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The twelve cities of calamity formed a circle in the sky. In the center of this circle, a crystal platform quietly floated in the air. A long table stood on the platform, surrounded by a series of wing chairs.

Sitting straight on one side of the table were the twelve Yu Clan emperors. Behind each emperor were two powerful elders from the highest council of elders. They were all wearing luxurious clothing, with their heads held high in pride. Their eyes dazzled, slightly narrowed, as they looked at the representatives of human beings sitting on the other side of the table.

Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, Candle Jiuyin in his human shape, Si Wen Ming, and Ji Hao, the five of them were the representatives of all human beings.

In the south, large groups of winged dragon hovered above Chi Ban Mountain range. These enormous, winged dragons were descendants of ancient dragons. They panted quickly and loudly with irritation, fixing their large eyes on the twelve cities of calamity.

Behind these winged dragons, a colorful cloud floated in the sky. Countless phoenixes silently stood on the cloud in their human forms. Wearing soft, colorful long robes, they all looked stunningly beautiful, similar to gods, regardless of their gender. They were even prouder than the twelve Yu Clan emperors and the twenty-four Yu Clan elders. They raised their chins as they faced the non-humankind army with their nostrils.

On the ground, large groups of dragons stood on rocks on mountaintops, lifting up their horns. With dragon heads and human bodies, they were armored to the teeth, over nine-meters in height each. None of them just stood quietly. Instead, they had been trying to provoke the non-humankind beings with lots of body movements and even some insulting sign languages. Furthermore, some dragons even brought their Yu Clan slaves. They tied chains around the necks of their Yu Clan slaves and forced them to crawl on the ground. They wielded their whips and lashed these crawling Yu Clan slaves, making them scream in pain. Hearing the screams, these dragons laughed especially loudly on purpose.

Standing high in the sky, the phoenixes scornfully snorted towards the dragons.

Dragons had always been like this. The dragon kind inherited Pan Gu's strength, but only that. Since the era of the Dragon Ancestor, all members of the dragon-kind were rash and reckless, even brainless. They had always been busy in challenging the others like rutting bulls, fighting and showing off their strengths.

When the non-humankind firstly invaded the humankind, all species in Pan Gu world formed an alliance against the invasion. Dragons were strong, but they fell into the enemy's traps many times. Consequently, not only were large numbers of their elites wiped out by the enemy, severe damage was even caused to the other species from Pan Gu world. To a certain degree, dragons were bad teammates. But of course, they would never admit that. All dragon warriors firmly believed that they were the perfect warriors in Pan Gu world. They thought that they were strong and 'wise', and even phoenixes, who shared the origin with them, only deserved to lick their boots.

Therefore, facing this unparalleled great non-humankind army, elite dragon warriors led by tens of dragon kings had been trying their best to show off their muscles and provoke the enemies by all means. They wanted to infuriate the enemies, and let the twelve Yu Clan emperors kill Emperor Shun and the other human representatives, so that they could rush up and start a great serious war against the enemies!

Dragons were born as troublemakers. Therefore, because of the deals between the dragon-kind and the humankind, and the pressure from the phoenix-kind, these young dragons hadn't ganged up and caused a real trouble in Midland for many years. This time, they finally got a chance to come out of their nests in groups. They would be failing their boiling blood if they didn't turn the entire Midland upside down!

Abruptly, an almost crazy dark scaled dragon rushed up to the platform floating in the middle of the circle of cities of great calamity and yelled out loud, "Oi, that chick in a dark dress, come into my arms! I will let you know that only dragons are real men! My gun can penetrate even steel boards! Don't you wanna know the taste of a real man?"

While yelling, this dark scaled dragon had been ruddily twitching his body.

Emperor Shun's face was ink-dark.

Emperor Xuanyuan's hair stood straight up from his head. His hands trembled, as he was a breath away from hacking this lascivious dragon to death.

Candle Jiuyin chuckled. He was very glad to see a dragon make such a fool of himself. He even wanted to applaud and encourage the dark-scaled dragon.

As for the so-called chick in a dark dress, Yemo Luoye's face was dark as well. Gritting her shiny white teeth, she glared at that evil dragon, who had been twitching and drooling towards her.

What did this ruttish dragon say? How dare he shamelessly say something like that in front of so many people, so many noble Yu Clan people and warriors, to her, the Dark Sun Empress, the highest power-holder of the Yemo Family?

Yemo Luoye was infuriated. Out of anger, she even felt dizzy, and couldn't even talk. If she were an ordinary lady from a noble Yu Clan family, she reasonably should have screamed and fainted. However, she was the Dark Sun Empress. The power of the Dark Sun rolled around her body. From her head, a dark sun rose, releasing a destructive power in all directions.

Fan Hai, Dishi Yanluo, Piji Nu and the other few Yu Clan emperors, who had been holding quite some thoughts towards Yemo Luoye, leaped up simultaneously. Without glancing at that dragon, they pointed at Emperor Shun's nose and shouted out.

"Emperor Shun, if this a challenge from your humankind? Have you given up on the hope of peace? Do you want a war?"

"If you want war, we can give you war!"

"If you want death, we can give you death!"

"Ah, how dare you insult our noble Miss. Yemo Luoye? Are your human warriors all so shameless and nasty?"

"Don't stop me. I will fight this dirty worm. For Miss. Yemo Luoye's dignity, I will fight it!"

Piji Nu was the Red Sun Emperor, the most violent and impulsive one among all twelve non-humankind emperors. He roared out loud, pulled out his sword, and hopped onto the table, pointing at the dark-scaled dragon as he growled, "Lowly worm, you dared to insult Miss. Yemo Luoye, but do you dare to fight me to the death?"

With red eyes, the dark-scaled dragon roared resonantly. As he prepared to pounce on Piji Nu, an enormous fist sent him flying away. A muscular dragon king, with a dragon head and a human body covered in black scales, carried a giant axe and rushed towards Piji Nu with large steps.

"Pretty boy, let your Master Ao teach you how to be a decent man!"

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