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Nine cities of great calamity floated in the air, three-hundred miles above Liang Zhu City.

On the ground, non-humankind warriors gathered like ants, shouting and yelling restlessly. From the dark, boundless arrays, the sparkles of communication treasures could be seen from time to time. The light sparkled like stars in the night sky. Clearly, non-humankind commanders had been trying their bests to contact each other.

Every once in a while, tens to hundreds of non-humankind slaves would burst into howls and rush to Liang Zhu City from every direction. But, no matter which direction they approached the city from, thunderbolts, dagger-sharp blades, raging fires, and poisonous gases would roll down from the city wall and shred these poor slaves.

Within a couple of hours, before any result was delivered from the discussion run by the twelve non-humankind emperors, tens of thousands of non-humankind slaves died on their way scouting.

The three cities of great calamity which now belonged to the humankind were quietly floating in the air, cautiously keeping a distance away from the main non-humankind force.

All non-humankind beings were kicked out of the three metal cities. At the moment, no other people but large groups of Maguspriests were busy in the three cities.

Led by Candle Dragon Gui, Magi Palace Magi carefully searched every corner of the three cities of great calamity. They set a layer of magic seals to isolate the three cities from the outside world, taking strict precautions against the non-humankind, in case they controlled the three cities remotely through an unknown method.

Elite human warriors came into the city, walking around as they tried to control all kinds of unfamiliar weapons in the city. Occasionally, they would laugh happily when they discovered a new interesting weapon.

In one city of great calamity, Emperor Shun, Emperor Shennong, Emperor Xuanyuan, Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao, and some other human ministers, added with the representatives from the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, and the other non-human forces, gathered in a room. While watching Liang Zhu City and the surrounding areas through a crystal mirror, they had been running a fairly intense discussion regarding how this great opportunity should be used.

It was indeed a great opportunity.

Among all present on the scene, including Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming, less than a handful of people knew that Ji Hao had already kidnapped a large number of Yu Clan nobles from Liang Zhu City. As for the others, including the representatives from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, they all believed that Liang Zhu City had simply fallen into a rebellion. They thought Yemo Tian was the one who activated the final defense system of the city.

"It's an inner conflict between non-humankind monsters. I think, we don't have to keep our words." Ao Hao smashed his foot against the long table placed in the middle of the room while spouting, "We should strike at an unexpected moment and stab them from the back. Kill all male non-humankind beings, then leave all soft non-humankind girls to me! I'll screw them all to death!"

Laughing wildly, Ao Hao pointed at Emperor Shun and yelled, "Don't hesitate, break the agreement! In the worst case, Emperor Shun will suffer a counterattack for breaking the oath…You humankind have such a giant population. How bad can the death of one or two emperors be? Hahaha, Emperor Shun is giving up the throne anyway. If he has to die, let him!"

Ji Hao was with an awfully dark face, and so was Si Wen Ming's. Emperor Shun's eye corners twitched slightly.

Emperor Shun was a good-tempered, well-educated person, but even he wanted to pull out his sword and hack this silly dragon to death. Stupid dragons, what else did they have in their heads except for killing and women? What else could they possibly think about?

Coughing loudly, without giving anyone else a chance to talk, Ao Hao carelessly raised his arms and continued laughing, "Of course, stabbing someone from the back is one of our specialties! Don't you worry! When we're about to kill them all, we, the brave dragon warriors will definitely be at the front. Of all the treasures in Liang Zhu City, crystals, and jade, we want sixty…no, seventy…no, eighty percent!"

Picking up a giant teacup and pouring some thick tea into his mouth, Ao Hao puffed out his chest and carried on, "Eighty percent of the treasures and all girls, how's that? Your Master Ao Ritian is the fairest man! Hahaha!"

His wild laughter echoed in the room. Proudly, he cupped his hands to all representatives, even casting sheep's eyes at a middle-aged-looking beautiful phoenix lady.

Emperor Shun breathed deeply and said in a bland tone, "People, as for what's going to happen next, we need to consider carefully."

With a pair of bright, sharp eyes, Emperor Shun glanced at every representative on the scene and continued with his deep and strong voice, "Do we honestly help the non-humankind to calm the unrest in their city, or seize the opportunity to harm the non-humankind as badly as we can? This relates to the future of our humankind. We have to be careful and cautious."

"People, please think about the overall situation here. If we choose to harm to non-humankind, as they said, we may need to face the powerful Yu Clan being who is coming to our world by ourselves. On the other hand, how many warriors might we lose if we choose to strike at the non-humankind today?"

"If we do not take the chance to harm, and even exterminate them, and if they choose to follow that powerful Yu Clan being, what would happen? Them and us, together, we may be able to defeat the powerful being. But, what if they turn their weapons around and give us a heavy strike afterward?"

"They may even attack us suddenly during the war against the powerful Yu Clan being. How should we deal with that?"

Pointing at the crystal mirror floating in the midair, Emperor Shun continued, "Look, Liang Zhu City is right here, in disorder. Non-humankind beings are in panic, without knowing what to do. This is their weakest, most disordered, and powerless moment, ever since they invaded our world."

"Today, any decision we make might affect the future of our kind. We have to be more cautious…People, please ponder upon this…" Glancing at Ao Hao, Emperor Shun added coldly, "…with your brains!"

Emperor Shun barely used mean words against anyone all his life, but Ao Hao's speech just now did make him feel uncomfortable. Emperor Shun couldn't help but taunt Ao Hao for his brainlessness.

Ao Hao didn't get Emperor Shun's point at all. He laughed loudly to the others in the room and said, "He's right, use your brains. Alright, everyone, tell us about your good ideas…But in my opinion, my plan has no risk at all!"

Clicking his tongue and shaking his large head, Ao Hao raised his head, lost in his own imagination as he murmured, "Ah, those Yu Clan girls, their skins are glowing white and so tender! It's like some juice will ooze out when you squeeze them …Ah, their slim limbs just make me drool."

The room fell into stillness. Except for the group of dragons, all the others were lost in their thoughts.

Liang Zhu City was in disorder. This was the best opportunity ever to eliminate the non-humankind. The problem was, how should everyone seize the opportunity?

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