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Maybe because the dragon-kind merely inherited Saint Pan Gu's toughness, their warriors were never smart enough. Therefore, many strange beings emerged among the dragoons. Ao Hao, for example, he once chopped down all plants on a towering mountain within a day for strengthening his axe. On another occasion, he carved eight-hundred mountains into statues, and at one time, he shaved all wild animals living in a mountain area.

Ao Hao was a high-level axe artist. The frigid light brought up by his axe sealed the space around Piji Nu, and every inch of the space was now filled with a strong aura of killing. Layer by layer, the frigid light pressed down like an iceberg, ready to mince Piji Nu.

Behind Piji Nu, the bird with the nine heads and eighteen wings screamed shrilly as Piji Nu moved suddenly. All people on the scene could clearly see every move of his. Every single movement he made was like a statue left in the air, absolutely clear in everyone's vision. 'Slowly', he moved step by step, his motions looking 'simple' as a step forward, a step backward, a step towards the left, and a step towards the right. Within a small area, he dodged in four directions extremely simply. Ao Hao swung his axe down over and over again, but despite the simpleness of Piji Nu's evasive action, he failed to touch even a hair of his.

Thousands of shreds of afterimages left by Piji Nu layered up in this small space. Within this region, the space seemed to expand by tens of thousands of times, such that every single shred of afterimage was clearly visible. The space around Piji Nu's body was changed, so Ao Hao's giant axe seemed to land on a shadow each time instead of touching Piji Nu's body.

"Brute force, pure brute force... Ignorant and stupid local worm, what do you have except brute force?" Piji Nu taunted. Abruptly, he reached to Ao Hao with one step and threw a heavy slap on his face.

It was loud. The fine scales on Ao Hao's face were shattered, while a clear handprint was left on it. Dragons were mostly bad-tempered, like Ao Hao, who roared towards the sky in fury. From under each scale of his, scorching hot air screams puffed out, straightening them up like countless blades standing on his body.

Ao Hao grew three meters taller. Tailed by meters long, sharp light beams, his axe swept through the air over and over again. Every strike he launched left a dark trail in the air. Ao Li boosted up his strength to an extreme degree, until blood seeped out of his mouth corners. At the moment, he had been burning his spirit blood while launching every attack. And every full strike he launched was one hundred percent stronger than usual.

"Useless! Brute force is brute force, the weakest power in the world. Silly worm, you know nothing about natural laws. Brute force is useless against natural laws!" Piji Nu smiled as he moved easily and relaxedly. He even had the time to squeeze his gaze towards Yemo Luoye.

"Dear Yemo Luoye, how is my spirit beast? A highly precious 'sky dominator' from Pan Yu world... I spent every penny I had and a big fund given by my family and finally bought a sky dominator egg from an auction. You are a knowledgeable being, so you must know that a perfectly matured sky dominator will have an immortal-stage power!"

Piji Nu told the story of his spirit beast proudly.

Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and Candle Jiuyin dropped their faces. Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming had both learned about the grading of the non-humankind power system from secret records in the Magi Palace. Their hearts missed a beat, as Ji Hao felt a coldness from every pore of his.

The stage of Sun and Moon equaled to the level of Supreme Magus. Due to the differences of power natures and talents, some Sun and Moon stage beings were stronger than average Supreme Magi, while some were weaker. Even based on a higher power level, a Sun and Moon stage non-humankind being could be beaten by a lower level human Magus in an overpowering way. For example, Fan Gu, as a Sun and Moon stage being, was defeated by Shennong, as a Divine Magus, seven times!

Above the stage of Sun and Moon was the stage of Beyond-redemption. It was a much higher stage, that Ji Hao could not yet understand.

The stage of Immortality was even beyond the stage of Beyond-redemption. According to non-humankind beings, Immortality stage powerful beings lived immortal lives. They were indescribably strong, and not even the destruction of a great world could harm them.

The sky dominator was so gifted that a 'perfectly matured' one could have an Immortality-stage power! Undoubtedly, it would be extra difficult for it to mature perfectly. Perhaps, Piji Nu wouldn't be able to promote his spirit beast to that level. However, even if Piji Nu couldn't reach to the stage of Immortality, as a Beyond-redemption stage being, he would still be a major threat to the humankind.

Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao glanced at each other, both their eyes sparkling with a determined frosty light — Piji Nu had to die. At all costs, they had to kill Piji Nu before he grew strong, destroying him and his spirit beast. Otherwise, the humankind would be facing a large trouble in the future.

Yemo Luoye clapped her hands as she giggled. She blinked her eyes, looked at Piji Nu in a flirty way, and said, "A sky dominator? A potential one for the stage of Immortality? Which means this is a pure-blooded sky dominator, isn't it? I thought it's a mix-blood!"

Piji Nu proudly and easily dodged the interweaving cold light beams. He even turned around, facing Ao Hao with his back as he looked straight at Yemo Luoye and responded, "Of course, it has to be a pure-blooded sky dominator. Otherwise, why would I spend so much money for it? You have to know that for this baby, I even pledged all my family dividends for the next one hundred thousand years to my family."

Yemo Luoye narrowed her eyes and grinned, as if absorbed in her thoughts.

Sitting aside, the facial expressions of Polo Jia, Yanmo Sha, Dishi Yanluo, and the others had been changing constantly. Piji Nu suddenly showed his strongest weapon, which not only shocked Ji Hao and the other human representatives, but also made the other non-humankind emperors feel uneasy.

Damn this Piji Nu! It was actually a pure-blooded sky dominator? Same as Yemo Luoye, the other non-humankind emperors had all believed that it was a mix-blood. It had to be a mix-blood! A mix-blood sky dominator could reach the stage of Sun and Moon at most. But a pure-blooded one...Damn this Piji Nu! Why on earth did he sneakily buy a pure-blooded sky dominator? What was he planning?

"I've had enough fun, so… die!" Piji Nu burst with a bright laughter while dashing back to Ao Hao. Weirdly, his right arm swelled as he pressed his palm on Ao Hao's chest.

A thunderous boom occurred, following which, the half-inch thick scales on Ao Hao's chest were shattered, and a strong force struck into his body. Blood surged out of his mouth, ears, eyes, nose in giant streams. Even his eyeballs were crushed by this unspeakably strong force.

Ao Hao's chest was punctured as Piji Nu's hand came out of his body from his back. A brightly red mist coiled on that palm.

"Die!" Shouted Piji Nu.

Ji Hao breathed deeply, then leaped into the sky. Rushing onto the arena instantly, he raised his right foot and kicked fiercely at Piji Nu's head, bringing up a strong gust of wind.

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