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Tens of skeletons surrounded Ji Hao and attacked him fiercely, who let them be with a faint smile on his face.

Fan Gu must have made these skeletons with an advanced magic. These skeletons had no muscles at all, but their punches were as heavy as a strike from a high-level Divine Magus. Their bones were especially strong, and every strike punch by them was as powerful as a hammer strike.

The Taiji cloak glowed brightly, as bony fists landed on Ji Hao's body over and over again. The cloak took over ninety percent of the attack. The remaining force was still strong, but it only managed to slightly quake Ji Hao's internal organs; it was nothing to Ji Hao. After all, he had a tough body now.

Fan Gu yelled that he would punish Ji Hao with all of his power. Yemo Luoye's eyes sparkled as she prepared to watch a great show. From the other cities of great calamity, streams of light flashed over. Soon, all twelve non-humankind emperors showed up.

"Enough! Yemo Luoye, even as a woman, you can't do whatever you like to affect the shared decision we made together." Yanmo Sha, the Dark Sun Emperor, said as waves of space ripples had been spreading from his body, looking like a thin shred of shadow.

"Elder Fan Gu, calm down! Many of us want Marquis Yao Ji Hao dead, but now is not the time to kill him." Surrounded by rolling dense blood-red mist and an endless intent of killing, Piji Nu, the Red Sun Emperor, who was a tall and sturdy as a Jia Clan warrior, continued loudly.

"Calm down? What about my dignity?" Fan Gu roared in rage.

Two figures flashed out from behind Piji Nu. Two heavily armored, especially strong Yu Clan old men carried heavy chains and blocked Fan Gu's way. One of them smirked and said, "Enough Fan Gu! Are you really putting up a desperate fight against this kid? This kid is still useful!"

Judging by the energy waves released from the two Yu Clan old men, they were far stronger than Fan Gu. Apparently, they were both Sun and Moon stage beings, and were at a more advanced stage than him. The power gifted from the Red Sun was about 'killing and violence'. Every single Red Sun being was a crazy warrior. In terms of nature of powers, these two Red Sun Yu Clan old men were born stronger than Fan Gu, who was from Nether Moon, not to mention the fact that they had better cultivations than him as well.

Fan Gu's arrogance and aggressiveness faded immediately. Snorting coldly, he took out another gray cloak and wrapped himself up, then flicked his finger. A pink rose appeared between his fingertips. Holding the rose with his left hand and a crystal goblet with his right hand, he took a slight sip of wine.

"Alright! Piji Tian and Piji Di, for your sake, for the overall situation, I can tolerate a slight harm to my dignity." Raising his head and looking at the sky, Fan Gu gave a sentimental sigh and continued, "I will let this kid live, for now. One day, he will understand how terrifying the power of the great, supreme Nether Moon is!"

Ji Hao smiled. Fan Gu seemed to give up on killing Ji Hao, but his tens of skeletons never ceased to attack. Shaking his head, Ji Hao cast a spell. On his right hand, countless lightning bolts sparkled, dispelling that extremely cold power sent into his palm by Fan Gu earlier.

Gray strands of smoke rose from his palm. Followed by a deafening series of thunder, tens of Yu Yu divine thunderbolts erupted from Ji Hao's palm like sharp swords and struck on the tens of skeletons.

Fan Gu made a muffled snort. His eyes burned with a green fire as he stared at Ji Hao in fury. However, he remained silent.

The tens of skeletons were shattered by Ji Hao's thunderbolts. Bone pieces and ashes drifted down from the sky. Some bone pieces were still coiled in lightning bolts, and had been ground into ashes, turning into wisps of smoke,

"Alright, alright!" Fan Gu pointed at the two Yu Clan old men in front of him, trembled slightly, and said through gritted teeth, "Piji Tian, Piji Di, today, for your sake, I will let this kid live! You, you owe me one!"

Piji Nu, Yanmo Sha, and the other emperors had their eye corners twitching simultaneously. Fan Gu's shamelessness made them quite speechless. Yanmo Sha raised his head and said with a deep voice, "Elder Yemo Xiu, please stop. Under the current situation, we need to save strength!"

A raging growl came from the sky, following which, the two entangled dark swirls suddenly split up. A beam of dagger light and a beam of sword light interwove in the sky and clanged against each other for tens of thousands of times within a single second. Followed by a muffled snort, Yemo Xian fell from the sky with a badly darkened face. He had a deep slash on his face. The edge of the wound was as smooth as a mirror surface, and all the blood around the wound was drained.

Yemo Shayi fell from the sky as well, with a similar wound on the back of his left hand.

Yemo Luoye was sulky as she fixed her eyes on him. A crazy, dark fire was burning in those eyes. Yemo Shayi bowed slightly to her, seeming to be quite calm.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao? You plundered the Moho staff, which belonged to my family…Let's forget about that. Let that represent the sincerity of our Full Moon. We want to talk with the humankind." Moho Huan, the Full Moon Emperor, sighed slightly and nodded to Ji Hao, then started talking with a bland tone. A strong spirit power vibration could be sensed from him. All natural powers condensed into vividly colorful images, flashing around him.

Moho Huan slowly glanced at Ji Hao and continued, "Please, go back to Pu Ban City and tell the ones who can make important decisions that we will be expecting them in this place. If they come, things will be negotiable. But, if they don't, we won't wait forever. We will flatten Chi Ban Mountain range, break into Pu Ban City, and destroy the humankind at all costs.

Surrounding Moho Huan were almost tangible streams of spirit power. From behind him, two Yu Clan old men walked out, wearing long robes and holding long staffs. The natural powers surging around their bodies seemed to even shred the sky.

Suffocatingly strong Yu Clan beings walked out from behind the twelve emperors, one after another. They silently stood in the midair and looked at Ji Hao, releasing their powers and exerting great pressures on Ji Hao.

Including Yemo Xiu, but not the twelve emperors, twenty-four Sun and Moon stage, powerful Yu Clan beings stood in front of Ji Hao in a straight line.

The twelve former human emperors were the only known supreme Magi among human beings. And, they weren't in this world themselves. The ones left in Pan Gu world were their clones, which only had about thirty percent of their powers. Except for the twelve human emperors, supreme-level, even more powerful beings existed among the other species which were close to the humankind, such as the dragon-kind, the phoenix-kind, and creatures worshipped by human clans, like Candle Jiuyin. However, Ji Hao still didn't know if the humankind could withstand the attacks launched by these twenty-four Sun and Moon stage powerful beings!

Piji Nu smilingly looked at Ji Hao. Pointing at the twenty-four powerful beings, he said blandly, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, go back and tell your leaders that we want to talk to them. Our twenty-four powerful elders here can represent our sincerity."

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