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With all of his strength, Ji Hao's embryo of Dao released strong waves of power, while the cultivation method with nine turns was instantly boosted up to an extreme level. Ji Hao gave a deep, rumbling roar as he expanded his body to thousands of meters tall. Dragon-like Chaos power streams surged out of his pores, while his skin, flesh, and bones simultaneously turned crystalline and colorless.

His three eyes shone with a blinding light while his right fist swished down like a shooting star, which could shatter the sky, smashing towards the city of great calamity.

The five moves were combined. Behind Ji Hao, countless stars flashed across, as all natural powers were stirred up around him and cracked the space. From the endless chaos around him, a bright light full of vitality erupted and drilled into his fist.

Deafening alarm went off in the city of great calamity. Twelve statues on the city wall dazzled simultaneously, while the metal petals around the city began quaking intensively, crazily absorbing natural powers from the surrounding environment.

Before Ji Hao's face, the defensive screen was silk-thin, but along with the ear-piercing alarm, it had been thickening rapidly. Within a blink of an eye, it turned hundreds of meters thick.

Coiled in rolling Chaos power streams, Ji Hao's fist landed on the defensive screen. The corners of his three eyes ruptured suddenly. Blood flowed out in streams, then flew back into the wounds.

Launching the move of sky-opening, Ji Hao discovered a slight weakness in the defensive screen. However, this defensive screen was based on a special spell symbol system created by the non-humankind. It was the power that originated from another world. The moment Ji Hao discovered this weakness, his eyes suffered a counterforce and were injured.

The heavy punch landed like a bolt of thunder. Following the earthshaking boom, the city of great calamity quaked slightly. Before Ji Hao's face, a three-thousand-meters-wide part of defensive screen was shattered. A fierce tornado started by his fist roared towards the group of Yu Clan people standing on the city wall like an evil dragon.

"Help!" A Yu Clan young man shrieked hysterically.

"A barbarian is killing people!" Another few Yu clan people yelled out some ridiculous words.

"Ah!" The other few especially good-looking Yu Clan young men were scared straight into unconsciousness. They were frightened by the fact that Ji Hao shattered the defensive screen of the city of great calamity with a punch, then freaked out by the tornado coming towards them.

Following a slight snort, a dense gray mist rose into the sky. From within the mist, two lifeless, giant dragons rushed out, transforming into thousands of meters tall, muscular giants with human bodies and dragon heads. The four strong arms of the two giants swung towards Ji Hao's fist, raising the dense, lifeless gray mist.

Boom! The thick scales of the giants cracked inch by inch and their skins chapped. Next, their dried skins and muscles exploded into grains of sand. Their bones broke and turned into thumb-sized pieces, darting all over the sky.

The tens of Yu Clan people standing on the city wall shivered intensely. The bone pieces of the two dragon-head giants penetrated their bodies like countless sharp arrows, leaving fist-sized holes on their bodies.

The tens of Yu Clan people died right on the spot. Hundreds of Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates and flew over from the distance. Tens of them at the front also suffered from the darting bone pieces of the two giants. They vomited blood and fell from the sky.

Nearly a hundred metal plates were broken by those bone pieces. As spell symbol groups buried in these metal plates were disordered, and the exquisite engines of these flying machines exploded, these metal plates slantingly fell to the ground, tailed by black smoke.

With a series of boom, nearly a hundred metal plates exploded, turning a clean street in the city of great calamity into a mess.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao!" A dry, hoarse voice shouted. A strand of gray mist drifted over. A strong death power spread, while Fan Hai showed up in front of Ji Hao,in anger. Fan Hai was the Nether Moon Emperor. He was tall and slim, looking like a skeleton wrapped in a thin layer of muscle and skin.

Holding a gray crystal ball in his left hand, and a large scepter that seemed to be woven from countless white bones, Fan Hai's eyes sparkled with a green fire. Glaring at Ji Hao, he shouted, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao! You! It's you! Why didn't you go to the others? Am I, Fan Hai, the easiest to bully?"

Chaos power streams rolled around Ji Hao's body. Activating the cultivation method with nine turns fully, his entire body looked like a giant piece of crystal. All of his exposed skin had been dazzling with a blinding light. Hearing Fan Hai's raging shouts, Ji Hao felt speechless. 'What? What did Fan Hai even mean?'

The war had already been started, hadn't it? It would be reasonable for Ji Hao to go to anyone on the enemy's side, right? But why did Fan Hai sound so strange?

"We're enemies. It's nothing about bullying." Looking at Fan Hai, Ji Hao said coldly, "You're not thinking about suppressing our humankind with merely twelve cities of great calamity, are you?"

Along with a series of tinkle, the defensive screen which was broken by Ji Hao violently had been speedily healing itself. From the edge of the broken part, hexagonal screens had been growing out. Countless silk-thin pieces of screen pieced together, causing silvery tinkles as they quickly fixed the giant hole.

"No?" Dropping the ridiculous topic about bullying, Fan Hai looked at Ji Hao in a complicated way and said, "You humankind may have about ten powerful beings, but I have enough equally powerful ones to handle them."

"When your so-called Supreme Magi are busy, the twelve cities of great calamity will destroy your civilization." Fan Hai said, "You have to admit this, human being, you can't rival us. As long as we want to, we can destroy you."

"Which means, you don't want to destroy the humankind, do you?" Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, opened his erect eye, and illuminated the area with a clear beam of light, locking on Fan Hai. With the eye of Dao, Ji Hao could grasp even the slightest expression change from Fan Hai's face.

"Destroy you? What's in it for us?" Gently stroking the grey crystal ball which was wrapped in faint gray mist with his left hand, Fan Hai chuckled with his hoarse voice and said, "You never extorted me, neither did I lose a Sun and Moon stage powerful guard to you…Hehe, some people want to seize the chance and teach you a lesson, but I think that once we've shown our power, we can, and we should, sit down and talk."

Shaking his head, Fan Hai smiled and continued, "I've carefully calculated. Your Supreme Magi are living isolated lives, and will not show their faces without a good reason. These people are very strong. We have equally powerful ones to deal with them. But if we truly intend to destroy humanity, we would certainly pay a heavy price. I don't care…But the powerful ones among us aren't willing to pay such a price."

Looking at Ji Hao, Fan Hai said seriously, "Therefore, frankly speaking, we are only showing you our powers this time. Have you clearly seen how powerful we are yet?"

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