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Heading down through a broad, straight mine tunnel, through a few small-scale teleporting formations designed especially for mine tunnels, Dishi Jin walked into a large underground cavern. Caves were opened on the wall in straight lines. Living in each of these caves were hundreds of human slaves.

A few human warriors who were tall and strong walked over with large steps. The spirit blood power vibration released from their bodies was incredibly strong. Faintly visible, foot-thick layer of hot air had been vibrating around their bodies. Glancing at Dishi Jin, they reached out their arms and stopped the Jia Clan warriors being him.

The group of Jia Clan warriors widely opened their eyes, and the few bad-tempered ones directly pushed these human warriors' chests.

Human warriors showed no sign of weakness. They straightened their palms and hacked on the Jia Clan warriors' arms. Meanwhile, they bumped their shoulders against the Jia Clan warriors' chests. Muffled thuds resounded like giant bears bumping against each other. The human warriors remained motionless, while the few Jia Clan warriors stepped back quickly, their faces paled. Sitting on the ground, they couldn't move for a short while.

"Weak!" A human warrior scornfully curved down his lip corners, shaking his head.

"Alright, young brothers! They are my family guards, all loyal to me. They are also disciples of our sects now. We are families, so no need to act in such an unfriendly manner." Dishi Jin shook his head at the leader of these human warriors and said in a deep voice, "This may be a chance of a lifetime. It's our opportunity to do something great. We have to stand together as one."

The few Jia Clan warriors gasped deeply and gradually cooled their boiling spirit blood down. The human warrior leader nodded, then bowed to Dishi Jin and said, "You're right, brother. It's our mind shaking…This place is… so depressing."

Dishi Jin looked around. This underground cavern was tens of miles in radius, brightly illuminated by the snow-white light emitted from crystal lights. Reflecting the snow-white light, the stone wall glowed dimly. The entire cavern was indeed liable to bring a feeling of oppression, quite similar to a prison.

In fact, this place was cruller than a prison. Dishi Jin nodded seriously, then pressed his hand heavily on the human warrior leaders shoulder and said, "The life like this will end soon. Master Shifu's elysian world will eventually descend." The few human warriors nodded heavily without saying other words, and guided Dishi Jin to the end of the cavern. A few mine tunnels branched in this area.

Dishi Jin walked into a tunnel on the right side. Not far from the entrance, a splendidly glowing small teleporting formation floated at the end of the tunnel. About a hundred heavily armored human warriors with all kinds of weapon stood around the formation. Seeing Dishi Jin, they nodded at him. The power vibration released from these human warriors was way stronger than that of the few human warriors outside.

Dishi Jin stood on the teleporting formation. A stream of light flashed across, condensing into a giant, hazy white lotus. The petals folded and sent Dishi Jin deeper underground.

This was a hundreds of miles wide underground cavern, with the entrances of countless mine tunnels on the walls in all directions. No one knew where these tunnels led to. The ground was drilled through by someone with a strong magic, and the earth-core fire was brought up from underground, through the tens of thousands of holes on the ground. With the extremely high temperature of the earth-core fire, tens of thousands of large-scale melting stoves were built in this area.

Mountain-huge piles of metallic ores were sent into the melting molds to form pure metal blocks, then carried to the forging tables in the distance. Within the raging earth-core fire, countless tall and muscular human warriors had been wielding large hammers, roaring while forging these soft metal blocks into all kinds of weapons.

Blades, spears, swords, arrows, bows… Tusk Basin had a wide variety of precious metal mineral resources, all with excellent quality. The weapons produced in this area were all brightly shining, top-grade pieces.

A large number of Xiu Clan masters had been walking around between forging tables, shouting and yelling while engraving newly forged weapons and armors with all kinds of spell symbols and formations. Only with their works could these armors and weapons take Magus-king-level and even Divine-Magus-level strikes, and deliver excellent effects on battlefields.

Tens of thousands of broad caves existed on the walls of this underground cavern. Inside each wall were thousands of strong human beings, quietly sitting on the ground with their legs crossed. They remained motionless, with their fingers locked together and constantly changing motions. Natural powers had been merging into their bodies in dense streams.

These human beings made no movements, but their muscles had been rising and falling like water, while their blood flushed through their muscles, slowly or rapidly. Meanwhile, deep, rumbling thunder-like noises could be heard from their internal organs. Sweat was streaming down their backs while they were growing stronger and stronger.

This was a special body strengthening cultivation method. It required no extra work other than sitting quietly on the ground and controlling one's spirit blood. Performing this cultivation method, one could continuously improve his or her body condition.

The space of this underground cavern was limited. If one allowed so many strong human beings to strengthen themselves by fighting each other, this cavern would be torn down in days. This motionless cultivation method was their best choice.

An altar stood tall in the middle of the cavern, surrounded by a pool of crystal clear water, covered in vividly green lotus leaves and white lotuses. The dragon man, the one Ji Hao met in the Kui Gate, sat straight on the altar. A few white lotuses surrounded him, releasing wisps of mist from the seedpods, coiling around him and merging into a small cloud above his head.

Dishi Jin walked to the altar in quick steps, then reverently bowed to the dragon man and greeted, "Shifu!"

The dragon man slightly opened his eyes and covered Dishi Jin with a white light emitted from his eyes, responding with a harsh tone, "What happened outside?"

Dishi Jin gave a vicious grin and said, "The military forces in Liang Zhu City have swarmed out. All large families have sent out their family armies, while the twelve cities of calamity all approach the Chi Ban Mountain line of defense of the humankind. Once our White Lotus Altar makes the move and armor all human beings, we can immediately break into Liang Zhu City."

The dragon man nodded in satisfaction and said, "We, White Lotus Altar, have our mission to break into Liang Zhu City, holding all Yu Clan people in the city hostage. Our brothers and sisters from the Red Lotus Altar, Cyan Lotus Altar, and Gold Lotus Altar will sweep across all mines and mansions of Yu Dynasty, releasing all human slaves and turning them into our Master Shifu's disciples, his believers."

While smiling, he looked at Dishi Jin and continued, "As long as we have Liang Zhu City, no matter how strong the Yu Dynasty army is, they can do nothing to us. If we release all human slaves, you will earn a credit great enough for Master Shifu to teach you the secret magic of immortality. You will live happily forever!"

Dishi Jin deferentially kneeled towards the dragon man and murmured piously, "Live long, live free, be indestructible, through eternity!"

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