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"You're talking nonsense!"

"You bullsh*t!"

Above Chi Ban Mountain, on the round-shaped platform, straightforward and blatant curses could be heard from the mouths of representatives of both the humankind and Yu Dynasty.

The twelve emperors shouted like ruffians, while Emperor Xuanyuan and the other human representatives yelled like uneducated everyday people. Their fingers almost touched each others' necks as they cursed with their maximum volumes.

Clang! As the most bad-tempered one, Emperor Xuanyuan pulled out his sword and hacked down. A power elder from the non-humankind's side raised his sword as well against Emperor Xuanyuan. Followed by echoing metal clangs, fire sparkles dazzled. Then, people from both sides stood up and pleaded with tactful words. Afterward, everybody dropped the weapons, sat back into their seats, and continued wrangling.

The non-humankind required the humankind to send out elite troops as spearheads to face the incoming enemies. But, human representatives seized one essential point — Why would human warriors bear the brunt of the coming enemies and die first?

Seeing human representatives staying immune to both soft and hard tactics, the twelve non-humankind elders slapped the table, stood up in anger, and pointed at human representatives, threatening them that Yu Dynasty would force human beings to obey with violence.

Without showing a sign of weakness, human representatives also slapped the table and shouted out loud, telling the twelve emperors to bring as many armies as they liked. They said that only b*stards would obey or get softened.

Human representatives showed no intent to compromise. Therefore, the twelve emperors, once again started to amicably and politely explain how serious this whole thing was to them. They tried their best to prove that once that powerful non-humankind being and his elite army descended to Pan Gu world, the alliance of human clans would be facing a destructive disaster.

Hearing this, Emperor Shun laughed out loud. Scornfully, he said to Emperor Xuanyuan that the Yu Dynasty failed to break the humankind, so what worse thing could happen even if another non-humankind force were added to this world? Human beings were confident enough to accept all challenges. That so-called powerful Yu Clan being, they might as well just let him come!

Conveniently, Emperor Shun also pointed out that when the powerful Yu Clan being truly arrived in this world, who would be the ones to suffer? Instead of human beings, who had been suppressing by Yu Dynasty all these years, it would be Yu Clan nobles, who had already put down their roots in Pan Gu world, and had accumulated a great wealth!

At the stage, human beings had been threatened by Yu Dynasty for years. Human clans were often attacked by slave-hunting troops, and countless human beings were enslaved. The alliance of human clans prepared for wars against Yu Dynasty all year round. Each year, people would spend incalculable efforts to face the military threat from Yu Dynasty.

Even if that powerful Yu Clan being were truly here, no matter how bad the situation could be for the alliance of human clans, it wouldn't be too much worse than now. But, things would be much different for Yu Clan nobles. Currently, they stood high above the humankind, and they had everything. But, when that ambitious and powerful Yu Clan being truly descended, the first to suffer would be the twelve emperors in power, and all Yu Dynasty nobles they represented!

All they had would be taken away. They would become the lowly ruled ones under superior rulers. They would be replaced. All their powers and wealth would be taken by the new ruler.

Emperor Shun clearly pointed out that the coming Yu Clan powerful being might be a disaster to the humankind, but to current Yu Clan nobles, it would be a doom!

Therefore, Emperor Shun told the twelve emperors and their power elders that if they wanted the humankind to join hands with them and fight against the powerful Yu Clan being together, they had to show their sincerity. This time, human beings would never serve them as spearheads, nor cannon fodder.

Emperor Shun simplified his language as much as he could, then declared himself. The twelve emperors and their power elders were awfully dissatisfied by Emperor Shun's attitude. They leaped up and criticized Emperor Shun for his attitude once again.

Emperor Shun was enraged as he pulled out his sword again. Against him, two power elders raised their weapons. After a series of metal clangs and exchanges of sword hacks, the other people hurriedly mediated the conflict. Next, people sat back into their seats while complaining.

Accusing each other and arguing, days passed like this. During this few days, no useful agreement or conclusion was made.

Yu Clan nobles wanted human beings to take the risk and serve as their shields, taking the initiative to attack. But, human leaders weren't stupid. This would clearly be a Yu Clan internal conflict, but why would healthy human beings risk their lives for it?

Yu Clan people wanted to take advantage of human beings, but human beings weren't stupid. They wouldn't let it happen.

Therefore, the twelve emperors in power and the twenty-four power elders threatened Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and the others with violence many times. Yet, human representatives didn't say a word to compromise, no matter how hard the non-humankind tried.

From time to time, Piji Nu would burst into a shout like this, "Let Marquis Yao Ji Hao give back my spirit beast! Otherwise, our Red Sun will hunt him to the end of the world! My spirit beast! Give it back!"

"My sky dominator! How much did I spend to bring it here!" Piji Nu kept complaining like a dissatisfied housewife, but no one from either side paid any attention to him.

'Want your sky dominator back? Then, you should go find Ji Hao and redeem your spirit beast with a high price. Why are you yelling around here?' That was what the other people thought.

The time had been continually wasted by this endless, completely useless wrangle. Everyone was bridled up, and had been saying useless words. With the passage of time, elites from large human families all gathered in Chi Ban Mountain. Under Emperor Xuanyuan's supervision, people from many super clans and families, who never showed during the passed great wars, now showed up. Large-scale weapons designed and produced by the humankind were carried to Chi Ban Mountain.

As the human force grew stronger and stronger, the twelve non-humankind emperors became anxious.

Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and the other human representatives never listened to reason nor bowed to force. Determinedly, they pointed out that no matter how, human beings would not serve as the non-humankind's shields and spearheads. In addition to that, Emperor Shun also indicated that this would be an internal conflict of Yu Clan, and a problem of Yu Clan nobles. Therefore, non-humankind beings should see the reality and give up on dragging human beings down.

The twelve emperors were infuriated. As Yanmo Sha, the Dark Sun Emperor, gave his order, the golden statues on his city of great calamity suddenly turned around and launched a small-scale strike on a human military camp in Chi Ban Mountain area.

Thunderous roars echoed through the clouds while ten Longbo Country giants carried a brightly glowing enormous shield and protected the camp from the strike. The giants were thirty miles tall, and the shield was about a hundred miles tall. They took the strike without collapsing.

The giants trembled intensely, gasping loudly and quickly for air.

It was difficult. After all, they were taking a frontal attack from a city of great calamity.

Emperor Shun and Emperor Xuanyuan laughed out loud, while the faces of the twelve emperors turned sulky. If the power of cities of great calamity couldn't make human beings yield, how should they force the humankind to fight for them, to shield them against the coming enemy?

Time kept flying, while representatives from both sides continued arguing, insulting each other in Chi Ban Mountain.

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