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In a secret room of the city of great calamity, Ji Hao and Piji Nu sat facing each other, with a small square table between them.

Placed straight on the table were two ink brush pens, ink stones, and two dragon skin scrolls. The cold sweat had been oozing out of Piji Nu's forehead while he looked at the two scrolls in trepidation, not knowing what to do.

The dragon skin scrolls glistened with a dim light. Characters were written on the scrolls with a vividly red ink, stating that Piji Nu was willing to ally with Ji Hao to redeem the sky dominator, and provide him with important formation regarding the other eleven families in power.

Ji Hao even 'nicely' gave a clear indication of the fact that some information provided by Piji Nu is related to the lifeblood of the eleven families in power. This information was specifically written on the scrolls. Any leakage of information would undoubtedly turn the other eleven families in power into Piji Nu's sworn enemies. Then, Piji Nu would be hunted all his life as a traitor of the entire Yu Dynasty.

After all, this important information included the secrets of 'warrior spirits' from the A Family of High Moon, the weaknesses of the 'soul reincarnation magic' created by the Poto Family of Sunset Moon, the weak periods caused by the life-force overdraft magic of the Xiu Family from the Living Moon, and so on.

For his sky dominator, Piji Nu sold all secrets of the other eleven families in power to Ji Hao without reserve. In return, the agreement between Ji Hao and him also indicated that Ji Hao would try his best to help Piji Ju gain an even greater power and higher position.

Ji Hao bit his fingertip and shed a drop of blood, drawing a sun-shaped red spell symbol in the air. Afterward, he sent a strand of spirit power into the spell symbols, imprinting it deeply on the two dragon skin scrolls in duplicate.

The fist-sized spell symbol glowed brightly on the two scrolls, emitting a great heat.

Ji Hao pushed the two scrolls to Piji Nu, gently knocked his fingers on them, and said, "Come on, Emperor Piji Nu, it's your turn…You've already done these things, so don't regret it! You didn't betray your family, did you? So, you're still a virtuous being."

Piji Nu's mouth corner twitched. He raised his head suddenly, staring straight at Ji Hao, "Do you know what I want now? I really want to change my mind, then tear you into pieces with my very own hands. I want to mix your corpse and your soul with a special magic, drag you outside, and feed you to maggots!"

Through gritted teeth, Piji Nu continued through gritted teeth with a twisted voice, "Indeed, I didn't betray my family, but I betrayed my kind…Poto Family's soul reincarnation magic is the biggest reason why we can conquer so many worlds. Because of this secret magic, our elders, who have reached the end of their lives, can remain living as souls. When the opportunity comes, they will again have healthy and strong physical bodies!"

Taking another deep breath, Piji Nu slowly stood up with a vicious look on his face, as he strugglingly reached his hand to Ji Hao and said, "I should really tear you into pieces. I shouldn't have sold you this information…My spirit beast, my sky dominator…But, my people…Do you know that the Poto Family's reincarnation magic isn't the best, but…it's so important!"

Ji Hao smiled, stood up abruptly, and threw a heavy slap on Piji Nu's face.

Piji Nu saw nothing but shreds of shadows flashing across his eyes. He failed to see the motion curve of Ji Hao's hand before it landed on his face and threw him violently to the ground.

"Wake up, Piji Nu! You've already done it! Make it simple and quick, don't hesitate like a girl!" Ji Hao said impatiently, "Wanna kill me and silence me? Are you capable of that?"

Shaking the two scrolls loudly, Ji Hao sneered at Piji Nu's shocked face and said, "You don't get to turn against me. Working with me is your only way out! Otherwise, I will now tell everybody about what you have done. I guarantee you that our human army will help the other eleven families to wipe your Piji Family entirely out!"

Piji Nu's facial expressions changed quickly. Rubbing his swelling face, he gritted his teeth and mumbled, "Your strength…"

Ji Hao again put the two scrolls before his face and said while looking at him coldly and evilly, "My strength is beyond your imagination. Cut the crap, and leave your soul seal now. What are you hesitating for? Do you want your sky dominator back or not?"

Piji Nu was still hesitating. Looking at him, Ji Hao sighed impatiently and continued, "Alright, alright, listen to me, dear Emperor Piji Nu. You will be benefited anyway, won't you? Read our agreement, what does it say? I will help you to become the supreme ruler of Yu Dynasty! That will be way better than sharing the power with other people!"

Piji Nu hesitated for another short while, then looked at Ji Hao with dazzling eyes as he asked, "You won't break your promise, will you? You won't kick down the ladder after you're done with me, right?"

Ji Hao lunged Pan Gu Dragon Mark straight out, seeming to pierce the sword into Piji Nu's heart.

Piji Nu grabbed over the two scrolls, bit his fingertip broken, and left his soul seal on both scrolls. Breathed heavily, he put one scroll into his sleeve with a dark face, then threw another scroll to Ji Hao's face, and yelled, "Give my sky dominator back, now!"

Ji Hao smilingly gave the sky dominator back to him.

Piji Nu incanted a spell and let out a sharp stream of blood towards the sky dominator. Followed by a deep roar, the nine-headed and eighteen-winged sky dominator slowly rose from behind Piji Lo.

'Dong, dong, dong.'

The door of the secret room was banged by someone. Piji Nu remained silent for a while, then opened the door. Piji Tian and Piji Di stood outside the door, nodding together to Piji Nu and said, "We have arrived at Liang Zhu City. The Nether Moon has already sent their ghost army into the city!"

Before he finished, a thunderous boom could be heard from the outside.

Just now, the Nether Moon raised an enormous zombie army by the South Gate of Liang Zhu City. Once the army was gathered, one-hundred divine towers that were thousands of meters tall on the city wall dazzled. Tens of thousands of thunderbolts descended from the wall and accurately struck into the core area of the zombie army.

A dark mushroom cloud rolled up hundreds of miles high. Circles of black and red fiery light mixed with dazzling lightning bolts spread in all directions.

On the ground, the Fan Family people from the Nether Moon, who had been directing the zombie army, were swirled away by the impact waves. They cried in pain while the fire and lightning bolts swept across their bodies. Tens of thousands of Fan Family people were burned into ashes within a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao and the others hurriedly landed onto the wall of the city of great calamity.

Yu Clan nobles looked down at Liang Zhu City. In panic, they found that Liang Zhu City was entirely covered under a tremendous dark screen. Through the translucent dark screen, they saw the fire burning everywhere. By now, only a handful of buildings in the city were left undamaged.

Great explosive sounds could be heard from every corner of the city without an end. In the city, people were running desperately.

The enormous city was a scene of Chaos, as if the world was ending.

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