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"Wanna save him? Impossible!"

Piji Nu laughed wildly. He defended himself against Ji Hao's foot that was swishing at him. Meanwhile, the bright red mist coiled on his other hand grew thicker and thicker. Apparently, he was preparing for a stronger attack. He wanted to kill Ao Hao with another attack.

The blood-red arena was a special tool for dueling created by the Red Sun. It would disable the ones inside the arena from coming out, but would never stop the ones on the outside from coming in. Ji Hao's foot left a straight dark trail in the sky and then landed heavily on Piji Nu's palm.

Behind Piji Nu, the sky dominator widely opened its twenty-seven eyes. Piji Nu screamed in pain as Ji Hao's foot violently struck on his palm. Along with a loud bone cracking noise, everyone on the scene saw his palm get twisted. Tens of broken bones came out of his hand through his muscles.

Without having the time to launch a lethal attack on Ji Hao, Piji Nu immediately stepped backward. Faintly visible space waves were stirred up around the sky dominator. Leaving clear afterimages, Piji Nu attempted to escape from Ji Hao's attack range. But, once he took the first step, Ji Hao also left a clear shred of afterimage in the air, then weirdly appeared right behind him.

Without using any weapon, Ji Hao broke the space with his elbow. Then following a thunderous bang, he dealt an elbow-blow to Piji Nu's back, aimed at his heart.

Behind Piji Nu, the sky dominator stared at Ji Hao furiously. As the sky dominator moved, Piji Nu's body suddenly flashed across the sky. Before Ji Hao's elbow landed on his back, he moved to a corner of the arena.

This was the power of a spirit beast. The sky dominator shared a mind with Piji Nu. Therefore, the details that Piji Nu could not notice during a battle could be grasped by his spirit beast. Furthermore, it could make the most appropriate reaction for Piji Nu.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao locked its fingers together, as waves of space vibration spread out from Ji Hao's body. He too moved through the space. Almost at the same time as Piji Nu appeared in the corner of the arena, Ji Hao showed up right beside him, raised his fists, and punched at him. Those fists were as heavy and strong as shooting stars.

Piji Nu screamed as his body flashed in the air. At the moment, one could see the afterimages left by him all over the arena. Ji Hao activated the golden bridge, and he himself had some understanding about the great Dao of space as well. Through the space, he followed closely after Piji Nu.

Like a pair of butterflies, they chased each other in the arena. From time to time, the sky dominator roared in both shock and anger. Apparently, this Pan Yu world beast never thought that it would encounter a living being who know about the great Dao of space as much as it did.

This sky dominator had hatched merely years ago. However, it was a 'space creature'. Moving through space was an instinct to it, similar to a fish swimming in water. Sky dominators had a much better control of space than any other species.

Chased by Ji Hao, this baby sky dominator shrieked madly. All of a sudden, the space around Piji Nu collapsed. Countless sharp space pieces condensed into dark blades and lunged towards Ji Hao along with a shrill swishing noise.

"Pause!" Ji Hao gave a resonant shout. The Pan Gu bell rose from his head and swept across the surrounding space with an especially heavy, unstoppable power. The collapsed space was fixed immediately, and the dark blades were dispelled.

Buzz! The space in the arena was forcibly strengthened by the Pan Gu bell, turning strangely strong, more than a hundred times stronger than usual. Piji Nu, who was moving swiftly and nimbly like a butterfly, suddenly paused. With a muffled snort, a blood mist started spraying from his mouth.

The space was strengthened by the Pan Gu bell. Piji Nu and the sky dominator were like a pair of fishes swishing in the water, which had been freely moving in the water. But all of a sudden, the flowing water they were familiar with became a hard and heavy steel block. A tremendous counterforce instantly injured their bodies, and even their souls had suffered severe injuries.

Piji Nu vomited blood, while the sky dominator turned dim and blur, almost disappearing.

Piji Nu stared at Ji Hao with hatred. He wasn't a Sun and Moon stage powerful being after all, and this young, pure-blooded sky dominator was not yet mature. It was still too weak.

Ji Hao's powers, abilities, and quite a few treasures had made him an invincible opponent of Piji Nu. Once the Pan Gu bell was activated, both Piji Nu and the sky dominator were wounded.

"Damn you, Marquis Yao Ji Hao! You ruined the most sacred duel! You have to pay for this!" Piji Nu ragingly glanced back at Ao Hao, who had already stepped back, taking a few bottles of life-saving pills. The hole in his chest was healing speedily. Pointing at Ji Hao, Piji Nu screamed.

The arena was shaking intensely. Thunderbolts condensed into all kinds of weapons, falling on Ji Hao while more thunderbolts emerged, condensing into new weapons. Fire streams puffed up from the ground and rolled towards Ji Hao.

"Is this your Red Sun's tool for fair duels? Hah, but you're controlling everything in this arena, aren't you?" As Ji Hao sneered tauntingly, the Pan Gu bell released streams of Chaos power that wrapped him up. Struck by the thunderbolts and burned by the fire, Ji Hao remained perfectly unharmed. He felt nothing but a slight shaking because of the strong impact forces coming from all directions.

"This…" Piji Nu and the two Red Sun elders all paused in shock, not knowing what to do.

The arena was a special sacred tool that belonged to the Red Sun. In the past countless centuries, countless warriors fought duels with each other. The souls of all warriors who died in the arena were absorbed by it. As a result, it grew stronger and stronger. Currently, the arena could even effectively threat Supreme-level powerful beings. Yet, Ji Hao remained completely uninjured in the arena under a storm of attacks, and he didn't even seem to be making too many efforts for it. This didn't make sense, did it?

"Not possible!" Piji Nu shouted out loud.

"Nothing is impossible!" So did Ji Hao. He locked his fingers together and let the nine dragons chariot fly out of his head, emitting a blinding light which forced everyone on the scene close their eyes instinctively.

Even Piji Nu closed his eyes at this moment. The Chariot's light was way too dazzling.

At this very moment, Ji Hao sent out a five-colored beam of light from his palm. Hidden in his lower belly, the cauldron buzzed intensely and released a dreadful suction force, tightly wrapping up the sky dominator behind Piji Nu.

The sky dominator screamed in fear. The five-colored light suddenly shone brighter, while the sky dominator was dragged into the five-colored cauldron. This five-colored cauldron could even suppress high-level sky devils, not to mention this immature spirit beast.

Piji Nu suddenly lost his spirit beast. He growled in panic, while his blood gushed out of his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

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