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Fan Gu was infuriated.

Back in Liang Zhu City, no one dared to mention Shennong in front of him. His families dared not to even say the word 'Shen' and the word 'Nong'. But today, in front of everyone on the scene, Ji Hao reopened his deepest scar and made him stamp with fury.

Following a shrill swishing noise, the scythe was swung towards Ji Hao's head.

Sitting aside, Yemo Luoye laughed loud aloud, even bending her body with intense laughter. Dark mist rose around her, with fist-sized black roses hovering in it. Coiled by the dark mist, she looked like the goddess of night, breathtakingly beautiful.

Ji Hao laughed loudly as well. Letting out a faintly audible dragon roar, Pan Gu Dragon Mark swished towards the scythe.

An echoing clang was generated. Ji Hao slightly quivered while an extremely cold power drilled into his body through Pan Gu Dragon Mark. Wherever the cold power flowed across, his blood was frozen, and the life-force in his arm was gone. He hurriedly sent his spirit blood flushing to his arm and finally stopped that cold power in his palm area.

Fan Gu trembled slightly while staggering back for tens of steps. His hands were shaking intensely. He was nearly thrown to the ground by Ji Hao's great strength. Yemo Luoye stopped laughing abruptly. Looking at Ji Hao, she couldn't believe her eyes. With a single sword move, he forced Fan Gu back!

Crack! Tiny pieces fell off from the sharp edge of Fan Gu's scythe. Following a long and quick series of cracking noise, thin cracks spread on the scythe. Soon, it was thickly covered in hair-thin cracks, with a few palm-sized pieces falling off.

Fan Gu's widely opened his eyes and looked at his treasured scythe. This scythe fought with him for countless years. Even back then when he fought against Shennong, the scythe was never damaged. Once, Shennong hammered Fan Gu's scythe with his spirit treasure, the Shennong caldron, but failed to leave even a mark on it!

Pan Gu Dragon Mark, the sword held in Ji Hao's hands, was it even stronger than the Shennong caldron?

What was even worse was that Ji Hao's physical strength was completely beyond Fan Gu's imagination. Suffering a severe heartache, Fan Gu let out a mouthful of blood. Looking at Ji Hao in shock, he howled out, "You, are you a…Supreme Magus? No, the power I sensed from you is not right. If you had merged with a natural star, I would have sensed an ancient, wild power from you. But you didn't have it!"

Ji Hao remained silent and took a step forward, reaching straight to Fan Gu. Pan Gu Dragon Mark released four dazzling beams of sword light that hacked down at Fan Gu from four different directions.

Ji Hao made a simple move. He raised the sword and swung it down. However, the four beams of sword light weirdly dazzled towards Fan Gu from before his face, the back, and both sides of his body. Fan Gu's vision was blurred. He suddenly realized that he could not see Ji Hao's moves clearly. It was such a simple sword move, but somehow, it seemed to follow some highest natural law. It was like once the move was made, the target would be hit for sure.

Fan Gu made a resonant shout and released dense gray mist from his body. Tens of skinny and nimble figures dashed out of the mist towards Ji Hao, along with shrill swishing noises. Looking closer, one would find that these skinny figures were actually a group of skeletons. They moved as fast as the wind, and their deeply hollowed eyes flickered with a gray fire; their every bone was transparent and crystalline.

The swift moves of these skeletons broke the space while causing popping noises. They encircled Ji Hao instantly and launched countless punches at him.

Ji Hao gave a muffled snort. He didn't fight back, but let these skeleton' heavy punches land on his body. The Taiji cloak glowed with a clear light. Ninety-nine percent of the force delivered by their punches was neutralized by the Taiji cloak. Ji Hao felt nothing more than a slight vibration from the inside of his body.

As a sword light flashed through the air, the gray cloak worn by Fan Gu sparkled with a gray, misty light. Along with a loud tearing noise, his cloak was cut into four pieces. The moment the cloak was cut, Fan Gu disappeared, and in the next moment, he reappeared in the sky, hundreds of miles high.

The torn cloak drifted down from the air. In the sky, Fan Gu was wearing a tight leather armor, baring his teeth as he glared at Ji Hao. By sacrificing a defensive treasure, he managed to escape from Ji Hao's lethal sword light. But facing the Yu Yu sword spell cast by Ji Hao, how could he escape so easily without getting hurt?

He suffered a sword hack in his left rib area. A half-foot-long tear was left on the tight leather armor, and a three-inch-long slash was left on his body. Fan Gu silently cast a spell and sealed the wounds, not shedding a single drop of blood. But he clearly knew that a destructive power had been running rampant inside him, crazily hurting his body.

Yemo Luoye opened her small mouth and looked at Fan Gu in shock. Ji Hao hurt Fan Gu with one single move.

Fan Gu was an experienced Sun and Moon stage powerful being in Yu Dynasty. Despite the fact that he was best at making all kinds of evil souls, puppets, and creating death curses, and his fighting capacity could only be considered inferior in comparison with the others from the highest council of elder, he was a Sun and Moon stage powerful being after all!

"Being hurt by a human being who is not even a Supreme Magus…This is way too humiliating!" On purpose or not, Yemo Luoye murmured, "But, since this kind of thing also happened before, it seems to be acceptable."

Fan Hai's face turned blue as he stared at Fan Gu angrily. This elder from his family was so disappointing. Fan Hai felt that Fan Gu had just thrown away his reputation!

Fan Gu widely popped out his eyes. He was driven mad. He threw a threatening glance at Yemo Luoye hysterically, then turned around and glowered at Ji Hao, his teeth bared.

Yes, such things also happened before! Back then, he was already a Sun and Moon stage being, but Shennong, a Divine Magus, injured him badly seven times in a row! Whole seven times! That was an unbearably great shame. However, Fan Gu never thought that he would again be injured by a human being today, a kid!

Back then, anyhow, Shennong was the human emperor. He was protected by the great natural reward power, and every move made by him was supported by the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Fought against Shennong, Fan Gu's power was actually surpassed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world to an extreme point. Under the circumstances, being injured by Shennong was actually acceptable, no matter how reluctant Fan Gu was.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao was an ordinary human marquis, and much, much younger than Shennong!

Being injured by Ji Hao? Fan Gu's face blushed. He could not imagine how long would the other members of the highest council of elders laugh at him for this. A thousand years? Ten-thousand years? Forever?

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you are worthy of my seriousness." Licking his lips, Fan Gu said seriously.

Ji Hao floated in midair and remained completely motionless, letting the tens of skeletons attack him. As his Taiji cloak glowed brightly, not even one skeleton managed to hurt even a hair of him.

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