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Fan Hai straightforwardly told Ji Hao that Yu Dynasty made a show of their force because they wanted to sit down and have a talk with human leaders.

They were strong. Back then when they invaded Pan Gu world, their ancestors only had one old version city of great calamity. In both terms of size and lethality, that old city of great calamity was far weaker than the twelve new ones.

Back then, that old version city of great calamity nearly destroyed the human civilization, which was still at the stage of tribal culture. In the past countless centuries, the human civilization had indeed been developing thrivingly, but in the meantime, Yu Dynasty had improved even more largely.

They traded the resources they plundered from Pan Gu world for countless good things, including these twelve cities of great calamity. These twelve tremendous metal pieces were their strongest weapons by now. They got them from Pan Yu world thirty years ago by emptying their pockets.

Therefore, they unhurriedly made a show of their force in Chi Ban Mountain area, similar to cracking walnuts with an iron hammer. They destroyed the strong mounts of defense one after another, which were strengthened by human beings with incalculable efforts and resources, and forcibly paved twelve broad roads in this mountain area.

By doing all this, they silently yet strongly told the humankind, 'We are powerful enough to go straight down to Pu Ban City!'

Fan Hai told Ji Hao even more clearly that Yu Dynasty had the power to destroy the humanity for good, but they didn't do it, only because the powerful beings among them weren't willing to. They had powerful beings among them, and so did the humankind. Once Yu Dynasty showed an intent to overturn the alliance of human clans and destroy the human civilization, Emperor Xuanyuan and the other former emperors would definitely lose their minds!

Once the group of former human emperors lost their minds, people would die! Those Sun and Moon stage powerful beings behind Fan Hai and the other non-humankind emperors had been enjoying a luxurious life. Like most Yu Clan people, they had attained high positions and great wealth, and weren't willing to risk their lives against human beings anymore.

Therefore, a negotiation?

Fan Hai squeezed a faint smile out of his scrawny face and said with his dry voice, "I hope you human beings can stay calm, sit down, and talk with us this time. This is not only about us, it's related to your life and death too!"

"Who would you like to talk to?" Ji Hao let out a breath and slowly dispelled the power accumulated inside his body. Gradually, his thousands of meters tall body began shrinking back to the normal size. "Emperor Shun? Or anyone else?" Ji Hao asked.

"Not only Emperor Shun, but also the twelve Supreme-level former emperors, and all Supreme-level old freaks among you, such as Candle Jiuyin, Winged Dragon King, Green Hill Fox Queen, Zhu Rong…These people, they better all show up."

Ji Hao raised his eye corners. He mentioned the twelve former emperors, but other than them, Fan Hai mentioned Zhu Rong and the others by names. Who was Winged Dragon King? The king of all winged dragons? Who was Green Hill Fox Queen? The ten-tailed sky fox Ji Hao met in You Xiong City?

Licking his lips, Ji Hao threw a complicated glimpse at Fan Hai.

Fan Hai seemed to understand Ji Hao's feeling. With a bland tone, he said, "You human beings are very strong. Otherwise, we would have destroyed you long ago, instead of maintaining 'peace' like we're doing now. But this time, we truly need to talk to you about something important. And, you don't have a choice."

"You can either sit down and talk to us, or watch us reach Pu Ban City like this." Fan Hai continued.

Ji Hao nodded and said with a deep voice, "I will return to Pu Ban City and report to Emperor Shun and the other leaders about this. Is this what all twelve emperors of yours think?"

Stroking the grey crystal ball, Fan Hai responded, "Also a unanimous decision made by all the most powerful elders from the council of elders in Yu Dynasty. We…"

As Fan Hai was talking, a short blood-red dagger silently appeared behind Ji Hao, cutting towards his neck.

Facing Ji Hao, Fan Hai and all Nether Moon warriors behind him saw the dagger. Fan Hai's expression didn't change, while his warriors smiled in surprise.

Clang! A blood-red longsword quietly pierced out from Ji Hao's shadow, pointing against the dagger. Blood-red shadows suddenly swished out of the dagger like hundreds of sharp daggers, lunging towards every vital body part of his. The blood-red sword shone with a bright light and accurately blocked every strike launched with the dagger.

Metal clangs could be heard without an end. Every time the dagger and the sword clanged against each other, the space would be twisted into a water-tank-sized space swirl around Ji Hao. Within a moment, hundreds of attacks are launched and blocked. A twisted figure dashed out of the air, gripped the dagger, then bent over and pounced on Ji Hao.

From Ji Hao's shadow, another twisted figure flew out. In the meanwhile, the blood-red longsword released a light screen and shielded Ji Hao's back.

Within the following moment, thousands of metal clangs were heard. Suddenly, the figure with the dagger gave a muffled moan and quivered as blood sprayed out of his body. Staggering back for a few steps, he raised his head and growled, "Yemo Shayi, how is it like being a dog of a human being?"

This was a tall and slim, beardless Yu Clan old man, with his erect eye opened widely. A dark sphere of light had been spinning quickly in his erect eye, releasing a strong power that seemed to devour the world.

Carrying the sword, Yemo Shayi stood behind Ji Hao and looked at the old man with a dark face. "Yemo Xiu, do you want to die? You're a member of the highest council of elder, but…"

With his expression changing slightly, Yemo Xiu straightened his body, covered the wound on his chest with his palm, and shouted angrily, "Yemo Shayi, you're only a slave of our Yemo Family. How dare you talk to me like that?"

Yemo Shayi gave a faint smile, then bowed slightly to Yemo Xiu and responded, "I am no longer a slave of your Yemo Family, so…In fact, I have always been curious about how killing a highest elder feels. That sense of achievement must be fantastic."

A dim dark light flew out of another city of great calamity and approached instantly.

Sitting on a black throne, Yemo Luoye stared at Ji Hao darkly and said viciously, "Elder, kill this traitor for me, and this bloody human being! Damn you, how dare you show up in front of me again?"

Looking at her, Ji Hao sneered and asked, "What? You lost to me. Ashamed now?"

Standing aside, Fan Hai said pretendingly, "Yemo Luoye, I've just told them about my decision. So…"

"Enough!" Yemo Luoye screamed, "Fan Hai, we will talk to human leaders, and this kid has nothing to do with it! Kill him for me, then I will give you a chance to have dinner with me!"

Fan Hai's eyes grew wide. Slowly raising his scepter, he helplessly sighed to Ji Hao and said, "She's a woman…Marquis Yao Ji Hao, today, I can't let you go."

A figure slowly walked out from the gray mist coiling around Fan Hai. A suffocating death power transformed into dense grey clouds, spreading out speedily.

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