pan Jia sun hadn't merged with him. Which meant, if he controlled the golden bridge with his current power…Ji Hao grinned. Raising his head, he looked at the sky. 'Not even Priest Hua and Priest Mu can easily stop me now, can they?' Ji Hao thought.

After all, Ji Hao had become a Supreme Magus by merging with a natural sun, with the original star power, which was a hundred, a thousand, even ten-thousand times stronger than that of any natural star!

The merger happened not long ago. By now, the power of the Pan Jia sun had filled up Ji Hao's body, but he could not yet control it freely. Wrapped in a melting-glass-like layer of flame, Ji Hao walked into the city of great calamity with big steps. All warriors who saw him instinctively lowered their heads. Everyone who saw Ji Hao felt that, instead of a living human being, a ragingly burning sun, which was powerful enough to destroy the whole world, had walked past.

"How are things going?" Ji Hao walked into the meeting room. Everyone in the room stopped talking immediately and stared at Ji Hao, stunned.

When he left, he was still a Divine Magus. But three days later, when he returned, his sense of power had suddenly changed, turning incredibly strong and prehistorical, which didn't seem to belong to a human being at all. A mighty power of Dao had been spreading from his body. He was now more powerful than anyone on the scene.

At the moment, even the senses of power of Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Shennong, and Candle Jiuyin, who was a legendary ancient creature, were weaker than that of Ji Hao.

"Oh my, Marquis Yao Ritian…You…you…" Holding a large wine pot, Ao Hao looked at Ji Hao, awfully shocked. "This… you… that… Did you swallow the sun?"

Ji Hao slowly nodded, sitting down beside Si Wen Ming.

Puff! The alloy armchair was momentarily turned into a strand of smoke the moment it touched the golden flame wrapping Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao spread his hands helplessly and stood back up, looking troubled. "Hm, fortunately, I became a Supreme Magus with the sun from Pan Jia world. How's the situation in Liang Zhu City?"

Emperor Shun seemed to be wild with joy. He laughed out loud, clapped his hands, and said, "The situation in Liang Zhu City? Those non-humankind beings are having a trouble! Haha, bring us booze! Everyone, let's congratulate Marquis Yao!"

The thunderous laughter bursting from the meeting room almost sent the roof flying up.

As for Liang Zhu City and those non-humankind beings, who would even care?

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